Red Ink Flowing::General Secretary Obama and His Politburo

Every day I catch some sound bite in which that Deranged-Socialist-In-Charge (DSIC) in Washington is blaming “the Republicans” or “Congress” for not being able to get things done. And every time I hear that drivel from that nincompoop, I have to ask myself: Just how ignorant, uninformed, and stupid does he think the American people really are or are the American people truly that ignorant, uninformed and just plain stupid.

It is sort of like the old “chicken and the egg” question in some ways. Sadly, for the most part I find myself accepting the latter argument: the American people - for the most part - truly are that ignorant, uninformed and just plain stupid. And they are because they are no longer taught in our schools how our government is supposed to work.

When the DSIC refers to “the Congress”, everyone seems to know that what he really means “the REPUBLICAN Congress”. 

We no longer teach the American people that there are three branches of government and how those three branches are supposed to function to produce an administration that is impartial and fair to all American citizens.

The DSIC has been described as “the imperial president”; The King of Kings.

Somehow, I seem to recall that title, that “King of Kings” title, was already spoken for; but I could be mistaken about that.

To me, the DSIC resembles his nemesis, Vladimir Putin - a man whose leadership I admire immensely, in his behavior but without the same motivation. Vladimir Putin is all about Russia. His autocratic leadership has one and only one focus: What is best course of action for the people and the nation of Russia?  And he arrogantly could care less what the rest of the world thinks about his actions. Does Mr. Putin bask in the glow of approval and accolades he receives from his people? Absolutely.

On the other hand Mr. Obama is the prime example of the “Uniformed, ignorant, and  just plain stupid” Americans with a criminally out of control narcissism and a burning commitment to tear down this nation to create a socialist nirvana of his own demented vision.

He does not view our government structure as the most effective form of a representative democracy which enabled this nation to reach the pinnacle of modern civilizations but truly believes that both houses of Congress should behave like Vladimir Putin’s Politburo where the leader scripts all laws and every member of the Politburo automatically approves it.

The Gutless Opposition Party (GOP) has no idea of how to get the message out that the U.S. Senate controlled by Whore House Harry Reid is the watchman at the door of all forward progress and until the DSIC achieves one-hundred-per-cent (100%) compliance from his Politburo, nothing (except more taxes and more expenditures that American cannot afford) is ever going to move through our ineffective congress.

Given the leadership of John Boehner and the herd of RINOs that support him, I am sure that the DSIC’s dream cannot be too far into what is left of the future of this nation.


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Comment by tony newbill on July 15, 2014 at 12:12pm
Comment by rob mckinney 1 hour ago
he is an Islamo-fascist, anti-American, deviant.. Rob After Witnessing how the deserter that was used as a prop to send a Message straight from   the Whitehouse Rose garden that Islam is winning     its becoming more and more apparent that the militant force that will be developed to Enforce the New World Order of Population Control is this Islamist Fascism now sweeping the globe .
Comment by Rich Knoch on July 15, 2014 at 11:50am

FOX's, Watters World (random) interviews seems to reinforce the belief that we are witnessing the end of our Republic.

Hopefully, the "random" interviews really don't represent America.

I would hope Watters would interviews Rational People in the future to demonstrate there is hope for our Republic.

Comment by Darwin Rockantansky on July 15, 2014 at 11:07am


Your opinion of Whore House Harry Reid is kinder than is mine.

For the record, the title "Whore House" Harry Reid is based on local legend.

According to legend Harry Reid was born in a "house of ill repute" in Searchlight, Nevada in 1939 during The Great Depression.

And that makes intuitive sense.

During the depression, the largest single employer in the nation was the U.S. Government and their effort to build the Hoover Dam; initially known as Boulder Dam.  The "work camp" supporting that monumental effort was Boulder City which is a nice little town today. 

Work rules forbid alcohol and women in the work area and work site.

At that time "necessities" were available in Searchlight which was the closest town on that side of the mountain.

