Our design we are a federation not the sameness of the collective, the communist design, would do more to restore our nation’s future than any other!

Can mere words of absolute fallacy be so hypnotic that society becomes chattel without the reason of man?

As society, we were inundated by the travesty of the ‘State of the Union, ‘fantasy.’ As in everything that our current mistake, the Mea Maxima Culpa, America’s greatest mistake says or does, one could easily write a thesis, perhaps even something of the monstrosities we identify as the ‘communist’ plan for American health servicing’s (sic) ‘destruction’ oBOMBo care.

Addressing such patronizing derogations or perhaps the insults in opposition to our culture, our society, and our ethnicity requires little effort. Even reading but the introducing few sentences could make the foundations for the dictatorial thesis of the destruction of American, that miracle of union with a design written ‘FOR’ the United ‘STATES’ of America, the constitution and its enumeration.

Those who listened, you have my admiration. As the man’s ability to speak the English language makes even one who has the capacity to butcher it in both writing and speech, in comparative analysis our current president makes me feel ‘Shakespearean’ as he is clueless.

Interested in the direction and destruction of this nation…my greatest fear…forced me to endure the machocist of reading the same script that we can assume our president provided. Confirming the absolute diatribe of convoluted lies and distortions of the beginning were only prelude to more lies and greater distortions later.  

Taking the time to analyze and put perspective in the statements made by this mistake, our Mea Maxima Culpa, only emphasizes the danger any nation has of allowing one of a different cultural background to be in the government.

It is redundant to keep beating a dead horse to death, but it is only by analyzing the words spoken…do we then find the genesis, the nihilism, and the design of the genocide of destroying this nation of wonder.

As an American, where has there been any question, any argument, or any interlude of American philosophy about the proper size of federal government? Where is the example of that question? Let’s see, we have a Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, the Bill of Rights, and a history of this nation first 13 years where it was pretty much identified that government must be as it design. Is there any question that man, especially the men who created this nation, didn’t fear government as the greatest threat to man’s liberty, his freedom than any foreign enemy? If not, where is there on indication, one example, even the hint, the brief shadow that they did not abjectly fear the encroachment of the dictatorial sovereignty, the totalitarianism of government history has shown is the ultimate result of all governance? Is there one example? Is there one brief consideration or mention this is not the greatest danger to the liberty of man known to mankind? If you find it please share, for in the 200 years of our existence, the 200 years of states, the colonies being self-governing before that…this reality was never dismissed. So what logic is it that even makes this some discussion? Whose relativity, refuting reality, in some illusion of critical theorist rhetoric, where fact, history and reason are dismissed does this exist?

Are hallucination or illusion foundations for economic analysis? Listening to this absolute economic, monetary, and fiscal reprobate’s presentation, the old axiom of it’s better to keep ones mouth shut than to open it and remove all doubt, one is an idiot. Where to begin is a challenge? Perhaps the one thing that explained much was the exports of the agriculture production of this nation. How anyone can be such an idiot is beyond what one would expect of any who has every earned a dime, and spent same? Perhaps that’s the answer, the reality that this man, this elected incompetent has never earned a dollar on his own ability. All a gift, something given as he is not of society, something so special that he lives under an illusion that he is ordained as some ‘god—little g, on earth’ magnified by the exaltation of his own identification; ‘we are who we have been waiting for.’ Obvious he was either under the influence of smoking marijuana, or some worse problem, self-delusion of grandeur—perhaps some psychotic condition.

Farm exports, our sales to other countries, depend on what? Is it not obvious this man has no clue, not the slightest idea of commerce, sales, purchasing, or anything else dealing with either business or economics? Is not the only thing required—that you have the money to purchase? Is it not the reality of international monetary policy—as the dollar has debauched its value in the last 5 years to ½  of the buying power before this mistakes election—is it not obvious that then other have greater wealth to buy more and more from our nation. As in the world of agriculture, the devaluation of the dollar is making this nation the 3rd world supplier of foodstuffs, the new 3rd world of international trade; the design of the nihilism of this—American is the problem—administration.

How to even consider the insanity of the housing market in any way is not rational, it is lunacy. The loss of wealth, thought much artificial created by the intrusion of government policy destroyed the financial solvency of the greatest part of our society. Now today, the prices of homes are rising—but not in the value of the dollars they were before the monetary collapse. They are rising in the value…measured in dollars…of dollars that but 5 years ago were worth twice what they are now! Now how anyone not hallucinating on drugs cannot realize this reality—is proof—we have more who smoke pot in this nation than think, or even reason.

The fallacy that infrastructure, or any investment in any government progeny, the travesty of our academic environment, the advancement of racist employment policies, even the expansion of government services and employment provide anything to our society is beyond reason. All of these investments, all of these activities, are not additions to the foundations of our nation, they are the opposite, they are reductions. This is money…the wealth and effort of those who pay taxes…thrown into the hole of waste that government has turned into an art form.    

What mental calisthenics one must do to make the correlation in the continuum of distortion is beyond ones imagination.

