Our “Pop Culture” president!

How is it that the reality TV shows with our president is more real than the last present election of that president.

How is it that our president spent more time on the “View,” than conferring with joint chiefs of staffs—or the “State Department” while our embassy is under attack in Benghazi.

Why is it that Joy Behar on September 25, on ABC's "The View," asked Obama about a remark made by his secretary of state. "I heard Hillary Clinton say it was an act of terrorism. Is it? What do you say?" 

At the same time Juan Williams is asking questions about the interaction with pop culture, his upcoming application to compete on “Dancing with the Stars,” and “American Idol.”

Wow is it nice to know that our president is making something he can put in his presidential library—he certainly has nothing he’s done for America.

And think of that horrible George Bush, let’s see, he was thrown into the war against islam, although he handled it poorly, for the beginning at least he crushed the Taliban, and made headway against some islamic enemies—though he did miss Saudi Arabia—and all of their insanity.

But think of this the absolute distain, this irreprehensible condemnation that this president has for the absolute design of not only the American form of government, but the American people. Who in their right mind would have ever thought that the electorate in this nation are so damn ignorant that to be elected president only required—appearing on “the Tonight Show,” being a guest on coffee chat shows like “the View,” and completely avoiding any scenario where addressing the important problems facing this nation may have been asked?

In a nation where the monetary value of our currency is ½ what it was when this man was elected; how is it that talking about the latest noise in the musical scene has any relevance on the presidency? Has this nation so collapsed that we have inverted reality? Where now the irrelevant has value, while the relevant is ignored?

As I thought about it, there was one caveat to be considered. With the absolute incompetence of every official in this administration; perhaps it wasn’t some genius design—perhaps it was just a reflection of the aggregate of the knowledge of this group of “cultural communist…nihilist” determined to destroy this nation.

Yet who can’t believe that this president shouldn’t strike while the iron is hot. Just think, he was just elected president as the “pop culture” star—is this not the time to go on “American Idol, and Dancing with the Stars?” Heck he’d be a shoo in; the same people who elected him president, are the same ones who elect the winners on these show. It certainly isn’t the citizenry who understand the complete collapse of our American economic system; because what have they been doing? Have you ever thought of that? What were the people who pay the bills, pay the taxes, and keep the American economy going doing—while those who don’t think watch the view…which is nothing but Oprah compounded by (5)…when all of this campaigning of inanity was occurring?

Well it’s becoming obvious—for on the day after the election—many more joined the unemployed. Now do you have any idea what the relationship was? Why are people laying off employees, shrinking their cost—what’s happening?

Here is where the absolute ignorance of anyone who voted for this cultural communist disgrace is so magnified. In the real world, elections have consequences. One of the consequences is that when the “GOVERNMENT” increases cost to employees—they must cut cost somewhere to pay for these new intrusions of government expenses. Now where is the most expense of any company? The shareholders? No. The owners? No. it is the wages paid to the employees. So where do you get the most reduction in cost to pay the theft of taxation initiated by the government? If you guessed letting people go—you’re correct.

Today many of those who lived in the fallacy that you can tax and tax, without affecting anyone are learning different. For tomorrow, all of those taxes they wished to put on others so they could get more—have as “this disgraces preacher would say;” “Have come home to roost!” Now they are truly dependent on the government—for they do not have a job.

Two event occurred that are total conformation of just how absolutely ignorant many of the electorate are in this nation.

The first was a young woman who shared this comment. I’m not rich; I’m poor—so I’m voting for this absolute disgrace.

Now I don’t know about you folks, but sometimes someone say something that stops my mental functions. I visualize my brain is like a big gear that just became misaligned—the teeth of the gears aren’t meshing—and it stops mental function. Well that’s what happened…I usually have this happen whenever our president talks, because what he says is his envisage—his illusion of some undocumented reality. So the question that had to be answered, how do you make a person who is absolutely ignorant, and apparently hates themselves so much…that they vote against their own self-interest…to understand reality?  

So it began; do you buy your gas to come to work? Yes. Do you realize that the cost of gas now is twice as high as when this man was elected?