When Harry Reid's mother went into labor, she was taken to those who knew the most about birthing babies; the "working girls" in the local "cat house"; the name of which escapes me at the moment.

Hence the name "Whore House" Harry Reid.

As I said, this is local legend but the time and circumstances lend a ring of truth to it.

The legend goes on to say that every adult male living in Searchlight at the time contributed to Harry Reid's education which to me would raise the question as to was there a question or concern as to exactly who fathered this spawn of Satan.

Legends can be amusing, but they are just legends until someone produces the paper trail.


Comment by Steve Merkel on July 15, 2014 at 10:43am

If the Senate is a whore house, then Harry Reid is the towel boy.

Comment by tony newbill on July 15, 2014 at 10:39am

The RINOS are gutless because they believe in the Peak Earth Philosophy just like the Communist Democrats do , and they all want a One World Controlled Rate of Consumption to limit consumption of resources and this be how they Reverse Engineer the longevity of humanity to Zero out Population Growth to Save their Earth ,  they are just try to bring it on Peacefully !!!!!!

This is ALL ABOUT TOTAL POPULATION CONTROL WORLD WIDE WITH THE FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF FREEDOM ON EVERY LEVEL , and the faster we the people start to figure this out the faster the elite will crash our free systems of operation mainly the free market individual wealth system . These sites will Weave together how this is being down , hell if you remember all that the SPEAKERS who read off teleprompters  have said to all of us during times of so called transparency forums and election cycles they have told us what they are doing to accomplish this goal of Zero Growth  One World Society  !!!!!

Just think how excited these evil abortionist bastards are as they let all the illegals come in here so they can get to work on them too !!!!

 But they need civil breakdown to create the distrust in the markets ability to manage inflation so open the borders and let the demand on Resources overwhelm the economic supply system !!!!!

BREAKING: Mexican Raid on U.S Border



The breakdown that will come from this Illegal Invasion of Multimillions of people coming in from the south can be tied to the plan being quietly implemented by the very trade partners that the markets are tied too to bring about fundamental transformation through collapse of the current free market system  .

 This talks about the mechanics of this in action , “ Remember the quote by Hillary and Rahm never let a good crisis go to waste” , And the Overwhelmed demand on supply will crush the dollar the BRICS nations who we Import all our Resources from will Further Limit our supply because they will not take in trade the level of dollars in exchange for Durable supply the USA Imports , and this will Cause the Collapse of the Free Market system this is what they want to then transform the economy into a Central controlled system and they will blame it on the Failure of Capitalism , Obama said this 2 years ago in Kansas City in a Speech , " Never has worked and Never will work " !!!!!

BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements



 'Total Population Control' is NSA's Goal, Says Whistleblower


Comment by rob mckinney on July 15, 2014 at 10:28am
he is an Islamo-fascist, anti-American, deviant..
Comment by Richard Curtis on July 15, 2014 at 10:26am

That is the point that most Americans do not get. Just because he does not get what he wants, does not entitle him to do it by himself. People oppose him because they do not see his solution as the best solution. From his poll numbers, more people oppose his views than agree with them. He needs to get used to it.

I think filing suit is the best way, for now, to rein him in. Proof from that trial could be used later to Impeach him if we win the Senate.

Comment by Terry T on July 15, 2014 at 10:25am

 Obama is a charlatan healer who keeps applying leaches to suck the life out of the nation, while lying to us that we are recovering and a just few more leaches will make us completely healthy again.

  The real solution is to decrease tax rates, repeal cumbersome regulations, and shrink the government; allowing the real economy (private enterprise) to flourish.

 Obama’s snake oil is poisoning the nation; continuing down this path will eventually kill our country – which is Obama’s objective.

Comment by Bonita Weimerskirch on July 15, 2014 at 10:01am

I have to agree with your assessment Doc....what a shame and what a sham.

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on July 15, 2014 at 9:51am

Obama is enemy number one of the USA.

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