Thirty four hundred per day. I thought, per day? No, this can't be true. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Over thirty four hundred babies are aborted in America every day. Wow!


Despite democrat U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's feeble attempt to spin the truth otherwise, Obama's Health Care Law does order taxpayer funded abortions.


For decades, blacks have been extremely loyal monolithically voting for democrats. Abortion on demand, regardless of the stage in the pregnancy, is an untouchable, no compromise, sacred cow of the Democrat party.


Well, here is a dirty little secret. Black women abort their children at 3 times the rate of white women. Over 50% of black pregnancies end in abortion. Thus, according to the numbers, abortion in America is racist. This black genocide is so severe, black babies could be classified as an endangered species due to abortion. http://www.abort73.com/abortion/abortion_and_race/


And yet, abortion obsessed liberal democrats are lorded as champions of black America. Meanwhile, MLK's niece, Dr Alveda King who has committed her life to ending the genocide of black babies is vilified, called a 'traitor to her race” and a “sellout” because she is a black republican.


I feel like I am living in Bizarro World. Enemies of black America are promoted as heroes; true friends are trashed.


Case in point. Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a white hardcore racist who believed black births were destructive to society. Thus, Planned Parenthood Abortion Centers are disproportionately located in black neighborhoods. Referring to blacks, Sanger proclaimed, “There is no doubt that procreation of this group should be stopped”. In 1939 Sanger launched the “Negro Project” to kill blacks before they were born. http://www.citizenreviewonline.org/special_issues/population/the_ne...


President Obama enthusiastically supports Planned Parenthood. He has chosen to ignore the disproportionate number of black abortions, which is in essence, black genocide.


Why would America's first black president rally around an organization founded by a racist committed to reducing “specifically” black births? The harsh reality is more callous then Obama's naïve “hope and change” disciples can comprehend.


First and foremost, Obama is a progressive liberal. Furthering his ideology, playing to his base and securing the radical feminist vote trumps everything including the lives of black babies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSsFzue-V-I


So while the liberal democrats support an organization whose mission is to kill as many black babies as possible, most black Americans have been duped by the liberal media into believing conservative republicans are their enemies. Lord, help us.


Conservative talk radio show host Andrea Shea King is a dear friend of mine. Andrea received a remarkable phone call a few years ago. Years earlier, pregnant at 15, Andrea made the extremely painful decision to give her baby up for adoption.


Forty three years later, Andrea received a call from her son. His opening line, “Hello mom, its me.” The phone call lead to a wonderful reunion. Andrea met her son, his lovely wife and is the proud grandmother of the most beautiful, talented, smart and wonderful grandkids in the world. And the icing on the cake, Andrea's son is a conservative!


Andrea's compelling moving story inspired me to pen a pro life song from a unique point of view. The song is tilted, “Hello Mom, Its Me.” The message of the song is “Thanks for birthin' me”. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_6937641


Taxpayer funded abortion is one of many hidden “far left progressive” agenda items buried in Obama's Health Care law which a federal judge ruled to be Unconstitutional.


Regardless of your political view of abortion, forcing taxpayers who morally oppose abortion to fund them is beyond arrogant, evil and down right tyrannical. We MUST repeal Obamacare.


Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American













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Comment by Dorothy Hill on April 16, 2011 at 10:43am

Obama is NOT 'black!!!'   He is a Mamzer!


People use abortion as a means of 'birth control,' and obviously it's just fine with We the SHEEPle.  We'd better start asking if this is OK with Yahweh/God; His 'opinion' is the ONLY one that matters and somehow I have the idea He's upset with us... Very upset!     If you disagree, pray you're right!

