Shamiya Adams Is Dead Because Of Stray Gunfire At Sleepover


Tragedies like this should evoke instant " cease fires " among not inner city chocolate Klansmen who clearly don't care, but also warring political tribes popularly known as Black conservatives and Black liberals. When 11 year olds like Chicago's  Shamiya Adams are killed by stray bullets, and such outrages aren't unusual, its clear competing advocacy of traditional values or liberation face steep uphill climbs to fruition.

Every one of these cases involved a cute boy or girl whose smiling face deserved far better than mindless murder in a hostage Hood where this is a norm.

Would alliances between otherwise bitter community foes like Al Sharpton and Allen West offer the missing hammer Black America needs to beat thugs I call chocolate Klansmen into submission? Would this demonstrate we finally united against their rampages? Imagine marches with Dr. Ben Carson and Jesse Jackson arm-in-arm, leading outraged residents and supporters through the heart of the worst areas, with people organized afterward to make these hell holes safer?  

Many, Left and Right, will correctly note that the divide is too wide for even innocent blood to build temporary bridges. While probably true, our lack of non-partisanship over the death of these babies promises only more of the same.

Black conservatives and Black liberals should look at this baby's picture and thousands preceding her. While staring they should ask themselves how much is ideological set tripping worth when victims are so young and unsafe?

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is an anti crime activist & Project 21 member in New Orleans. @nadraenzi on Twitter. 504 214-3082.

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Comment by Mary West on July 21, 2014 at 6:44pm

Yhis is a travesty! It reflects what is happening in these neighborhoods and it is DAMN RIGHT DISGRACEFUL! THE DOJ and the vacationing obamas care MORE about agitating the GOP and voters, they spend more time and money on the ILLEGALS coming across the southern borders! They are coddling these diseased children breaking the US Laws than these children in our own Country! Obama: STOP YOUR PIDDLY CRAP and do something useful for a change!

Comment by william e grant on July 21, 2014 at 6:32pm


Comment by Robert Kenney on July 21, 2014 at 8:56am

       I would like to answer Mr. Litzinger and comment on Mr. Browns post . 
      Just like our Host poster here " Mr. Cap Black " there is no substitute for you both of you Mr. Litzinger and Mr. Brown and myself Mr. Kenney . We can not have the luxury of sitting in our homes and reading these things and expect anything but a continuing downward spiral of more and more bad news and community destruction .
       Is it bad out there ? YES IT IS !! , is it impossible to fix? NO IT'S NOT !! Madness is stopped by the light and the work of regular folks just like you and me and Cap Black getting up and doing the work required to stop it . When our founders spoke of the responsibility of citizens to keep this form of government , well they were not kidding . They wrote about it in the Federalist Papers which is a companion piece to the Constitution . Now let me say the Federalist Papers is a heavy read and beyond what most people would attempt as recreational reading . But the world has never had a form of Government so inspired , so complete that it has the provisions to address slavery and women's rights to vote long after it was written .
        But now it is our time to step up and do our part , it doesn't matter what liberal programming or Sharpton and Jackson have done . 50 years is nothing in history . The founders many of whom owned slaves ; as was the practice at that time in history , still wrote a document that gave all men the gift of freedom based on their own efforts . The key to meaningful change is some sort of faith and personal involvement and a passion for honoring our Constitutional Republic and it's precepts .
         Mississippi just went through a nightmare election , that dredged up all the ugliness of corruption , racial manipulation , and the complicity of all the different entities against the people's right's to a clean governmental process . We are fighting back , ignoring the calls to just let it go and go back to business as usual . That is the key here . All of us must be involved both of you gentlemen , you are the key . Forget the conventional wisdom and the work it must certainly take to get involved , just do it . It's that simple and that complicated . Numbers and fellowship is how things get fixed . I'm an old " Biker and Hot Rod Builder " I joined the Tea Party and did my homework and volunteered , and the people who would not normally be interacting with me , soon saw my commitment and my true faith and now My Governor and many people you see on Fox News know my name and my passion . So you Mr. Litzinger you are the answer , you stop the madness and have the honor of being a Patriot and fulfilling your responsibility to your country . You Mr. Brown , yes you in your involvement you destroy the Sharpton's and the Jackson's strangle hold on the public discourse . If the three of us influence just 10 people that is thirty people . See you are here writing to " Cap Black " a inner city New Orleans Black Man who influences HUNDREDS of people at least . We may be angry and disillusioned , but we are far from powerless . OK enough of this = get to work !!     

Comment by william c. Litzinger on July 21, 2014 at 7:33am
It is a Damn shame how do you stop this madness any ideas?
Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on July 21, 2014 at 7:16am

This is sad.

Comment by Lawrence Brown on July 21, 2014 at 7:10am

American blacks have been programmed by liberal democrats for 50 plus years. Every major city had liberal democratic mayors and federal assistance programs were to help black community. The Jacksons and Sharpton people stole the money allocated to refurbish this communities. Look at the housing for poor in any big city and a blind person could tell  that money was never spent on them. They were told that republicans and or conservatives would not fund their needs. G.O.P. never fought back on this issue because of race card. Top liberals don't care about black , white   or any one except themselves.  50 plus years of lies and some think it can be undone quickly. NOWAY folks.

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