Red Ink Flowing::Jesus Christ Could Not Win as GOP Candidate for President

I was born into a conservative family and have always thought of myself as a conservative. When I grew up enough to vote (after two combat tours in Vietnam), thinking myself to be a conservative, I registered as a Republican and remain registered as a Republican to this day (subject to change without notice).

Although I still consider myself a (Constitutional) Conservative, in all reality I have not considered myself a “Republican” since Ronald Reagan left office. My major turning point was during the 2010 mid-term election when the state chairman of the local Republican party started doing TV commercials for Harry Reid.

Since then I have accepted the fact that there are truly only two political parties in this nation: The Elitists in Washington and We The People.

This morning there was much talk on all networks to include the lame stream  regime propaganda machine (NBC, ABC,CBS, MSNBC, etc) as well as the right leaning FNC about the potential roster of presidential candidates. There is no surprise on the Dumb-Nuts-Communist (DNC) side of the slate - Her Ladyship Hillary Clinton is the anointed one for this time around.

And on the GOP side of the slate...The Usual Suspects. Depending on whose numbers you like, there is an endless combination of “front runners” to include guaranteed losers like Jeb Bush. (Do we really need another Bush? I mean REALLY!)  What we see at this point is yet another crowded field of possible contenders and guaranteed losers. And what that promises us all is yet another prolonged and contentious primary blood bath and possibly the end of our nation as we know it.

I do believe that Jesus Christ could not win a presidential election on the GOP ticket. And why is that? Simple math. Due to the ignorance, arrogance, and general incompetence of the GOP “leadership” the conservative community stays irrevocably fractured. The biggest battle is now as it has been for too many years: We The People vs. the Crony Capitalists => Elitists in Washington; aka: The Washington Hegemony.

Among the Non-Dumb-Nuts-Communists (Non-DNC) potential voters, a full one third might support J.C. as a candidate. Another one third would oppose him because the realize that a theocracy by definition is not a democracy. And the remaining one-third simply could not overcome their distrust of any candidate fielded by the GOP “leadership”. And then there are the ultra conservatives who could never bring themselves to vote for a long haired sandal wearing hippy.

“America” and “The American Dream” are about FREEDOM; plain and simple. Freedom of the individual. Freedom from the yoke of an oppressive government, God given freedoms of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we see it for ourselves; not as an out of touch government perceives our happiness to be.

We have become embroiled in petty bickering and even more petty politics devoid of true leaders who fully understand what this nation once stood for and the price our citizen soldiers, from Betsy Ross to George Patton and Dr. Martin Luther King, were willing to pay in order to achieve that dream.

I have long advocated that We The People focus on the foundation and framework of our Constitution and have written about “The Four Pillars of Freedom” in our current society. And I refuse to debate “social issues” because “social issues” pertain to a cohesive society which we no longer have. A society cannot exist without a solid framework and for the soon to be deceased “America”, that framework has always been our Constitution.

The upcoming mid-term election may be the most critical election ever held or ever to be held in what is left of this nation. It is the responsibility of We The People to identify, promote, support, and elect patriots - NOT politicians.

If we cannot get beyond “who is the most conservative” and other non-constitutional related issues then this nation is lost and we can thank those who sat on the sidelines and did not actively participate in the War of Liberty to which we are committed.

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Comment by Barry Gabrielson on February 1, 2014 at 11:39am

Darwin.  You are correct.  In the Jewish faith, out of respect as a man, you use the term G-d.   G-d is above man in everyway and form.  In a progressive society, man is about G-d, Government replaces G-d as the answer to all societies problems.  G-d is the enemy of progressives, so religion must be removed from society.

We see this in schools, local, State and Federal Government.  To remove the Ten Commandments in any Government building, the foundation of G-ds words to man is a complete insult to G-d, is a decline of moral fiber in our country.  Any man who does not want to live by the Ten Commandments is Anti-G-d, against morality, ethics and faith.  This is the position of the progressive party, including the RINO's in Congress as well as the great deceiver in the White House.  When men accept and tolerate the removal of G-d from society, we fall like the Romans and every civilization before us.  Look at 4000 years of history of proof.  Either we remove the party of Satan from our Government, or we accept and tolerate it.  For 100 years, we have done the later.  We try to compromise with immoral behavior, not stomp it out.  Spending trillions of dollars we don't have is immoral.  Destroying our dollar is immoral.  Allowing a person who is not qualified to be President to be President is immoral.  To lie and deceive without accountability and consequences in government officials is immoral.  This list goes on forever.  A society that accepts a Government that does not live by the rules, G-ds rules is doomed.  Unless society votes for people who are moral and ethical, opposing the party of Satan, we will go like the Romans, this I guarantee. 