Comment by Woneta Godwin on February 13, 2011 at 11:38pm
The blacksphere.net has the right idea for conservatives which is too put up billboards calling out the democrats on all the issues. I think the movement should help them in their efforts. Let the black community know who they are supporting.Let's get the truth out there while we are on a roll, without the black community the dems are done. Another good site is wakeupblackamerica.blogspot.com.
Comment by Boo Taylor on February 13, 2011 at 1:39pm
That makes so much sense, sick as it is. Which party freed the slaves and abolished slavery, people forget it's the republican party.  Legal genocide, ooh those dems think of everything. Things have gotta change.
Comment by robert schwartz on February 12, 2011 at 3:57pm

Re: William Lasko

Your visceral repulsion of the horror of abortion is so well expressed that I am writing to congratulate you, to encourage you to do whatever you can to oppose the tortures of abortion.  One woman leaving an abortion clinic in Houston confided in me that a woman never forgets the day her child (was expected to be born).  We know the stats that inform us of the deterioration of body and mind of so many women who opt for abortion instead of showing themselves to be  real feminists and having the child God chose to let them have.  Although it appears at first that ladies who are expecting through rape or incest feel disgraced, with counseling they can overcome this, too, and many such victims love their newborn innocents.  Still, some choose to offer these babies for adoption, and that, too, is a wonderful option.  Most of the writers responding to this "Obama...Genocide" article are the truly enlightened ones and are to be admired deeply, I among them.  Let's never let up, for the pendulum is swinging our way.

Comment by William M. Lasko on February 12, 2011 at 3:32pm

 drugs - falling within acceptable numbers for that. Never mind that people have drank raw milk for centuries - logic and facts shall not confuse or hinder the underlying agenda!  

Just like legal and now free abortion. Just like an all to obvious disproportionate number of these murdered babies just happen to be black babies.         