How can anyone state, ‘it is the goal of this nation to beat other countries in the race for the next wave of high-tech manufacturing jobs—then preface such insanity, my administration has launched two job hubs for high-tech manufacturing—for who goes all-in on innovation today will own the global economy tomorrow.’

Whose mind can even wrap their consciousness around such a bizarre and illogical presentation of insanity? One country today is not only leading the way, it is destroying all other nations combined. That nation, you guessed it, the good old USA. Now that innovation is not being transformed into employment in this nation. Do you know why? Did you ever even engage your mind to wonder why? It’s simple really, here are the innovators because of?

Now here is where ideology and reality have such a clash. In the world of reality this nation has innovation because of the simple fact, this nation recognizes intellectual property rights—the right of patent, and the right of financial protection to recoup the investment to recover the expense of that research.

Now what is the next thing, after the hallucination that government is the petri dish of innovation, as implied by the ‘job hubs for high-tech manufacturing?’ If this was reality, then what country would be the most advanced, the most innovative, the most productive for new products? Would it not be the Soviet Union, or the communist light of the European Union? Yet if we combined, all of the technology advanced in the whole world and compared it to this nation—we’d find that it would be less than 1% of our innovation advancement. So we need to have ‘patent reform bills’ to destroy what is working? That is a fallacy, the proposals of this administration are to advance, not to encourage, but to turn the patent system from protecting the intellectual property of the innovator, into the litigation playground of the parasites of legalese intrusion, another level of distortion, as government is, interfering in to what they are clueless, but excluded. Today to be a patent attorney requires the simple fact, you have to know about the area of where the patents are being applied. The change, allow the idiot, the lawyer only with the capacity to be a politician to inject their venom of destruction into a system that has worked since this nation’s conception. No other nation has what we have, because of our laws protecting personal property. When a nation, such as ours, designed to be conformed and protected by laws, begins using those same laws to destroy that protection, we are no more who we were designed to be!

There is no costly legislation, for the laws are protective. To loosen the laws, allows the interlude to intrude, to steal, as the government in areas they did nothing in the process, but advance legislation. That was not the concept, or the design. Once again proof that when you elect an idiot to the leadership of this nation, with a cell of equal incompetents surrounding him, you get the maximum incompetence possible.

As absolutely ludicrous all of the other insanity is, the statement on, ‘fix our broken immigration system’ is over the top.

There is no one on the surface of this planet that can even begin the conversation that our immigration policy is broken. How can you? It is impossible because of one simple reality; we do not have an immigration policy! It is beyond the wildest of wild imaginations to conclude something with no verification it even exists, can through some gazing into some crystal ball we know not where, declare that the ‘law…which is ignored, dismissed, and discarded by the very government by our design and legislation appointed to enforce…is wrong! How can anyone say that which is not, is wrong?  

The absolute travesty of the genocide and the nihilism of using race—as an agent—of this nation’s destruction is hard to comprehend. Who in this nation cannot become an American? If it is not possible, then the fact that those who enter illegally could then be viewed as we have a problem and need correction. That is not our problem. We have a system, we have the requirement, and we open our arms, wider than all the rest of the world to allow those who wish to apply to live here. It is those who would ignore our laws. Those who discard our very culture, our ideals, our foundations of a nation—a republic—where all, all citizens must comply with laws reside.

There is only one problem in this nation, and immigration is but an indicator of the greater problem. That problem is, too many, far too many, and those who are in charge…by their political position…to enforce the laws, either do not comply with the law, or do not acknowledge the laws, making the concept of legality not laws, but the whims of man; not our design.

It is not any laws we need. What our nation requires is to review the laws created that are in direct opposition to the ideals, and principles of this nation. That’s all we require. If we return this nation to the simple fact, we are a nation consisting of states. Where by our affirmation, our ratification of accepting the constitution, created ‘FOR’ these states united in America this nation of wonder. It is our design and the concept of we are a federation of those who are different, not the sameness of the collective, the communist design, would do more than any action, or course, for our nation’s future than any other.



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Comment by Janis Eisenstark on January 30, 2014 at 10:45pm
For those of you who know Russian, soviet means advice. They, as well as me, gave you advice and you spit in their face and did exactly what you wanted. The effect was going 180● in the wrong direction and being arrogan, nnasty and, in my view, stupid in your actions and determinations. The differences between Islam in the Middle East and the other religions are few and the collapse you (all levels) initiated give the blame on the system's collapse directly on the public and it's leaders who desired it. In case you also think that I am following the pattern I complained about, I have been at this for fifteen years and have been able through historical correlations to see this occurring. It should get much worse before it gets better based on prevailing views, in case you want another prediction.
Comment by Steve Merkel on January 30, 2014 at 7:25pm

The people created the states, the states created the Constitution, the Constitution created the federal government. The problem is that the creation, the federal government, believes it is greater than its creator, the Constitution. That's what has to be remedied and soon.

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on January 30, 2014 at 7:08pm

House cleaning time!

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