Now the cloud of innocent ignorance started to have a ray of thought break through. It is, isn’t it?

Do you buy your own groceries? Has it seemed that you are paying twice as much for the amount of groceries you could buy with the same money before this man was elected president?

Now the rays of reality has made a path—that absolute ignorance of listening to the press—the president—and the women chats of insanity like “the View” were coming out of the shadows. You’re right; food is taking up more and more of what I make.

So you pay your own utilities, specifically electricity? Yes.

What do you think that the president has said; “you can build a coal fired plant, but it will bankrupt you!”

Do you realize that this will send your electric bills through the roof—or we have no way to replace that electrical production; and it will cause brown outs, black outs, and you may be one who will have times of no electricity as you can’t afford it?

There was now no answer—only a puzzled look on her face.

Do you realize that all the cost of increased taxation advanced by this absolute disgrace of a president, may be so expensive to your employee that he’ll have to let you go?

As I looked at her—the expression on her face made me realize that none of these obvious results had ever crossed her mind. After all, wasn’t the president only talking about taxing the rich more—as they aren’t paying their share? She had no idea that in this nation today—the top 10% of the wealthy earners are paying 68% of all taxes—and if we expand that to the top 25% of wage earners we find 85% of all taxes paid. Yet the bottom 50% of wage earners combined pays 13% of all taxes.

Now explain to me that the wealthy in this nation aren’t already paying much more than their fair share?   

That’s the problem with listening to “the View,” reading absolute anti-American journalism, such as the “New York Times, the Washington Post, or any other of the anti-American, cultural communist publications in this nation—or the worse of all problems, listening to anything this government or our absolute disgrace of a president tell us. If you don’t have the knowledge of what they are talking about—which I’ll guarantee you, they don’t know anything about—when it is nothing but propaganda—then you have no idea, or anyway of learning the truth.

Yet this report is the quintessential magnification of government’s ability to state facts—without the reasoning of what made those facts.

U.S. Census Bureau U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis

U.S. Department of Commerce * Washington, DC 20230


Goods and Services

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, through the Department of Commerce, announced today that total September exports of $187.0 billion and imports of $228.5 billion resulted in a goods and services deficit of $41.5 billion, down from $43.8 billion in August, revised.  September exports were $5.6 billion more than August exports of $181.4 billion. September imports were $3.4 billion more than August imports of $225.2 billion.


Now how was this reported in the “news?” Simple really, it was that our nation’s exports increased last month. Statistically they did—but do you see why? Is there anything that explains what is happening, or why this occurred?

You see, when our population has about as much knowledge of the world as our president, you have a problem. When you don’t understand monetary policy, the value of currency and wealth, and how they interact on the world market—you end up as a journalist…one number is bigger than the other, so this is good; right?

That’s the problem and why journalism in this nation should be done away with. Remember when I said that the “value” of the dollar is ½ of what it was when this disgrace took over? Now what does that mean? It means that the American dollar in the 4 years of this administration can buy only ½ as much as when he was elected: which means that your wealth is ½ what it was when he took over; which means that all of the saving, investments, and everything else accumulate all of your life is worth ½ of what it was before this man was elected.

So economically, you reduce cost to sell to others. Isn’t it a strange government policy to reduce the wealth of all Americans to make our exports improve? Would you vote for that? Then why did so many in this nation do just that?

We all must deal with this absolute economic horror we are all facing. We each must do what we can. Personally, I have a list of every company that donated to the party that hates America. The result is that now, I do not spend any of my money in those companies. I also ask and begin a discussion with every servicer, or subcontractor I deal with; if they support anti-American cultural communism democratic ideology; they don’t have to worry about doing anything for me to pay them.

Elections have consequences—and I haven’t even begun to talk about the problem with the Supreme Court—the new socialistic programs, the increase in the nation’s federal debt, or the absolute destruction of the American idealism of this nation.

Elections have consequences—and the consequence of this election—may well be the end of this nation!           


