Updated: Republican Presidential Candidates (Their Responses Added) win the Nomination by being PRESIDENTIAL

The President and a sycophant press corps go to bed with vision of Obama’s Victory in their heads. Conventional wisdom has it that Obama has out maneuvered the republicans on the payroll tax cut issue. Democrats have given the republicans the choice of passing the senate’s payroll tax bill or let the payroll tax expire. If the republicans pass the senate’s payroll tax, Obama will get to club the republicans with his class warfare rhetoric in two months as the republican presidential campaign heats up. If the republicans choose to let the tax expire, Democrats can cry republicans are only interested in protecting the wealthy. It will probably work considering the press will tell the public the Obama narrative.

The case of a politico issue being framed to benefit Obama and Democrats by a sycophant press will be the norm in 2012. This is the time for one presidential candidate to prove his metal by flipping the narrative on its head and making the issue work in their favor. Any presidential candidate wishing to win will have to do this to win in 2012.

The first step to winning the nomination is to not pull a Scott Brown but go on the morning shows to put the blame flatly on the President and Democrats. Tomorrow morning I will be looking for one of the candidates going on air and defending the House. He/She should go to the press and say the President has clearly chosen to tank the economy for political reasons. 

The narrative should be:

When the payroll tax cut started as an issue, President Obama wanted a year extension to be paid for by taxes on millionaires. Republicans said they would extend the payroll tax with cuts and not a tax hike on millionaires. They also wanted the President to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline.  The President and Harry Reid caved on republican demands. The tax hike on millionaires and delaying the Keystone decision were given up for the tax cut to be made for 2 months.

The President and Democrats have refused to take the republican compromise of giving the payroll tax extension for 12 months but instead insisted on it being 2 months. The president wants to take $800 out of the pocket of American families and give it to a congressional super committee. Why would he risk failure to get a compromise on the last 10 months when the other side wants to give it to you now?

President Obama and the Democrats are playing politics. They want to regurgitate the class warfare arguments in 2 months because it appears to have helped Obama in the polls.

The press will hate this argument and will shoot back at whoever makes this argument. The candidate that can take the republican message to the public through a press message will be a winner in the general election.


Rick Santorum has bashed Democrats for saying they want to protect Social Security while undercutting the funding mechanism.

Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry have taken a just-say-no position on extending the cut

Jon Huntsman, has advised his party to cave in order to preserve its anti-tax brand

Romney said in Keene, N.H., Wednesday. I’m not going to get into the back and forth on the congressional sausage-making process. I hope they’re able to sit down and work out a solution that works for the American people. I’m not involved in the day to day negotiations on this decision, but it does not seem to me that they’re so far apart that they cannot reach a solution.”

Gringrich  "If you’re going to extend the cut, extend it for a year" in NH and In Iowa "This is exactly why people are sick of Washington and sick of politics. They can’t figure out how to pass a one-year extension,"

Ron Paul strongly believes that the payroll tax cut should be extended. Raising taxes by over $1,000 on working families is atrocious, especially at a time when so many are tightening their belts.

This luke warm support allowed  Team Obama to say this today:

“Republican presidential candidates are too cowed by the mania of the House Tea Party Republicans to do anything close to demonstrating leadership,” said Bill Burton, the former White House spokesman who now leads the pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA. “Mitt Romney and the other Republicans have shown that as president, they would not have the courage or leadership to stand up to the tea party even when the economic future of middle class families is at stake. It’s embarrassing, weak and cowardly.”

As Republican Candidates calculate their spin and lead from behind. A detrimental media uses their spin against the Republican House and tar them as cowards and tea party radicals. Candidates find your spine and fight and you will win the nomination.


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Comment by Neil Thomas Goeckerman on December 22, 2011 at 8:12pm

I think Carl Rove should be censored and sold to the highest bidder in the DNC.

Comment by Wendell Skinner on December 22, 2011 at 3:04pm

      I think Congress should only be paid what their constituents say they can be paid; in other words, all government employees salaries should be voted on by the citizens of each state.  Along with that we should be able to vote on how many employees can be hired.  We certainly would have fewer lawyers in Congress or anywhere else in the federal government..... all this with Congressional term limits !!

