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Ok. He's a Dictator. What Are You Going To Do About It?

New York Times Tower seen from streetlevel
New York Times Tower seen from streetlevel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New York Times' Robert Pear got his pantaloons in a bunch on Christmas Eve over the seemingly endless adjustments by Obama of the Affordable Care Act.

Pear detailed the various adjustments and extensions in an article titled, "Sign-Up Period Extended Again for Health Plan."

His conclusion:

"...In its effort to help consumers and to avoid political damage to the president, the administration has announced a series of policy changes, delays, extensions and clarifications in recent months...Taken together, they amount to a sweeping exercise of executive power — what Prof. Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School describes as a “pattern of circumventing Congress in the creation of new major standards, exceptions or outright nullifications...”

This declaration so impressed the folks at Breitbart, mainly Wynton Hill, and reported as news, that the New York Times had made the statement, apparently, as if to say, "now even the Times is appalled at Obama's dictatorial over-reach."

He did quote a professor Turley from the George Washington University Law School, who said that the Obama administration "...has engaged in a "pattern of circumnavigating Congress in the creation of new major standards, exceptions or outright nullifications..."

Most "astute" people have known this for some time; that is, those that are aware and not afraid to voice their challenges to the President's series of Constitutional breaches. And yet now, it seems, some find a sort of confirmation in certain circles, as if the entire time, they had been holding their breath in hopes that their protests against Constitutional infractions might some day be affirmed and declared correct by an annointed Socialist Lackey in one of their "esteemed" propaganda rags.

Constitutionalists have been, for some time, writing about the President's circumvention of Congress, but have been quiet about the fact that he could only bypass the Constitution if he had first effected a quiet "coup d' etat," a "golpe de estado," a Presidential take-over of the nation, and had assumed his throne as dictator.

He, after all,  stated he would bypass via executive orders, and warned the nation he would do so, if Congress would not cooperate with his agenda.  This, after, he lied about ObamaCare, apparently to get re-elected.

Perhaps he can continue to do this, because the coup we are so quick to credit him with occurred long before he took office, and there have been, as it is becoming more and more apparent, since time immemorial, a series of federal government administrations, along with their accomplices in Congress,and in the Courts, who have, in succession, advanced the ruse that we live in a Constitutional Republic, when we evidently do not.

The question remains:  What are we going to do about it?

Vanguard of Freedom

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Comment by Barry Gabrielson on January 30, 2014 at 10:02am

Brother Ron.  My son knows what is going to happen soon, its scary.  How in the world can people vote for a complete fraud, a liar, a deceiver, a criminal, a con man?  My son states "Just read the bible, its written that this would happen, that people would believe in the great deceiver".  Satan hates men, wants men to fight against each other, lose their way.  If the greatest fraud of all time came out today and stated he is Satan, the majority here would vote for him a 3rd time.  That is how far we come Ron, from a moral society in the 1770's to an immoral society in 2014.  Money rules over Morality, where people who bribe others for votes are deemed moral, accepted and tolerated.  Immoral people honor immoral Politicians, the great liar and deceiver is considered an attribute.  Hilary Clinton is one of the most evil people on the face of this earth.  She will be President in 2016, if she runs and the great fraud leaves, if he leaves.  The majority of women respect her, admire her, believe she is a great person.   They like her because they believe she is a strong person, don't care she is a liar, thief, criminal, hater, evil and immoral.  As long as she stays strong, that is all women care.

Being strong is # attribute, not being incompetent, a liar, a fraud, a horrible and evil person.  How do you change this brother Ron, too many immoral people here in America will vote for Satan, no matter what we say or do?  All we can do is pray together, and be moral, don't back down to evil, fight the good fight.  Those who want to join Morals and Ethics will join.  Those who want to vote for Satan, who will destroy America, will continue to vote for Satan.  They will all end up in Hell, each and everyone of them.  We will enter the Kingdom, because we believe Ron, believe in truth, justice, G-ds laws, not man's, the true Judger is G-d, will always be regarding of what evil men and women do here in earth. 

Comment by Ronald Sorrells on January 30, 2014 at 12:24am


You son is right....."Straight is The Way and Narrow is the gate".  Few will enter because "The Have No Love in Their Hearts for GOD or Others".

I believe that the states that are "SO" reprobate will lose people to other states that are 'Less Evil ' but as you know the "Evil One" will eventually inhabit all until JESUS Returns !

Even criminals hate Evil. They kill child molesters and the Evil Spirited.

Like you say "they wish to be as GOD" !  So did Eve (when tempted by The Serpent). The Serpent said "When you eat of The Tree of will be as GOD".  Man's greatest temptation was to "BE AS GOD".

You will hear those that are "The Intelligensia" that scoff and say that "Believers in JESUS The Christ" are stupid.  They believe that "Man can uncover all of the Riddles of Life" ! 

I use to tell some soldiers (That were intelligent and believed that FAITH was for Fools)  that "YOU ARE TOO SMART TO GET SOBER".   Their EGO would not let them "Believe in Someone or Something That could not be proven with Empirical Evidence". I would often tell pilots "You trust Air Traffic Controllers and you can neither see or know them"??  But, many have the false belief that they must never have to trust something on "Simple Faith".