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Comment by Martha Conner on November 12, 2012 at 12:38pm

Cathy I believe Obama is part of End Time Prophecy.  There is no other way a man without a past, no one remembers in college, doesn't have a Birth Certificate, a Selective Service Card, or a Social security Number, that can be found in the system, could have been elected.  Our Divine protection has been taken away when our Government turned their backs on God and in fact, the vice president in 2004, I think it was cheney, quoted the same words, used  3000 years ago when judgement was proclaimed against Israel.  Read the book entitled THE HARBINGER the Ancient Mystery that holds the Secret of America's Future by Jonathan Cahn.  It is amazing and is based on a real event and reads like a mystery, adventure novel.

Comment by hunter60 on November 12, 2012 at 8:55am

"Enemy president" is far more accurate.

Comment by Patricia F Brinklow on November 12, 2012 at 6:27am

I prayed each day before the election for God to give the people wisdom, if only for one day--Nov.6--to vote against Obama.  But, in the early hours of Wednesday's dawning, when I learned the sad truth, my first thought was 'God, why did you forsake us?  Why did you let us down?'  Then I realized that it wasn't He who had let us down, but we had let Him down!  We need to bring God back into our schools, our homes and our hearts in order to survive another 4 years.  I have also concluded that during the upcoming tax season when a client begins fussing about having to pay more taxes and how the cost of living increase they have already been experiencing, I am simply going to ask them who they cast their ballot.  Than let them try to figure that one out for themselves.  Maybe then, just MAYBE, they will learn from their experiences.  Enough said and done.  But the worse part of this whole BO mess is those who are working as hard as they can and doing all they can to keep their heads above the water seem to be fighting a losing battle.  However, WE SHALL CONTINUE TO FIGHT UNTIL THERE IS NO BREATH TO FIGHT ANYMORE.  AND THEN GOD WILL GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO FIGHT EVEN MORE!!

Comment by cathy on November 12, 2012 at 4:01am
Morning! Wanted to add one more thing to what I posted about my faith in God. Some people who believe in God weasel away from standing for our faith. All throught the Bible there is war to keep safe what is sacred....life. I prayed before signing Florida's petition to secede. To move away from our corrupted Government I believe is what should happen. God I believe does not want nor command us to actively seek out war......but when it comes knocking on my door it will find a woman who has God in front of me, not behind or beside me and I am standing for America. God gave us commands and it is not to sit idle by while others take our freedom....even those fueled by Satan. We alone as humans can fight Satanic obamanites with God in front of us. Like I said before God did not promise riches here on earth. I take it that one of those riches is an earthly life. So with that although during our fights legally that seem hopeless or it looks like the obamamachine is winning.......that is Satan's deception even though if may be that Satan actually wins some.....Satan's win is only temporary. I have seen what Allen West has done with fighting. Very inspiring. He must be exhausted. I have_ not seen yet what else has happened yet so far this morning. Doing things God's way can be tiring cause that path truly is narrow.
Comment by Carolyn Sims on November 12, 2012 at 1:22am

Even when all the evidence is outlined to obama supporters, they say it's not true...don't they even listen to his own words..that come straight from his mouth???  I truly believe, because there is no other rational explanation, that a shutter comes down in their minds when you try to show them the evidence.  I think their eyes and eyes are made blind and deaf...and I meant this in a supernatural way.   These are people that are educated and do work but just can't fathom this Idol being what we say...

...and then there are those who are lazy who only care where their next meal, phone, new pair of $200 shoes, cable, big flat screen TV, etc. are arriving.  I have been watching some of the "real" reality shows like real crime shows and it amazes me at the total lack of conscience in the criminals...and not hardened criminals but children, teenagers, college students.  They have empty eyes and souls.  This is nothing but Satan taking control of them. 

But we have to have faith...we've read the Book and know the ending!!

Comment by Gail A. Goniwicha on November 12, 2012 at 1:08am

I hope he totally ruins this country and all the people that were written about above finally suffer as the rest of us are!  It is not until those who are sitting with their hands out, always wanting, screaming for their "Obamaphones", their "free" abortions, contraceptives, housing, food and everything else this government gives them finally ends as the money runs out!  Only then will they learn and it will be a hard, hard lesson.  Meanwhile the rest of us must suffer through it for the second go-round.  Rush said it best when he said you cannot fight against Santa Claus.  While I do respect Dan's comments, you forget to remember that these people won't pick up a newspaper, magazine, to read anything about "government".  Do you really think they will go online to find out these statistics?  No!  They will only believe what the Mainstream Media tells them or whatever is blaring on the radio at the corner liquor store.  Until they "crash and burn" like the rest of us, there is no hope!

