Pamela Geller won't let them forget 9/11

Jack E. Kemp

A few blocks away from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan stood a truck whose paint job made a political statement about September 11th: "No one wants to remember. No one wants to forget." It sums up the mixed emotions of America on this day in 2013.  But Pamela Geller is definitely one of the people who wants to remember and fight for the dignity of the families that lost loved ones on 9/11 in 2001, especially in Manhattan's Ground Zero. That is why she organized a memorial service and press conference and gathering at the southwest corner of Zuccotti Park, the former site of the Occupy Wall Street encampment.

The fact that the City of New York did not give Geller a permit to stage an event inside the park did not deter her anymore than the lack of a permit deterred  the many motorcyclists who came to Washington this 9/11 to honor the memory of veterans and those who died at the Pentagon, in Shanksville, Pennsylvania or at New York's World Trade Center. And Pamela didn't need a roaring Harley to have an impact, just her voice and those of her fellow speakers.

"9/11 is a day of mourning...when war came to America," she said, meaning it wasn't to be papered over by a politically correct administration that is trying to make us believe it a "day of service" when people go rake leaves in the park or serve meals to the elderly, even though those are worthy efforts for another day.

Understanding the subtle attack on our cultural standards, Geller called the housing of human remains in the museum underground as being "reprehensible," and called for an actual Tomb of the Unknowns at ground level so that all can see the history. And she called for the federalizing of the 9/11 Museum in New York so that there would be no admissions fee (currently $25). In comparison, virtually all major public sites in Washington, D.C., have no admissions free.

The first guest speaker was Alan Devona, a New York Port Authority Police sergeant who was on duty on 9/11.

"I love America but I don't know if I recognize America today...It seems to me that this administration has made an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood."

Devona then made an observation that was simple yet profound. He held up a social-cultural device we take for granted, a small Hallmark calendar/reminder book for 2013 and noted that there was no listing in it for Patriot's Day (9/11) nor one for Pearl Harbor Day (12/7).  He urged the audience to examine their calendars at home and see if they are listing these two dates and if they don't, buy a different brand of calendar. Devona would then go on to state that Pamela Geller and her associate Robert Spencer (although much maligned in the media) have done more to expose and fight Muslim-on-Muslim violence than anyone else. He then spoke of the plan for the 9/11 Museum to have a display, a separate wall, of - if not for - the 19 hijackers (as if they were victims and not victimizers).

While introducing the next speaker, Pamela Geller pointed out that there will be a seperate room with large photos of the 19 terrorists "and what inspired them." Pamela mentioned that she has posted the final letters written by these hijackers and they mention Allah 90 times. "We are not allowed to talk about this...anyone who talks about this is demonized, marginalized rendered radioactive."

That next to speak was Nelly Braginsky, a Russian immigrant who lost her son on 9/11. Speaking about the $25 admission fee to the museum, she noted that a family with two children would have to pay $100 to see it and it seems to her that what the museum is really trying to do is discourage visiting families. I would add that this that Nelly is right, for this fee is definitely a barrier teaching children about the events of 9/11 in detail because those with large families who don't have a lot of spare funds to pay, for example, $150 or more in admissions fees, could easily be discouraged from going to the museum. Braginsky also talked of constantly getting letters asking for donations to build the 9/11 museum as if the responsibility is on the surviving family members alone.

The next speaker was noted author and PhD. expert on Islam, Robert Spencer who took an overall viewpoint and stated the 9/11 museum is a part of a great denial of what happened on Septemer 11th. Spencer noted that a fight was needed to place American flags at the museum, that the plans call for virtually no telling of the specifics of what happened on 9/11, no mention of it being an act or either war or jihad, which it was. Spenser said that this pattern of denial happens now in the Obama administration but was also a denial of the actual threats that happened during the Bush administration as well.Spenser talked of numerous Islamic organizations, including CAIR, writting to to John Brennan, "then the counter terrorism advisor to the President," in 2011  to complain about the government's counter terrorism training materials "were full of material offensive to Muslims."

"It wasn't that it was false. It was true. But the truth offended them," Spencer explained. This lead to the removal of this material from the manuals and also the retraining of government agents as if they were in a reeducation camp (reminiscent of the Soviet Union). This level of redefining "jihad" as "inner struggle" lead to the FBI not seeing the Tsarnaev brothers (who would later place those bombs at the Boston Marathon) as a threat, even though the Russian government gave many warnings to the U.S. You can hear Mr. Spenser in his own words explaining these issues starting at the one minute mark of this YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IxMMoRhPfw#t=86

"We have to tell the truth...and tell this and every administration that comes after this one...otherwise we will see large scale attacks on non-Muslims," Spenser concluded.

The last guest speaker was Ashraf Ramelah, an Egyptian Coptic community leader. Mr. Ramelah continued the theme by saying that years ago a war was started against the West and the West is not willing to admit the grave danger it now has. Speaking to his area knowledge, the history of Egypt, Ramelah stated what is happening now is a repeating of the destruction of churches, the killing all people and raping of women that started when Muslims first entered Egypt in the year 651. Ramelah said it is what is still happening now.

