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RNC's RINOs Fight Hard – for Money, for Re-Election, and to Retain Their Political Power

Almost 2 months ago I posted a blog which consisted primarily of my reply to an RNC request for a contribution, and which explained the reasons why I did NOT choose to contribute:

I have received several more requests since, and replied similarly each time, to the various different people who signed each of the many such letters.    I thought it would be not merely redundant, but ridiculously presumptuous and totally inappropriate to post copies of every such personal reply on TPN.   However . . .

The latest letter, received today, and signed by Chris McNulty, was such a bland, totally passionless, empty request to "fight the liberals" with absolutely zero attempt to say anything definite, that it really irked me.   After sending a reply, I thought it might be of SOME use to SOME TPN members.  Though it comes to the same bottom line point -- no contribution from me -- it's quite different from the blog post linked above.

My intent is to encourage all TPN members who are "on the same page" with me on this issue, and who are receiving similar "dunning letters" from the RNC by email or otherwise, to take the time to send even a very short reply to RNC, in the hope that enough of these may bring the day when they REALLY start to listen, a bit closer.    I'm NOT saying "copy this" but merely offering it because it is quite a bit different from my former letter in its style and much of its content.   In both cases, my hopes are (1) per above, that it will encourage, generally, more such replies to the RNC's requests for contributions, (2) that perhaps a phrase or part of an explanation might spark some individualized expression of your own, or remind you of one of your own special pet peeves that you are motivated to communicate to RNC, and (3) that if enough "ex-" Repubicans do communicate to RNC, it may have the kind of genuinely solid effect on the RNC that we'd all like to see.

For anyone who finds the below redundant or boring, my apologies.  My hope is simply that since it's somewhat different from my post of 2 months ago, it might serve the above purpose for some TPNers who were not motivated by that previous one, or prompt a different idea of their own, which they might also want to get across to the RNC.



I've been a Republican for 45 years.   Longer actually.   45 is the number of years I've been a VOTING Republican.   My parents were FDR Democrats, but as a teenager 49 years ago I decided to do volunteer work for the Goldwater campaign, and have been a Republican ever since -- until recently.

I've watched the party go downhill,  but retained my hope and optimism -- until recently.

You guys have failed  me.


Our -- I mean YOUR -- leadership has been fairly consistent in only ONE area:   making campaign promises which they have no intention of keeping.   I refer to John Boehner, to Mitch McConnell, & to John McCain, as the most outstanding liars, but there are  plenty  of others.

Get rid of the Democrats in Republican clothing, and I'll come back.  'Til then, I will retain my fond memories of the Republican Party, whose name has been stolen by sophisticated modern day  political hacks who lack even a shred of statesmanship or honor.   The newest lesson you are incapable of learning is that computers and modern communication methods may be useful tools, but they cannot substitute for intelligence,  character, and integrity.

You are going to be VERY surprised in 2014 when the Dems come roaring back and blame 3/4 of their fiascoes on YOU, and succeed DESPITE MORE OBAMACARE FIASCOES -- because of the RNC's cub-scout-like "sophistication" and brainpower, and its used-car-salesman-like concern for principles.     

Your entire basic strategy COULDN'T BE MORE STUPID.   It reflects the same approach of compromise and utter failure to understand the power of a commitment to PRINCIPLES, which is the key to increasing your core voter population and to attracting new voters into the party.   You have no idea why BOTH Reagan AND FDR were so popular despite political philosophies that were poles apart:  Each had INTEGRITY, which means a commitment to principles which they could articulate, and which they stood by through thick and thin. 

The long-standing Republican view that politics is the art of compromise is what has been very SUCCESSFUL -- SUCCESSFUL IN BRANDING THE PARTY AS HYPOCRITES, the very last type of person the typical voter enjoys voting for.

Someone should write a book for the RNC and other Republican Party leaders to read -- a book called "Politics for Dummies."

Let's see the RNC relegate all other concerns to a distant second place and start
  FIGHTING for a PRO-ACTIVE agenda in support of freedom, free markets, capitalism, the CONSTITUTION (which your elected members falsely swear to support, preserve, and protect), fiscal responsibility, a SMALL federal gov't restricted to the powers enumerated in the Constitution, and finally to FIGHT for the CIVIL RIGHTS which the Bill of Rights explicitly recognizes as the CIVIL RIGHTS of every American citizen.

I consider the Republican Party's current leadership to be a den of hypocritical compromisers who seek re-election, with zero concern for the Party's original principles, or for the principles which made our nation what it once was.