Comment by Emil Viola on December 21, 2011 at 9:57pm



Comment by James R. Norris on December 21, 2011 at 6:54pm

Don Cordell, you are too late.  We conservatives have been screeming third party to deaf ears for decades.  Face it brother, we lost.  Mitt will be the man.  The only difference between him and obama is he is not a muslim.  That's enough for me, but it's really a waste of time to vote.

Comment by Laurie Brown on December 21, 2011 at 2:44pm

So true...

Comment by Elizabeth Shea on December 21, 2011 at 2:00pm

The New Hampshire Primary is January 10th!

The Birther Summit is teaming up with the Obama Ballot Challenges throughout the country.  Its focus is on New Hampshire because NH  Ballot Election Law Commission refused to take Obama off the ballot when Orly Taitz presented overwhelming evidence of his fraud.

They want to get hundreds of people to regularly call into NH talk radio and try and get the message on the air. They will provide the contact information and the talking points. The goal is to create a schedule where the callers call at least once a day starting asap up to the NH primary January 10. They create a 24 hour schedule so that someone is calling all the stations 24 hours.  If you will help, contact Gary Wilmott /font>gmwesq@sbcglobal.net>
Comment by Donald L. Cordell on December 21, 2011 at 12:08pm

The RepubliCons, and DemocRats have run this nation for the last One Hundred Years, they brought us the Federal Reserve Banking fraud, WW I, the Depression, WW II, the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe and Japan with your taxes,(debt not yet paid) then the Korean War, Vietnam, we were involved in the break up war of Yugoslavia, then helping Kuwait, and now 911 and a 10 year war. Factories closed, imports from all over the world, and 50% of the population of our nation living below the poverty level. 25% of the children in America homeless, 47 million on food stamps, and yet the Food Banks are swamped by hungry people. What more do you want from both of these parties, that are dragging us down to destruction? Do you actually care? IF all of America does not rise up and elect an Independent Candidate to Restore not Change America, we will continue to be destroyed. NONE of the candidates discuss how they are going to restore the economy, and that's where we must start. We have to stop the imports of what we can make in America, and put our citizens back to work, open those factory doors. WE can't compete with slave wages, unless you settle for slave wages too. We must have term limits on Congress and the Senate, and I believe they should be paid minimum wage, along with the graft they collect they will still do OK. How do they become millionaires after 4 years in office? America started out in 1776 with a new lease on life, our Bill of Rights and Freedom. Now every one of the Bill of Rights except for #3 housing of soldiers in our homes, has been watered down, and I'm sure they are planning on that one too. We were suppose to have individual states, United, yet in every state the Federal Government owns land, with signs, Keep out Property of the Federal Government. In Nevada the feds own about 85% of the land. So I'm standing up, and I am running to Restore this nation if you want to elect me. I'll close our borders, I'll stop the imports, I'll reopen our factories and I'll restore our Bill of Rights. Lets show the world We will not Surrender? Don Cordell for President

Comment by Kevin Kellogg on December 21, 2011 at 12:01pm

Larry Crumble is correct their is no super committee. I was probably being too vague there. It seems to me the 2 month extension sets up another super committee figure out the cuts to get the next 10 months.

We all know how that turned out.  This whole thing is political stunt and Republicans should call it for what it is instead of fighting themselves.

Comment by Larry Cumbie on December 21, 2011 at 11:39am

Sounds like a plan (the narrative). But, clarify one point, if you will Kevin. "The president wants to take $800 out of the pocket of American families and give it to a congressional super committee." What congressional super committee? Their work is done. Or, is there another super committee that I missed?

I like fortunateson's, "I've seen his father's vision and it belongs in another country" comment. Never lose sight that this American is essentially a foreigner.

Comment by bigmac on December 21, 2011 at 10:51am

This comment from Jan about 25 minutes ago.   "...but maybe the big name BHO supporters should be boycotted."

Ok, you want to start with somebody to boycott?  Try Progressive Auto Insurance.  That's the one with the ditzy brunette dressed all in white with tv ads ad nauseum. 

The chairman of Progressive is Peter Lewis.  Very wealthy.  According to Snopes he has funneled $25 million to the ACLU.  He has also donated $12.5 million to MoveOn.org.

This info is from Snopes.com.  For the entire article go to Snopes and type in Progressive Auto Insurance.

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