"When we talk about this, we are considered 'haters' and 'beggars' for saying the truth, Mr. Ramelah stated. "I want to be one of these 'haters' who tell the truth....What is happening in Egypt will happen (one day) in the United States." If you think this is a gross exaggeration, consider the rapes taking place in Europe of non-Muslim women now. Indonesia started to slowly become a Muslim country as a result of traders proselytizing in the Thirteenth Century. It took them hundreds of years - and no invasion - but they got a sharia compliant country. Mr. Ramelah knows the Muslims are willing to work slowly to get what they want, taking a longer, historic view than many Americans understand.

Mr. Ramelah said the "coup" that happened in Egypt was not a coup but the "will of the people." He stated, the U.S. is now hated by Muslims, Copts and everyone in Egypt as a result of the policies of Pres. Obama.

Lastly, Pamela Geller gave an impassioned summarizing speech where she reiterated that the 9/11 Museum should be taken over by the federal government and urged people to contact their Congressmen and Senators. "This has become its own privte fiefdom," she stated, and went on to say that everyone must take their safety into their own hands. "No one is going to save you...Take responsibility for the country that you live in, for the freedom you enjoy...Our children and our grandchildren will despise us for leaving them held hostage to nuclear regimes."
Whatever I say here cannot equal Pamela's concluding remarks in her own voice which can be seen on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhXPqXg_XYM#t=64

What Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer organized and said on this 9/11 will make it harder for those that want to forget - and inspire those that are willing and want to remember.

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Comment by Jack Kemp on September 14, 2013 at 8:47pm

I love WIVs, I had to wait to the end of Yom Kippur to get back to the issues you raised.

In reading over the website of the 9/11 museum page at http://www.911memorial.org/visitor-passes  I see they allow everyone in for "free" to the incomplete museum now but an online or telephone reservation has a $2 fee. All family members of victims are exempt from this $2 fee and that statement makes them look like good guys who won't charge family members in the future when the museum officially opens. If the idealistic and trusting want to believe that waiving a $2 fee now will "of course" lead to waiving a $25 fee later, well the museum has just bought some good public relations without making any generous future promises. Once again, there is no mention at this webpage of what type of fees will be waived for those who aren't immediate family (spouses, children, parents) of those who died when the 9/11 museum officially opens. Thus, the museum has not committed itself to free passes for even Nelly Braginsky or others who may well not even want to visit the place themselves for complex emotional reasons.

I'm glad I removed the references to a $25 fee for families from my article at other websites because the 9/11 museum now has plausible deniability against anyone claiming they plan to charge first cousins or aunts and uncles of victims in the future - but they remain uncommitted about future charges to family members for now.

Comment by frank miller on September 13, 2013 at 8:40pm

these people were put in AMERICA for one purpose, for them to gain control.

all expenses are paid by the "SAUDIES".!!! WITH AMERICA'S OIL MONEY!!!!

you idiot's that continue to buy 'shell,chevron, bp,etc. are paying for the furthure destruction of your own COUNTRY!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!, AND DO NOT STOP AT THEIR 'CONVIENENCE STORES".







Comment by Jack Kemp on September 13, 2013 at 12:05pm

I love WIVs , I inquired and found out the source of my confusion about the 9/11 museum admission fees. The museum said that the "families" can enter for free but do not specify if that means parents and first cousins also. Many of the victims families are noticeably upset about anyone paying a fee and they fear, perhaps rightly, that a favorite uncle, aunt or first cousin will be charged $25, so some of them are upset those outside the immediate family will have to pay, thus the confusion in the word "family" not being clearly defined at the museum's website. It would be a topic for another article or an investigation by the 9/11 family members to get all the details. I'm not going to do that now.

Comment by frank miller on September 13, 2013 at 11:12am








Comment by Shiva on September 12, 2013 at 6:56pm

I learned all I ever will need to know about Islam on 9/11/01. No one will ever convince me that Muslims are about peace.

Comment by Cynthia Catsman on September 12, 2013 at 6:51pm

Agree with you, C.E.

Comment by C.E. Moore on September 12, 2013 at 6:00pm

Cynthis, unfortunately I have to agree that as a nation, or at least at the official levels of our leadersip we have indded entered into total lunacy, It is hard for me to believe that in the course of my lifetime this once incredibly strong, solid, and smart country has flipped into the dumbed down, socialist, weak joke that is has become, especially in the last five years. It is hard for me, and I suspect many others who have fought for and served, or worked toward its betterment and served its people, or made it stronger by their work ethic and example, to watch this descent into madness and everything we fought against and worked to keep from happening, to happen before our eyes. May God help Us

Comment by Cynthia Catsman on September 12, 2013 at 5:58pm

Uh, maybe the asses in government and the press who call a jihadist attack "workplace violence" and other "progressives" of their ilk. Wonder what would happen if a bunch of usually docile Baptists went on a beheading spree...

Comment by Jim Swavely on September 12, 2013 at 5:50pm

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are HEROES! They make many enemies for simply telling the truth and quoting passages from the Quran and Hadith. It seems one of the things the Islamists detest the most is having telling passages from their books quoted by members of the Kufir. May they continue quoting and explaining until everyone knows the truth!

Comment by Cynthia Catsman on September 12, 2013 at 5:27pm

Seems to be the ultimate contradiction and irony that the current culture defends 7th century brutality in the name of tolerance and global unity. If Christians decided to blow up, crucify or behead a few Muslim heretics, there would be bedlam. Interesting that it's not those people committing violence, yet they are labeled "haters." This is way beyond politically correct and veering into total lunacy. When did America develop a death wish....

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