Proof I have seen that Shows American DOES have the Will to survive!

Have you gone to a gun show recently. If you have not gone by all means go. It will be a real eye opener, Where there used to be a couple hundred people attending these show. Hardly enough to be able to pay for the rental of  the building  there are now THOUSANDS! In our small town we had a gun show that over 10,000 people attended on 1 day! The one thing our Government has falied to stamp out is peoples internal yearning desire to remain free! It a gene that has been handed over to us from one Generation to the next. And this gene has now been activated again. You don't think that people will fight back then go to a gun show. It's a real eye opener. Those people are not just looking at guns they are buying them. Gun sales have skyrocketed. They know that our Government is working on gradually dis-arming the public starting with the bigger guns and they are getting ready. A revolution is coming people. Why do you think our Government is using our tax dollars to try to buy up all the ammunition they can get. This will either be the birth of the New World Order they want or the end of the New world Order and the return to our Constitutional Freedoms.

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Comment by Lizzie on April 1, 2013 at 5:46pm

Sometimes, crisis is averted and it all works out.  Some people are betting on crisis (Soros, Fox/Piven strategy, etc.).  Pray hard.  Doesn't hurt to stock up just in case.

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