Comment by cathy on November 11, 2012 at 11:21pm
OK. I read all of this. Mind boggling I know and incomprehensable what our America has done with reelecting Obama. It is like a terrible nightmare, like a horror show. What I just said - show. Obamanites want to be intertained. Obama is the fast-food president, the credit card with no limits to the crowds that reelected him. Does anyone stop and think how impossible this really is for so many people to get duped into him again? It is not natural. There was no voodoo man who caused this.....but yet of a spiritual nature. Satan. Not many people have said this I have noticed....although in a posting I noticed that a person wrote that the "OBAMA machine was winning". Winning was not the word used but it was implied. This is the ultimate deception and in peoples lack of faith and fear they may jump on the Obama machine. It is very simple the Obama machine and how they have risen to power. Lies, cheating, manipulation and the horrible truth of murder. YES murder. I believe as others that Obama knew in real time the Benghazi murders as they were occurring. It is incomprehensible so many people are on board isn't it? Have u wavered a bit and asked urself "is it me? Could I be the one wrong here" In my mind being so humbled over the years with raising 3 kids alone this has crossed my mind. God and His word assures me I am on the right side. OBAMAS side is easy. It takes a conscious decision to do things in this world God's way. All of what I am saying is not going to change our economy or where we are going. I have liberal remnants of my past still hanging around from when I was on board the Bill Clinton train when he was elected whom I have boycotted since benghazi. Yes. Was it about who won that I based my decision on to not be friends with anymore? No, it was who supported Obama and their blind faith in him when Benghazi happened. The very next day i knew in my soul that obama let those people die and i so made that statement verbally. I was reacted to like i had two heads and was speaking a language no one understood. Many people just could not believe our " fine upstanding pres could do such a thing". Which of course infuriated me. Obama supporters who voted for him this time around just have a mental block that cannot be swayed in the least. I cannot associate with these people because my comprehension is too limited to when facts of our president is is so easy to see with how he is sinking us. When a president can make a statement of "our electric bills ARE GOING TO BE HIGHER" and people still vote for him and people believe he did not know or was unaware of our Ambassador and others needing more security. I have quit trying to understand their rational and made a decision that what we are dealing with here cannot be natural. It has to be evil supernatural. How many here read the Bible? Read revelation. Listen to prophetic predictions 10 to 20 years ago? I have read many postings on this teaparty site that are so obvious they are from very intelligent people. I am ignorant of a lot of what I read here simply because I have not vested my time in understanding how the government works during my years of coming out of liberalism which started when Bill Clinton got up in front of America and stated he did not have sex with Monica till 2004. Am I stupid? No. Average intelligence yes. Average enough to know that what we are dealing with in Obama is one of the AntiChrist. I have always believed in God and Satan but did not give them credit for their strength. Satan's strength is based on fear of God. GOD IS WITHOUT FEAR. This may seem all too simplistic to many of you and leaving you wondering "how can we fight an invisible enemy"? I do every day with keeping my faith in God and surrounding myself with people of like faith. All I have is God and my three children that I t seems I have to deprogram them every day when they come home from public school.
Comment by Martha Conner on November 11, 2012 at 10:58pm

 … Obama rigged election & petreaus was going to report this before election but obama blackmailed him with affair@@A  The election was FIXED by dont expect Congress to do ANYTHING!!  They are too lazy to fight for our country in a manner of speaking@@

Comment by Andy Littke on November 11, 2012 at 10:12pm

I have been calling him the prezlebrity of the Socialist States of America since 2008. I see half this country still doesn't get do they?

Comment by Carolyn Hamilton on November 11, 2012 at 10:07pm

Last count was sixteen...Google it.. Oklahoma was the last to jump on board.

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