I am not one for endorsements.  I honestly care less what the newspapers (left or right) think mainly because there usually is financial considerations behind the scenes BUT when you see a consistently liberal paper in a BLUE State endorse Romney, then that is something to report.  If you get a chance read this.  They are struggling so hard with the pick it is incredible.  They shred Romney for wavering, using things he said in the primaries against him and basically saying he played the conservative and now is moving to the center for the general election.  (I agree with that part although guess who else has done that recently?  Hmmm)  But in the end they feel he can bring the extreme parts of the Republicans more to the middle which is better than keeping Obama.  Wow.

They did want to keep (R) Peter King in as congressman and have endorsed (R) Randy Altschuler to overtake Tim Bishop.  But in general, the overwhelming sentiment is to stay democratic with Steve Israel (mindblowing), Carolyn McCarthy, Gregory Meeks, Grace Meng to take Gary Ackerman's seat, Kirsten Gillibrand as NY Senator.  So this goes to show what an amazing story this is.


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Comment by Lewis Clements on November 4, 2012 at 1:33pm

There is a GOD!

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