GREATNESS was what gave birth to our nation, and GREATNESS was what its nature reflected.    It has by now descended to become a nation barely distinguishable from many others, run by 4th rate political hacks such as the 3 men mentioned above, and quite a few others at the top of the RNC and the Party's leadership.   Over recent decades, the product of the greatest political minds in human history has been ransacked and pruned of all the features responsible for its greatness, by small men with small minds and undetectably miniscule character -- such as the leadership of the RNC and of the Republican Party generally.     Because the Democratic Party is even worse, the Republican leadership thinks that being the lesser evil is a winning strategy.    As  events have repeatedly proven, this is NOT correct.   But . . . you guys are apparently also uneducable.

We need men of CHARACTER, and men with MINDS.    I see NONE with these qualities amongst the current Republican Party's leadership.  We have shrewd political hacks with computers and sound bites.    The one most essential lesson taught by FDR, by  Reagan, and even by Ross Perot in 1992 has NOT been lost on you, because you were never able to find it in the first place.   You guys are ignorant amateurs, incompetent at implementing even your own stupid ideas about how politics works.  For the most incredibly outstanding example of this utter ignorance combined with a shockingly enormous level of plain stupidity, see Sen. Mitch McConnell's recent decisions and behavior on the debt ceiling, the Obamacare defunding, and the budget funding:  utter, blatant, irredeemable stupidity, guaranteeing the loss of a wonderful opportunity, and an utter, abject ignorance of human nature, particularly as it operates in the voting booth.

That's why it would be against MY principles to WASTE one iota of aid or comfort on today's Republican Party leadership.

In the kind of simple terms you may find easier to understand:  

You guys can go suck eggs for all I care.   In fact, I wish you would, and leave the Party to those who have shown an ability to understand what our unique, precious, and wonderful USA is all about.


Morry Markovitz

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Comment by Virginia Daly on December 29, 2013 at 3:17am

I agree with you.  Like Obama, they have been successful in silencing many of these young politicians.  However, there has to be someone out there who is willing to take them on.

Comment by Morry Markovitz on December 29, 2013 at 2:53am

Thank you, Virginia.   I think you hit a nail on the head and may have partly answered your own unasked question.    Maybe part of the reason the Conservatives have been unable to get their message out, is the obstacle presented by the RINO party, which not only refuses to give them a hearing, but actually tries to shut them up.    We saw how well the RINO party had NOT assisted several key Conservative candidates in recent elections.    That has to be at least one thing that hampers a Conservative candidate's willingness to speak out forthrightly, when he has to fear that his own party may hear him.

Comment by Virginia Daly on December 29, 2013 at 2:41am

Great article, Morry.  I, for one, am fed up with the Republicans.  I don't identify with them nor can I identify with them.  They carry the same message as the Democrats and it is not a message I agree with.  They have betrayed the American people and I will not forget that.  I believe it is time for a third party.  I would rather take my chances on losing and work on building the party than vote for a make believe Republican.  After all, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?  The two parties are the same anyway.  For some reason, the Conservatives have not been able to get their message out there.  They need to appeal to people.  They have to be exciting and have persuasive speakers.  They just don't seem to be able to pull it all together.  We need a leader and then we will follow.

Comment by john edward norton on December 28, 2013 at 8:55am

Its a temporary 'pinch' we find ourselves in,... Support Steve King as speaker and Ted Cruz as leader in the House when the dust settles from 2014,... and then on to 2016 and the one that needs no intro,Go Sarah >>> !!!-) Vote conservative straight up and down.../

Comment by Gail E. Engelhardt on December 27, 2013 at 12:51pm

Way to go, my friend.  These political hacks need to go.  We need real men, with real spines who will represent their constituents with courage and honesty. 

Comment by Shelley SImms on December 27, 2013 at 12:30pm

I usually reply that I send all my donations directly to candidates that keep their promises, truly fight for limited government, and follow the constitution. If I'm in a hurry the Senate conservatives Fund sent me some stickers to use as a reply that I support their efforts to promote conservative candidates such as Ted Cruz. 

I do agree, we need to follow up on these requests rather than just throw them in the trash.

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on December 27, 2013 at 11:08am

Good blog. Thank you.

Comment by Reuben Grassl on December 27, 2013 at 6:10am

Amen to Mr. Markovitz's comments - we to here, in Texas, have our, "so-self called" conservative, in the form of

Senator John Cornyn. We saw "his" conservatism, the night, our other, real "CONSERVATIVE", Senator Ted Cruz, fought to "defund" Obamacare, then later, for Mr. Cornyn to vote against "defunding". We believe, his loyalty, in the Rino Senate, is to get "Ole Mitche's" position, as leader of the 'minority party", in the Senate, after 2014. (Heaven Forbid) Mr. Cornyn will need all those "Rino" votes to succeed in this quest.

Comment by Leon Donahue on December 27, 2013 at 1:59am

Cuccinnelli is not the first Republican that the RNC has sabotaged, they also sabotaged Congressman West's re election in Florida.

Comment by Sister Marie tatina on December 26, 2013 at 8:37pm
I printed stickers that say:" delivery refused. Return to sender" each letter is returned on their dime!

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