Oh Goody! The Marxists Are Coming Out With The Model Cities Idea, All Over Again.

This time around, the Marxists are going to use our kiddies as the starting off point for their civilization killer, known as the model cities program. They have developed a slickly produced piece of animation, geared for use in our public education system as a means to indoctrinate our younguns into the wonders of Socialism. By utilizing our public education system as a stepping off point, all they need do is continue the propaganda there and wait for the kiddies to graduate to voting age with little more than skulls full of mush on their shoulders. Are you still on the fence as to whether it was a good idea to allow a Department of Education to be created, or to allow for the Marxists to completely take over the education of our children by letting the public sector unions to become mega powerful. Fortunately, there is a solution, as we have all seen the Model Cities Program before, and seen its ravages. That city is Detroit, Michigan, and its story has previously appeared on this very blog. We have something that the Marxists don't have. We have the truth. As luck would have it, their ideas are not knew, and in fact have all been tried in various laboratories around the globe, Greece, Spain, the former Soviet Union, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, European Union, California, Illinois, Detroit, New Orleans, etc. You should get the point. I think we should show the kiddies the first video, just like the Marxists want, and then follow up with the second video, so that the children may also see the results of following through on what the proponents of video wish to inflict upon us.

As you may have suspected, the real live results are somewhat different than what an animator is able to create through his craft. Detroit you see, implemented this very program way back in 1965, as a part of LBJ's Great Society. Now strap in once again, and witness the true results of the Marxist plan in action!

Special Note: Crowder stated in his video that Detroit's unemployment was 28% when this video was produced, but on an appearance on Fox later, he placed that rate at 50%. Don't buy that Detroit is coming back baloney the left is pushing, those commercials all had to be filmed in Southern California.

There are many problems with the top down command economy. One of the problems is that it never accounts for human behavior as a part of its calculus. Where are we going to find these altruistic angels to come and organize our society for us. The thought that these enlightened individuals will never once place their interests or the interests of their cronies above those of society is at best moronic, and at most, deadly to the rest of us. All one need do to dispel that idiocy is take a look at the current group of Marxists in charge. The Obama's jet around the globe and party like rock stars, their cronies are handed Billions in federal loan guarantees for businesses already in bankruptcy, while at the very same time, the President of the United States is delivering speeches on how their already dying projects represent the future of all mankind. To be certain, there is much more about the first video than what I have briefly touched upon here. The important thing however is that we already have a record of what happened when it was previously attempted.

The Socialists will always counter with the same argument, so be prepared for it. That argument will always be, "we just didn't do it right this time. We should have invested more resources. we allowed corruption to enter into the process, and we won't do that this time around." The good news though is that we don't have to continue ceding the education system to the political left. Conservatives can become teachers as well. We, need to start standing up to the unions and start asserting our wishes upon the school boards via the electoral process. Fire the principals who allow this tripe to be utilized as an educational tool, unless is it as a precursor to a counter argument, such as the Crowder video. We still have this ability in our country, we just need to use it.

Hat tip Katie Baker!

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Comment by Diogenes on April 10, 2012 at 8:48am

Mr. Wiseman I found a video which will give an explosive view of the Bronx at that time. The video has pauses.


Comment by Diogenes on April 10, 2012 at 8:36am

Mr. Wiseman it on took a few minutes to come up with a reference to the situation in the Bronx. Please read it 

carefully. Thank you.


Comment by Diogenes on April 10, 2012 at 8:26am

Mr. Wiseman you win now do some scholarly research. on Detroit in the 60s and 2010s. See if you can obtain

an article, "The Bronx on Fire", NY Post, mid to late 60s.There is much info on the decay of the Bronx in

that period.

Comment by John Wiseman on April 10, 2012 at 3:34am

 Diogenes, O.K., so you linked to an article that basically parroted everything I wrote in my original post.  Did you even bother to read the article you linked to?  Jerome Cavanagh was elected in 1961, and began serving in January of 1962.  Your statement that Detroit was a disaster in 1961 is in no way supported by the the meager facts you do present.  Your idea that Detroit immediately crashed and burned simply because Cavanagh was elected, but had not yet served can only be characterized as moronic.  No, I did not live in the Detroit area until 1989, but I am able to read history.  I was able to speak with the people who did live there.  I do know for a fact that in 1964, Detroit was the city with the nation's highest per capita income.  I was not trying to smear you, but merely attempting to point out that your positions are not based on anything relating to reality.  That the city of Detroit was negatively impacted by the great social experimentation of Marxist ideology and wealth redistribution schemes is not even a question.  You argued that it was a decay of American values which caused it, and then linked to an article that completely describes what I stated originally as proof of your position.  

