President Obama is delaying the recovery of our economy

President Obama seems to get in the way of the recovery of our economy with every turn he makes. First with the continuation of the bailouts and then filing a lawsuit against Arizona for passing a law, S.B. 1070, that is practically parallel to a law that is already in the book's but is not being enforced by the Federal Government. He bows to foreign official's and pours money, which we don't have, into foreign countries that have only hatred for America. President Obama has appointed a tax evader as Secretary of Treasury and extreme liberal's to the Supreme Court.

Why was Obama so slow about proving his American Citizenship, which is still doubtful to many, and denying his association with known home-grown terrorists and a radical minister?

The U.S. Government is supposed to work for the people not the people work for the U.S. Government! We are being held hostage to our government by all the "bailouts" and "welfare." Our FICA is is supposed to be for the American Citizen's who have paid into the Social Security Fund not illegal immigrants who have paid nothing and especially not to fund foreign countries who hate us or to build nukes.

Where are the "shovel ready" job's promised by Obama in 2008? Where is the "change" and "hope" he promised? Perhaps those promises were not meant for us, the American Citizen, but to those Muslim's he so loves.

We need a President who will stand for America and its Constitution. We need a President who will call our enemy the enemy instead of trying to persuade us to believe that the terrorsts are only an "extreme" group.

Benjamin Netanyahu was correct when he said that Israel was not what is wrong with the Middle East but Israel is what is right with the Middle East and Israel is the only country that the United States of America should be sending support of any kind.

President Obama, do your job!

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