Comment by William M. Lasko on February 12, 2011 at 3:29pm
 wasn't true at all? Or is it because you used it to get ahead and now wish to slam the door on any others rights so that you can remain in the elites? I'd like to know!  Now you're all silent or joining in on the denegration of the successful women. That's interesting because the Progressive aiding and encoraging the Muslims right here in America, want Sheria law. They want to be able to behead their wives and daughters at will as a Right. Look at it. Again, the least able to defend themselves being subjected to such brutal savagry to be subject to the whim - of now, men. How does the LiberalProgressive Left in America differentiate between a man's right under Sheria Law to kill his wife for being a lousy cook (doesn't need a good reason) and a woman that decides she wants an abortion after getting pregnant not by her husband outside of marriage then divorce for want of cars and furniture and money to spend? (Also, she doesn't need a good reason - the right to kill means never having to justify her decision.)  Feeling taken advantage of yet? If we didn't have the Ronald Reagan Immigrant Amnesty and the new 14 million illegals here - combined with the 50 million aborted babies - we'd have over 410 million people in America, or a hundred million less people. 50 Million is a lot of people and with a disproportionate numbers of baby boomers - if all the illegals were back in Mexico - we would be  physically seeing the success of population control in America. A law was just passed togive the USDA the right of surveilance in controlling what foods we may buy and eat or not eat. They used the sale of raw milk and that 800 deaths last year associated (aledgedly) for being the reason they needed that kind of control over our choices. They won't however banning the use and saleof raw milk anywhere else in the world. 3400 peole are murdered by abortion a day. 1000s' die each year taking USDA approved
Comment by William M. Lasko on February 12, 2011 at 3:02pm
well for the type of person that is so completely all about themselves. And it had nothing at all to do with the classic arguments over abortion rights. Why guilt up anyone just because of an unwanted pregnancy. There are no absolutes when no one can question your judgement. What does it say for over 50 million babies having been murdered - about women. Where are these adamant believers in this wickedness that believe they have the right to determine unilatorily that a death must happen to save their opportunities in the future,like jobs, career and marrying? This "right" was borne out of a woman's right to decide what she wants to do and who she wants to be and that just because she is a woman -she shouldn't be discriminated against. Where are they when a successful, beautiful professional woman that has been chosen by her peers to serve in political office and still also be a wife, a mother - and a mother of a special-needs child at that. Where are these pro-women's rights activists now? Having a woman picked to be so close to the most powerful office in the free world should have enthralled all of them at LEAST as much it did for the minorities to see Obama be selected as a presidential candidate??? They went after her like a vicious pack of wolves and are still bent on destroying her. Sarah Palin. So, just what was all that uproar back in the sixties about women's rights anyway? It was manipulation by the Progressives for their agenda - not womens. It got the whole "Choice" thing through Congress and a right declared, that women can kill their kids. It's resulted in another 50 million lives snuffed out by the same Leftest Socialistic Ideology that led Mao and Stalen and Hitler to murder similar numbers of people for similar purposes. Today - a woman running for office in a very public profile can be called a whore by her apponent - and WIN the election! Where are these women? Is it because you found out that much of what you were told and convinced of back then
Comment by William M. Lasko on February 12, 2011 at 2:58pm
Just how far away are the Progressives from admitting they're sick and need help? Only God knows. I see clearly  how women have been sold on a lie. Duped into feeling its all about them and not at all about the child or the father it took to make the child with. Gosh, if the Progressives selling this could have thrown in a guarantee that you stood a better chance to of being successful and popular  - oh wait, they did. I married a gal that had three wonderful kids but she had been married times before. In one marriage with the youngest child, she flirted with a man old enough to be her dad. He was a partner in a business selling computers at a time when it was fast and big dollars. She got pregnant. What did she decided that was so supreme to any one ever possibly ever do? She got an abortion. Then told her husband she was leaving and kept the kids and everything he had. Then she married this older guy and they bought a bigger nice house. Why? For want of things. For want of money. To change her life and have more and nicer things. Not that he was a lousy husband. The day came when I would put my foot down and tell her "no" about something and she had a screaming - and then very silent rage one night. I stood my ground on what it was about and said that I wasn't going to continue give in to her manipulations or not question her motives anymore. "Someone that would kill an unborn baby to save herself from being embarrassed, to be able to appear deserving of everything in adivorce, including the kids - all for the hope she could have more and finer things in her life - does not magicly posess supreme judgement abilities and have laws written that enable her to destroy marriage, family and even life in reaching for something more. That's a sick person. That person is all about herself and no one or anything matters or has as much value as she does. Being pretty and being daring and incredibly personable - life was definetly her oyster. Making abortion legal worked very
Comment by Shirley Eliakis on February 12, 2011 at 1:11pm

Mindy, Our me, me, me world taught us to ingore the rights of one another. It  taught us to disrespect, engage in name-calling, judgementalism and to fish for the dirt that is not impossible to find in one another. I am guilty of it, as is virtually everyone i know these days.  I'm old, mean and bitter.  My children heard on a daily basis that i was stupid, not with the times, from the dark ages...they were taught aggression in lieu of acceptance and tolerance.  They had to be tougher.  The law dictated special "rights" for some and intolerance to those who still knew right from wrong, whever those por souls had the boldness to say, "Hey, wait a minute!" 

End times?  If that's the case, the timing is perfect!  To those of you who are wondering what happened to sanity, relax, it isn't too far away now, i can feel it coming.  And when it does, you'll be leaving all this insanity behind forever!

Comment by Mary Creekmore on February 12, 2011 at 1:07pm
I agree with Mark, we need to call it what it is.  The ones who think abortion is a "right" are the same ones who scream the loudest if you suggest sentencing someone to death who has committed a heinous crime, yet they have no problem with sentencing someone who is perfectly innocent to death with abortion.  To all of those women who scream "no one has a right to tell a woman what to do with her own body" I only suggest you consider this, once you are pregnant it is no longer just your own body - your own life, but the life of two separate human beings.  Abortion is taking a life, pure and simple.  If you are raped you can go to the hospital and have a D&C before there is a chance of an egg becoming attached to the uterine wall.  If you wait until after you find out you are pregnant and have an abortion claiming you were raped, then that is taking a life. 

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