Obama – Democrats and Liberal News Media in Shock

by little tboca
There’s been a series of Obama mishaps that just keep blasting the Democrats and Liberal News Media in the face since 2009; they’re definitely showing signs of fatigue and shell shock. The Democrats up for reelection in 2012 are putting some distance between themselves and Obama. For their jobs are in jeopardy!

Two of the hardest bullets to swallow were the 787 billion dollar stimulus and Obamacare; Dems and the Liberal News Media are getting tired of lying about these two albatrosses. It’s hard to sell the Stimulus to Americans now, because actual unemployment around 20% and millions are still losing their homes to foreclosure. No one likes Obamacare except AARP, UHG, drug companies, lobbyists and Nancy Pelosi.

Obama and Napolitano confuse the Democrats over their mishandling of the “illegal alien” problem. Last April when, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Deputy Director Kumar Kibble and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Deputy Commissioner David Aguilar stated during a press conference that the drug cartels are now diversifying into human trafficking, kidnapping, intellectual property theft and narcotics.

Obama and Napolitano merely thumbed their noses saying the Mexican/American border isn’t over run or out of control. Comments like this are hard for Democrats and the Liberal News Media to swallow, when they read daily about the slayings in Mexico and the USA crime being committed on our turf.

Another divisive move was sending a memo to ICE; stop the deportation of illegal aliens. That memo has created a dangerous environment allowing drug cartels to position themselves in Arizona, Houston even reaching further into the interior of our Nation. This is yet another red flag that has gotten the Democrat’s attention. Obama is desperate for votes and Democrats just want something legitimate and nice to talk about!

Then “Fast and Furious” gun operation that Obama funded for 10,000,000 so Eric Holder could enlarge the entire operation – a scheme to take over our right to bear arms. Obama refuses to make Holder step down even though many, many people are calling for his immediate resignation. Democrats are still trying to cover up this major problem that allowed high powered weapons to walk across our borders into Mexico.

The “Green Thing” reeks of behind closed door deals, in fact the green companies, bundlers and kickbacks are attached at the hip with Obama. Some Democrats tried calling it a witch hunt, but the names of the bundlers, their colleagues, the lobbyists and Obama just keep turning up on the same page.

Chris Matthews, James Cartel, Tim Kaine and Claire McCaskill in MO are all taking a second look at the one who calls himself our Commander in Chief; many of the power players are starting to reposition themselves before its too late. The Liberal News Media worries about their ratings, which aren’t so bright and shiny – viewers seem to be tiring of their lies, gossip and regurgitated political rhetoric.

Keep an eye on the Democrats, Bill Clinton is on the move! It’s obvious that the Democrats don’t trust Obama as far as they can throw him; remember they wouldn’t pass Obama’s budget this spring, nor would they pass his last jobs plan (stimulus bill) and they are fighting big time with him on his defense plan.

Probably his worst strategy so far is when he and his puppeteers conned the Democrats and Liberal News Media into promoting the Wall Street Protestors trying to paint them as peaceful little lost souls and comparing their protests to the Tea Party rallies. Obama did this to punish Republicans and Americans; in the end it will probably foil all chances for his 2012 Presidential run.

The OWS are maniacs, uncontrolled, committing horrific crimes, destroying businesses and costing taxpayers millions of dollars. Pelosi, Plouffe, Axelrod, Biden and the Liberal News Media better take a long time out on this one – for Obama’s strategy just blew up in smoke.

There's more, much more to come before November 2012 and Obama has literally made rubble out of his entire Administration.

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca

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