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The “Internet” was technically “spawned” in 1990 from the parentage of the then ancient (20 year old) ARPANET and the needs of a unusually creative researcher in Geneva Switzerland. Coincidently, that was the year that I launched my first software company. 

I was never enamored with the Internet as such because of my lifelong background in the Military Intelligence career field and my technical knowledge of all things computers which was two decades deep at the time. I simply could not get my mind wrapped around the big “buzz word” of that era: “Secure Open Systems”. Talk about the ultimate oxymoron!

Social Media as we know it today, and I am including mass emailings, is not yet two decades old and we have all seen the power of this technology: A two term illegal regime. The Deranged Socialist In Charge (DSIC) was our first “technology” president. And he got there because those who have the greatest experience in manipulating the masses have long since mastered the tools of social media.

My father who is a Korean War and Vietnam War veteran is on every conservative mailing list this side of Moscow, Russia. Once or twice a week he sorts through all his mail - what we typically call “snail mail” - and sends me a package averaging three to five pounds of material that he believes is of potentially critical importance to myself and the Tea Party. And he is constantly annoyed that my friends and I have not yet impeached the DSCIC.

And that is the reason the Republicans could not win any election - even with no Democratic opponent. In Nevada, “none of the above” tends to maintain a statistical advantage.

It is not uncommon for me to receive hundreds of Emails a day. And among those are numerous emails from the DNC and any number of pro-regime organizations. The Democrats have been highly effective in “priming the social media pump” while the Republicans insist on supporting the USPS with bulk mailings.

The purpose of social media is to “inform”; the content is seldom questioned and that is what the Democrats depend on.  And sometimes social media shares more information than the originators intended.

Case in point: Until recently, the Democratic propaganda machine generated one or two mass emails a month soliciting donations for various causes to keep the river of money flowing to all things Democratic / Socialist. In the past few months the frequency of these solicitations have increased significantly to several times a week and their “suggested donation” has been elevated from a “suggested minimum” of $3 to a “suggested minimum” of $8. And the wording of their solicitations has morphed from arrogant confidence to real concern bordering on panic.  Bottom line: They truly are worried.

This is a good thing but is certainly no reason for anyone to become confident or cocky.

I have long been a proponent of using the truth as a weapon. Sadly, we conservatives are a clannish sort and so we tend to keep our truths amongst ourselves; like a bunch of drunks locked in a bar with someone else’s credit card bemoaning the evils of drink.

And this morning I was quite accidentally and very surprisingly struck with an epiphany. The rank and file liberals may not be as totally liberal as they would like us to think and therefore we have an opportunity to “turn” some of them to the light.

I have a number of “true blue” Democratic friends; people that may never see things the way that I do  but are good hearted and fundamentally honest people none the less. And since I like these people and am saddened by their lack of knowledge it has been my policy for quite some time now to make sure that they get subscribed to informative internet sources like Freedom Outpost and others by “signing up” with their email addresses. These sites publish time sensitive news and commentary and have a gift for creating attention getting headlines; often supplanting their own interpretation of my own “Red Ink” offerings (thankfully).

This morning while I was reading a number of articles, I experienced a “pop-up” asking me to “sign a petition” for something that I believe in and realizing that “signing an on-line petition” is how folks get your email address I decided: What the heck.... I have “signed this petition before”, so why not sign up some of my Democratic “friends”.


What a surprise!

Of the three that I attempted to have “sign the petition”, TWO of them had already registered their email addresses; i.e. had already “signed” the petition!

Social Media is a powerful tool. Republicans still cannot connect the two words and to them “media” means tons of printed material that no one reads. So it us up to the rest of us to put this powerful tool to use.

“Forwarding” an email or two to our more liberal “friends” will only alienate them against us personally and we want to keep those lines of communications as open as we can.

So (again) I am suggesting that all of us cultivate relationships with as many liberals as we can bare to endure to the extent that we can get their email addresses. Then, wait an appropriate period of time - two weeks or more - and then start signing them up to every rational conservative news outlet that we can find.

Yes, many will simply “unsubscribe” when they receive the first emailing from a non-liberal source. Many will be curious and read an article or two. And some will see the light. The Vegas Odds are on our side if we take this course of action and there is nothing to be gained if we do not try.


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Comment by Darwin Rockantansky on March 9, 2014 at 2:16am

Not even in Sin City, the land of endless lawyers, can this be considered identity theft because "theft" implies taking something not yours and that is not what is being done and the same for computer fraud. Your argument would apply to those who drop fliers on doorsteps which is precisely what I am doing.

Comment by Cassie Bohanon on March 8, 2014 at 10:05pm

Be very careful! That could be considered identity theft and computer fraud. It seems innocent enough but you are setting yourself up for trouble.

Comment by william e grant on March 8, 2014 at 5:39pm


Comment by Darwin Rockantansky on March 8, 2014 at 2:46pm

Most of these sites just want an email address and a zip code.

For those that require a phone number, I have a list of phone numbers for "Dial A Prayer" - locally and across the nation. I figure that anyone who is so desperate or so bored that they need to call me truly does need a prayer.

Comment by Shamil on March 8, 2014 at 2:35pm

Worth a try

Comment by Gail Cohen on March 8, 2014 at 2:11pm

Good idea - can you sign them up without their knowing that it was you who did it?

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on March 8, 2014 at 1:49pm

Thanks for the great story.

Comment by Rights4Right on March 8, 2014 at 11:03am

Great thoughts here, Darwin!  Hopefully, many people will take your advice and especially the Republican party.  The costs of mail are ridiculous and mostly uneffective except for cutting down trees!  Great advice.

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