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3.8.12 –


Excerpts from, 3.5.12:


“Mitt Romney Pushed Health Care Mandate for US in 2009 Article”


Andrew Kaczynski, a journalist from Buzzfeed, has unearthed three television news clips from the summer of 2009 in which Romney bragged about taking on health care reform in Massachusetts and said the federal government could learn from the Bay State and use it as a model to get everyone insured.


Kaczynski also dug up a USA Today op-ed penned by Romney in July 2009 that urged President Obama to adopt an individual mandate to purchasing health insurance as part of national reform.


Excerpts from The Washington Times, 3.7.12  -- )



Rick Santorum said, “I have never been for an individual mandate on the state or federal level,”…I have never passed a statewide government-run health care system, but Gov. Romney did.”



“It is one thing to defend a mandated, top-down government-run health care program that you imposed on the people of your state, and it is another thing to recommend and encourage the president of the United States to impose the same thing on the America people,” Mr. Santorum said.

“And it’s another thing yet to go out and tell the American people that you didn’t do it. We need a person running against President Obamawho is right on the issues and truthful with the American public,” he concluded in Tuesday night’s speech.



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