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First Nancy Pelosi  at a press conference yesterday,  and  now Obama at a press conference with the Swedish Prime Minister today have shamelessly denied Obama’s setting a red line on Syrian use of chemical weapons.  Stunning in its lack of veracity, but entirely in character. Clearly, this guy and his Progressive minions cannot be trusted.
Today, the party's talking point is that the red line wasn’t Obama’s red line, it was “humanity’s” red line and the “world’s” red line respectively. Well, at least he didn’t blame Bush or the Republicans—yet. If it weren’t so mendacious and embarrassing, it would be laughable. Like a spoiled, narcissistic child, this guy can’t take responsibility for anything he does wrong.  So much for principle and integrity. He absolutely possesses neither.
Terribly botched by our amateurish  Commander-in-Chief from the beginning, the  incompetence, mixed signals  and woeful lack of White House leadership notwithstanding, on balance I still tend to support a better-late-then-never punitive and clearly defined military intervention in Syria designed to significantly degrade and deter Assad’s military assets, the underlying objective being to discourage like-minded violations by North Korea and Iran. Is it too late? I guess that remains to be seen.
Tragically, however, the Administration's having stupidly telegraphed our intended plan of attack, Syria is now rapidly shifting target locations and protecting them with human shields, an action which will surely result in otherwise avoidable collateral damage while minimizing our attack’s effectiveness.
What a terrible and entirely avoidable mess this feckless, unprincipled so-called President has perpetrated on the United States and a Free World still stunned by his embarrassing ineptitude and dishonesty.
Always the self-serving cynical politician with a penchant for blaming others, Obama is now asking Congress for authorization to act. But, adding to the endless muddle, in the same breath he asserts that if Congress votes against action, he will unilaterally take action anyway. Huh?
Anyone who trusts this guy's stability, maturity or integrity must be brain-dead.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a clear-headed grown-up--a statesman--in the White House again? Well, we can dream.

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Comment by Hal Davidson on September 4, 2013 at 3:10pm


Bashar al-Assad vs. Rebels


Ok let me see if I have this right, if we help Assad, the Rebel Muslims will hate us and want to kill us.

If we help the Rebel’s, Assad’s Muslims will hate us and want to kill us.

So please tell me where is the Logic in helping either side?

Let them take care of there own civil war.

So far this is what they have done for us.


Please email you Senator and Congressman and tell them to stay out of Syria.


If you agree with this please pass it on to everyone you know.

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