By the way, I asked for a link to the two habitat cities in NYC, as I found nothing on those.  My quip about your math was a statement that I find it highly unlikely that a 10 story building would have 10,000 apartments of any size, let alone two and three bedroom units.  

Comment by Diogenes on April 9, 2012 at 8:47pm

Mr. Wiseman this one is for you .. and all here.


Comment by Diogenes on April 9, 2012 at 8:39pm

Tell me Mr. Wiseman, now I expect an honest answer, were you there in Detroit in 1961, huh?  By the way

you say LBJ picked Model Cities, which year?  Smearing me doesn't make it Mr. Wiseman.

Comment by jalina susan stutte on April 9, 2012 at 7:30pm

Houston has already made it a law that you cannot give anyone food if they are hungrey! Also Obama is promoting that teenagers shouldn't work on farms. George Soros is buying up farmland as fast as he can. Beware folks, they plan to starve us into admission. Another Socialist move on our freedom.

Comment by John Wiseman on April 9, 2012 at 7:21pm

 Diogenes, what on Earth are you talking about?  I tried to research what you put forward, and have not been able to find anything at all to match your claim.  The math is a little suspect as well.  Also please note that your assertion that Detroit was a mess in 1961 is no where supported by the facts.  Detroit when the Model Cities program was started had the highest per capita income in the nation.  This was the reason that LBJ picked Detroit, it already was the success that they were looking for to tout their success.  

The rest of your comment is simply unintelligible.

Comment by Diogenes on April 9, 2012 at 2:36pm

Let me tell you guys something and it is not all Marxists at the bottom of it. A lot of it is ingrained culture.

In the early 1940s a famous life insurance company built two habitat cities within NYC. These comprised of 10 storey buildings containing 10,000 apartments, containing 2 and 3 bedrooms. In order to get an apartment a background check was done, as well as inspecting your current premises to see how you and your neighbors lived; of course you were expected to have a decent income. These two special cities thrived, having maintenance crews tending the grounds and gardens; the gardens were replaced for each of the four seasons. If a tenant did not live up to the code they were tossed out. In the late 60s restrictive codes against housing were considered racist and were removed. Very gradually at first a different tenant group moved in and for a while, about three-years, the environment and relations were positive, but then a piggybacking took place and

pretty soon a ingress stampede occurred in which standards changed - made visible by garbage strewn about, infestation and crime. White flight took place big time and soon after massive decay. It became irretrievable

from what once was exceptionable . Marxists did not cause it but ingrained primitive culture.

In 1961 when I first drove to Detroit, starting from it suburbs and upon miles after into the city , gracious homes where once lived middle class workers and executives now were burned down or boarded up. It wasn't

a case of Marxism but primitive values. I think the primitive values have improved but slightly; the excuse is

poverty. Perhaps some cultures may be softening from too much entitlements, but why are some cultures self-starters, where they know that work is the way to achieve?

Comment by Peter D Sowatskey on April 9, 2012 at 1:58pm

Here in Pittsburgh PA area yesterday there was a motorcycle ride for Trevon.. The riders were all black,spouting the usual verbage we her on TV, about thirty of them. 

Looking at this event form a view of helping/not helping Obama get reelected, I think they, the blacks and Democrats have jumped the gun.  Such stirring of racial differences in September would have been remembered come Nov.  Unless the plan is to continue to intensify the confrontation.

I see an effort to keep our second ammendment activities off these pages, good idea.  One thing to question though is if everyone would qualify as an expert?

Being raised on a farm and moving to the suburbs to start my teen years, I concluded there is just not enough to do in a city.  Except raise mischief of course.  I shudder to think of what will happen when the 'planners' realize big cities with unemployed people won't work.  Then maybe we'll see the 'coop' farms being broken up and everybody getting five acres to live and grow food on.  That worked in China, didn't work in the USSR.  I follow the farm scene, read how USA farmers went to present day Russia with modern farming methods.  They were a huge success.  Then the Russian Govt taxed them out of business.  Last I read the collective farms lie fallow again, and Russians buy wheat from us.

Yes, I do know Hong Kong is a big functioning city.  Difference in work ethic, as far as I can tell.

Don't forget:in NOV get ABSENTEE BALLOTS for all the elderly in your circle, and yourself if there's any chance you might not be at home.  Copy the filled out ballot and the paperwork, marking on the paperwork that you've done so.  Our people can't be denied access to a polling place when it's the mailbox.

Peter Sowatskey  amazon.com/kindle/greenergreen 

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