Obama's Attitude Towards Bergdahl and Foley




David Lawrence


Obama’s Attitude Towards Bergdahl and Foley


Obama let five Taliban go in order to release traitor Bergdahl.  He was proud of saving a deserter.  That’s what he thinks America is all about—saving our own even if he is a traitor, belongs to our enemies and is not on our team. That is our President.  That is our leader.  That is our downfall. 


Our whitewashing our guilt from slavery days was so important that we elected a black President with a Muslim background and obvious socialistic leanings.  Remember his Cooper Union days.


Hey, I never felt guilty.  I never owned a slave.  I stood up against bigots when I was young.  Why should I be shackled with such a failed leader?


Obama’s father and step father were Muslim.  Does anyone remember the horrors of 9/11?  Did we elect a Japanese president after Pearl Harbor?  No, we put the Japanese in Internment camps.


Some crybabies felt weepy about that.  Despite the fact that I now have the greatest friendship and respect for the Japanese people, it made wartime sense to put them in internment camps.


9/11 was more deadly than Pearl Harbor. Innocent office workers were killed. They were not military targets.  


But Bush told us that Muslims were peaceful people.  Obama agrees and says that the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim morning call to prayer. Are these Presidents out of their minds?  Foley’s dead lips are a silent rebuke to Muslim cruelty.


While Obama did everything to save Bergdahl he failed at stopping James Foley’s beheading. He saved a possible jihadist-sympathizer with the Taliban and golfed while they cut off an innocent journalist’s head.   Where are his priorities?  On doffing the golf ball?


In a horrifying vision I see Foley’s head being hit out of a sand trap by Obama in Bermuda shorts.  He doesn’t get the ball in the cup.  He always misses his target because he is too busy turning his back on his nation.  He doesn’t have our backs.

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Comment by Clinnon on August 27, 2014 at 8:38am

Comment by John Bellaire on August 25, 2014 at 11:32pm

I have tried to see Obama as leaders of foreign nations and our allies may see him and the way they may see America. The American people had an almost complete picture of Obama's past and what his ideas were to change America before the 2008 election. Then with even more information about his questionable credentials, they elected him again in 2012 feeling twice is better than once. I suspect most of those who voted for him wanted a black to be president regardless of who he may be, and they were blind to his character and background. Nothing really mattered except Obama was black and he would be the first black. Electing a black president would be a statement of victory over racial prejudice in America. If that indeed was the case, a foreigner may wonder if out of all the black people, why couldn't Americans find one to be president who was not a Muslim, communist, racist, and at least a patriot and a citizen of the country?

Comment by Mary West on August 25, 2014 at 11:16pm

I would not trust obamasama to cover MY back! Who would trust a traitor Communist Muslim Fox to guard the hen house????

Comment by Finnegan's Wakeup on August 25, 2014 at 5:03pm

My apologies Karen, my disagreement (and it's only a very limited disagreement) was with the original article, not with your post.

Comment by Karen Middleton on August 25, 2014 at 4:26pm

I apparently didn't make myself clear.  I agree that no American should be left behind.  It was the manner in which it was done that I'm speaking of...trading terrorists for for Bergdahl.  I thought I made that clear. That has NEVER been done, to my knowledge. 

My point was about the poor guy who's still in a Mexican prison with very little hope of release, and the fact that no one seems to remember him or even care that he's still there without even trying to get him out.  Is he not an American?

I'm not sure where you're coming from regarding his trial by Americans...of course, by all means he should be tried by Americans!  I never suggested otherwise. However, if he's found to be a traitor to his country, then he should pay the consequences of one, and it should be more than a slap on the wrist.

Comment by Finnegan's Wakeup on August 25, 2014 at 4:07pm

I would respectfully suggest that seeking Bergdahl's release was not one of this administration's many errors.

No matter what, America must never leave an American in the custody of the enemy.  It's a matter of principle.

Doesn't mean that Berdahl shouldn't face a court martial if his conduct is as reported.  But as an American soldier, he deserves a trial by Americans and punishment by Americans.  Not that I trust this administration to do anything of the sort.  But in my mind, the error was not in retrieving this soldier.

Comment by Karen Middleton on August 25, 2014 at 3:52pm

Everyone centers their attention on Bergdahl...rightly so, to an extent.  What about the poor guy in a Mexican prison whom everyone seems to have forgotten?  This poor guy just made a wrong turn and he's still in a Mexican prison.  No one seems to care about him.  Has anyone even tried to get him out?  NO.  Granted, Bergdahl's situation was worse, much worse, and it should NEVER have happened.  He's a traitor and something is seriously wrong when a traitor is allowed to go free with no consequences whatsoever, let alone allowing five terrorists in the trade off to go back to killing our troops, as well as possibly planning to kill innocent people here in this country.  That's treason in  my book.  Foley is another story, as well, and it should never have happened, either, but isn't every American important?  In my book, they are.  How long will they allow this man to rot in Mexico?  Probably forever since nothing's been done about it so far.  Shameful!

As for the Obamanation, he breathes lies!  If I were standing in three feet of water and he said it was raining, I'd have to check for myself!

At this point in time, I'm highly surprised that vets and active military haven't banded together to do something about this arrogant, just plain evil impersonator!

Comment by Paul R. Bedard on August 25, 2014 at 2:55pm

Jo Gonzalez, you are exactly right! The military and the American people better WAKE UP SOON! After the November elections, it will be all over! The Democrats/Communists will once again rig the elections! Only "we the people" can now save our country! We need a massive march on Washington, D.C. by millions of fed up Americans to remove all the crooks and liars and try them for treason! It's the only way now to save our country and our HEADS!  Obama has removed all the good loyal generals in our army! This is Obama's final take down of America!.....................PEOPLE FOR HEAVEN SAKES, WAKE UP!

Comment by Jo Gonzalez on August 25, 2014 at 2:44pm

This Trashy SOB, doesn't even honor us enough ,to put on a Tie.     Disgusting, well, the Trash voted him in, and they got the demise of integrity,  dignity, and Class.   This man alone represents "The Trashing Down of America".

Comment by Jo Gonzalez on August 25, 2014 at 2:25pm

Have we ever in our History ,seen a man , who glorifies a Deserter, and then completely ignores, the beheading of an innocent American?      Priorities  backwards.      This man is "The Enemy Within" and the Military had better figure it out and act.       Americans had better wake up and wake up fast, the Terrorists given a Free Hand, by this fellow Muslim, are coming to a theater near you.       September 11 is coming, and through his dalliance, lack of action of any type,  they are funded, more are joining, and the Caliphate is out to get us, and they will.       Idea, if they are getting so much revenue from selling their Oil, on the Black Market, bomb their Oil Fields could be one of the remedies, although I prefer the approach of another American President, Harry Truman, carpet bomb them. 

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