Comment by Darwin Rockantansky on February 1, 2014 at 11:00am

I am guessing that Barry Gabrielson is of the Jewish faith; possibly of the more orthodox sector where it is common and respectful to omit all the letters in "G-d". I respect his political insight and opinions and his religious convictions. 

Well said Barry.

It seems to me that attacking any and all religious conviction is not only a signature effort of the liberals but is a major source of the decline in the moral fiber of this country.

Comment by tony newbill on February 1, 2014 at 10:55am

ba--y gabriel--- lets put the rest of the letters in on your name as well as Gods , then we can be boldly represented as life and liberty would intend

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on February 1, 2014 at 10:16am

.If G-d came down and ran as a Conservative for School Board, Local, State or Federal Government, G-d would lose to a progressive.  This is where we are today in America.  Immoral people vote today for Entitlements, not morals, values and justice.  Bribes and lies work, morality and ethics need not apply.  Be in bed with special interests to win, not do what is right.  As they say, "No good deed ever goes unpunished".   Politics is corrupt, one hand washing another, political correctness rules, not the truth, being honest, with principals and virtue.  Good people are abused in politics for being moral, ethical and judgmental.  Society does not want judgmental, wants to be accepted and tolerated when they lie, cheat, steal, fabricate and deceive.  Its the person who judges a wrong who is deemed evil today, not the person committing the wrong.

Comment by Frank Chance Chenoweth on January 31, 2014 at 10:33am


     Let me second Dr. Carpenter's praise.  I'd love to see you run for office.  If you do, I'll gladly make a contribution.  (It wouldn't be much--I can't afford much--but I'd definitely contribute.)

     Thanks for serving.

     Love the link on Sarah Palin provided by Jean below.  My "dream" ticket is Sarah Palin-Alan West!

--Frank Nitty

Comment by Frank Chance Chenoweth on January 31, 2014 at 9:45am


     That poll you shred with us shows what is so very wrong with today's Republican Party.  The top four are 1)Huckabee, 2) Jeb Bush, 3) Doug Christie, & 4) Rand Paul.  Paul is the only one who appears conservative at all--and his Libertarian background still concerns me.  At least Huck is a Christian.  But Bush and Christie are totally useless . . . !

     Check out AFR.org--let me know what you think . . . !

--Frank Nitty

Comment by John Mainhart on January 31, 2014 at 9:16am
Make friends with Jesus because if this country is going to be a loving country again, only prayer will, get us there.
Comment by Darwin Rockantansky on January 31, 2014 at 7:55am

Dr. A.W. Carpenter:

Thanks for your vote of confidence.

It is not the first (or fifty-first) time that I have heard that suggestion.

I would love to run for office - state or federal - in the great state of Nevada (home of Whore House Harry Reid), BUT...

There a a few reasons why that can never happen, not the least of which is the simple fact that divorces can be more expensive than any political campaign. Take my word for that; I have experience in both.

Then there is the simple fact that I flunked "Diplomacy-101" several times...with prejudice.

In years past I was drafted to sit on many committees in our local Republican Party, to include the Platform Committee and the Candidate Selection Committee. 

I dropped out of both for the same reason; the so-called platform had an almost exclusively social agenda content (just like the Democrats) and the "candidate selection committee" was a rigid litmus test as to the willingness of a potential candidate to stand exclusively on the B.S. "platform" - nothing more and nothing less.

Since everyone knew that, every potential candidate would appear before the committee and swear to do just that. 

Of course the real  "candidate selection process" was done behind closed doors with the state level "good ol' boys" deciding who they could trust to toe the line.

And if a true patriot were to actually slip into the game and take the primary away from the RNC "anointed one" which did occur in the last mid-term election, the RNC will come to their "aid" with Con-Sultans provided by the RNC whose job it is to sink the candidate's campaign. It is what I call "the guppy syndrome" because guppies have been known to eat their young.

Here in Vegas, the young and aggressive managed to get voted in to replace the entire executive committee at local Republican Party. The RNC retaliated by sending in an out-of-state ringer whose father happens to be a powerful sitting Congressman from California; where the "Republicans" are more liberal than the Democrats.

The result is a "leadership" that leaks corruption worse than trying to carry a bag full of diarrhea in a cheese-cloth bag; only more odiferous.

But thanks for the vote of confidence anyway.

Darwin Rockantansky


Las Vegas, Nevada 

Comment by Dr. Arthur W. Carpenter on January 31, 2014 at 6:43am

Darwin, run for congress in your district as a Republican.  It is the Republican primary that we must win in every district in America.  If we do not have a Liberty and Freedom loving candidate running in any particular Republican primary we will lose that election to a DC insider. 


Comment by Scott Franklin Collins on January 30, 2014 at 11:32pm

Jesus came to humble himself to in order to proclaim the Kingdom of God. He did not come to set up an earthly kingdom with all of its corrupt powers. His Kingdom will prevail after all others have turned into dust. That includes the reign of King Barack.

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