“Obama’s Latest Outrage of the Day”

by Donna Garner



The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was passed into law by Congress in 1996 and says that the federal government cannot recognize state-sanctioned relationships between people of the same gender.


DOMA also allows states to refuse to recognize relationships between people of the same gender even if those relationships were legally formed in another state.  Therefore, if a particular state votes to make marriage legal, other states do not have to recognize that marriage; and “same-sex married couples cannot take advantage of the 1,100  federal laws that confer rights, benefits, and protections to married heterosexual couples -- such as Social Security spousal survivor and retirement benefits, the ability to file joint tax returns, and qualification for special estate planning benefits.” ( http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/content/doma-act.html )


Obama, however, has decided to ignore DOMA and the fact that Congress has passed it into law. Obama’s latest “Outrage of the Day” is that Blue Cross/Blue Shield has been instructed to cover the same-sex spouse of a federal employee.


Obama is doing everything he can to play up to his Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender base while at the same time trying to bankrupt private health insurance companies so that eventually all Americans will be tied to Obama’s federal government single-payer program. If that were to happen, each of us would be totally dependent upon the federal government for our own personal healthcare; and Obama and his crowd could decide when we live or when we die.



Is this upcoming election important? Is it important to oust Obama from the White House before he manages to spread his liberal-left ideological tentacles into every area of our personal lives? 


Do we want to be mandated to pay for other people’s abortions? Do we want to be forced to pay for Sandra Fluke’s and other people’s illicit sexual activities?  How about the increase of sexually transmitted diseases and the high costs associated with the unhealthy activities practiced by the LGBT community? Do we taxpayers want to be forced to pay for that?    


We certainly cannot count on Romney to stand up to Obama on ObamaCare when Romney created its twin sister -- RomneyCare! 


Is it important for health insurance companies such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield to invest their time and money to elect Rick Santorum to lead this country, repeal ObamaCare, and return moral and ethical integrity to the White House?  


Do all of us have an obligation to drive Obama out of the White House and replace him with Santorum who understands the common man and the fact that ObamaCare if allowed to go forward will bankrupt our entire country?


The answer seems pretty obvious to me. – Donna Garner





White House: Same-sex spouse may get health-care coverage


By Joe DavidsonPublished: March 26, 2012


The Obama administration has directed a health insurance company to cover the same-sex spouse of a federal employee.

Gay rights advocates say they believe this is the first time such coverage has been allowed.


A March 9 letter to Blue Cross Blue Shield, from Shirley Patterson, assistant director of federal employee insurance operations for the Office of Personnel Management, said that “OPM hereby withdraws any outstanding directive regarding the enrollment of Ms. Golinski’s wife, Amy C. Cunninghis, in her family health benefits plan.”

OPM previously said the wife of Karen Golinski, a federal court employee in California, could not be covered.

The new position follows a February ruling by U.S. District Judge Jeffrey S. White, who ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act“unconstitutionally discriminates against same-sex married couples.”

The letter told Blue Cross Blue Shield to “implement an expeditious enrollment of Ms. Cunninghis.”

“We’re thrilled for Karen and Amy, who have been waiting for years for this equal treatment,” said Tara Borelli, a lawyer with Lambda Legal, which represents Golinski.

Despite the victory for Golinski, the case is not over. Republicans in Congress have appealed the district court’s decision.

OPM’s letter said its decision on Golinski “has no effect on enrollments requested by other same-sex spouses.”

OPM could not be reached for further comment.



Donna Garner




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