Semper Fi,



Comment by Barry Gabrielson on January 29, 2014 at 11:49pm

Ron.  I have tried to educate people here in Ca for years regarding Satans hold on this States.  Progressives have destroyed this state, with unfunded liabilities in each Municipalities destroying our services.  Our government is stealing our tax dollars while providing no services back to the Community.  We pay taxes for sidewalk repair.  They are now going after property owners to fix public residential sidewalks, property we don't own, pay taxes to maintain.  Its out of control, a lawless society with progressives (Satan) destroying our communities.  Progressives rule here, from School Boards, City and State.  They rule our government, 70% progressive destroying our State from the King Moron Moonbeam Brown, a complete jacka........  They voted against a smart business women who saved her Company to a pot smoking brain dead clown.  We the People voted against Gay Marriage, Prop 8.  One gay Judge said no way, this is not happening.  So Gay marriage is in.  There is no reason to vote anymore, when one biased Judge can change the will of the voters.  Satan Rules Ron, with a majority of his followers, the progressive party.

That is why the end is coming soon, when G-d has had enough of this progressive Satan crap.  When men believe they are above G-d, rewrite his rules, bad things happens.  When a majority of men accept Satan, join Satan, the end is near.  People wont step up, so he will.  As my son tells me "Few will enter the Kingdom, many will be taken straight to hell with their follower".  Their is plenty of room for the Progressive party down under, plenty of room for all those who follow Satan, ignore the bible.

Comment by Ronald Sorrells on January 29, 2014 at 11:35pm

You are right about "The Devil & His Legions"!

They like it when they are "thought to be stupid or naiive"! They are devious, hateful & vicious.

Lucifer hates "The Light" !

The more debaunchery the better for Lucifer. He uses 'doubt' to attempt to diminish our resolve.

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on January 29, 2014 at 11:15pm

Brother Ron.  When you talk to people about progressives, they tell you that they are uninformed, naïve, immature, etc.  I have to correct them.  They are evil and immoral.  They are not stupid nor are they ignorant.  They lack morality character, have no moral compass, Satan's followers. 

TPN tell me "We need to educate them, to teach them the right way.  Once they are educated, they will see that Conservative values are the right direction."  This statement is naïve.  You cant re educate the devil.  The Devil knows what the Devil is doing. The Devil is a hater, a hater of man, wants Man to destroy Man.  The Devil divides people, creates class warfare, produces envy, jealousy, and resentment toward their fellow man.

The Devil talks about the lack of fairness in society, attacks the character of others to create hate and anger toward others.   This is called transference, the deceivers greatest accomplishment.  Satan blames others for failures, turns one man against another,  to take the pressure off the real enemy of man, Satan.

This is how wars have happened for thousands of years.  Hatred and Anger are a larger motivator than joy and pleasure.  The Devil creates more power promoting hate, hated towards others who have more, smarter, better looking, taller, assertive, creative, etc.   G-d creates humans with special gifts, attributes that make the world a better place.   Once these skill are performed, its makes a productive and efficient world. The Devil turns these attributes into jealousy, hate and envy towards others who are given special talents from G-d.  This is where we are today Ron.  The Devil runs this country, teaching his flock to hate others, promotes division, not unity.  The majority voted for Satan in 2008 and 2013 based on bribes in entitlements stolen from others. They would vote for Satan again for more entitlements. more theft, against G-ds Ten Commandments.  Man cant change this.  We have no morals leaders in Government to change this. Religious leaders have moved away from morality, want to get along and compromise with evil  and accept immoral behavior to keep their tax exemption status, to keep their congregation together.  The Devil is winning Ron, based on bribes and compromise of morality.  For this, we will all pay a horrible price, our children and grandchildren.  This ship has sailed, more Satan's are voting in to ruin this County based on bribes for votes.  The parasites are in charge, not the host.  When religious leaders wont stand up against Satan to avoid retaliation, based on money, we are doomed.  I cant change this ship, since many don't care that its sinking, the Devil taking it down while people look the other way, don't care, apathy, cowards who don't stand for principals and values.   Satan blames those who are against Satan, parasites must feed off the host, blame the host for not having compassion towards being used and abused.  Satan is great at this game of deception, the progressive party deceives all who don't have the moral capacity and rational thought to overcome their own immoral behavior.

Comment by Ronald Sorrells on January 29, 2014 at 8:58pm
Barry Gabrielson:

As usual my friend you are "Spot On"!

Satan is casting his shadow over this world and GOD's PEOPLE (Sanctified ) must understand that "OUR COUNTRY IS THE BODY OF JESUS THE CHRIST" because our "Retirement is in Heaven With JESUS"!
Satan and his disciples will "Burn in the Bottomless Pit forever.

JESUS said " They hated me and they will hate you" !

This world is not my home " I'm just a passing through".

Victory in JESUS,
Comment by robert l scalise jr on January 29, 2014 at 8:38pm
Comment by robert l scalise jr on January 29, 2014 at 8:37pm

Tin Horn Dictator  on explains it all

Comment by Ronald Sorrells on December 27, 2013 at 7:28am

"The Obamanites" are made up of 1 President, 9 Supreme Court Justices and 535 "Representatives" of We The People that reside in Washington, District of Columbia. There the "The Fraternity of 545" !

The "Fraternity of 545" live in luxury and have learned to manipulate  "A $16Million Economy" and 315Million Citizens of The United States of America !



Semper Fidelis,


Comment by John R. Lancellotti on December 27, 2013 at 3:07am

VAN GUARD ... Anyone who has been paying attention to this Tea Party site will know that members have not only been discussing the president's infractions but have pretty much agreed that there in nothing anyhone can do about it as long as the President and Harry Reid control the Senate.  If, however, the elections in 2014 shift the balance of power away from the Democrats, it will then be possible to bring impeachment charges against him, a legal fight that may keep him busy enough to take his mind off destroying our democratic Republic.  Best always, John R.

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