Newtown Anniversary of Sandy Hook Massacre Guided by a Child’s Focus on Love and Kindness

    Jesse Lewis and his mom Scarlett Lewis - Photo Credit - Fox News

As the morning chill of December crept across the Newtown, Conn. landscape 26 families had their lives and their town torn apart by gun fire targeted at innocent elementary school children and staff.  The Anniversary of that horrific day when Adam Lanza stalked and murdered 26,  six and seven year old children and adult staff at Sandy Hook Elementary school has left an indelible imprint upon the survivor parents, and family members.

Now a year later the murderous mark of the psychologically deranged young man can still be felt on a town that is still working to heal.  America itself is making that same attempt to again come to grips with how precious little children can have their lives literally torn from them and why this madman did this.

The words are hard to come by as some of the parents gathered on Monday to talk about what the town and the nation could do to help honor the memory of their lost.  The creation of a website called http://mysandyhookfamily.org/  which depicts the photographs as well as some of the memories is but one way they are honoring the victims.  They are also requesting that the focus of the Anniversary should be on acts of kindness is the better legacy that Americans should share, according to Reuters.

One of the parents described her tragic loss to Fox News of her six-year-old son Jesse Lewis.  Looking at a literal shrine of paintings and photographs, Scarlett Lewis said, “He’s missed every day.”

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Comment by Cam Stapel on December 14, 2013 at 7:11pm
Gun Free Zone or Armed Staff on duty? Hummmm, I think I’ll pick "Notice: Armed staff on Duty”, works for me.
I think there should be at least two people with license to carry their own concealed weapon in each of our schools (not teachers), probably the janitors or anyone that has the ability to walk the halls freely, would cost nothing. The key word is TRAINED!! The kids in our schools deserve better protection than nothing. There are roughly 94,000 public and elementary schools in our country. If we need a minimum of two security people in each school, that would be an estimate of 190,000 full time security people (all government, by the way).The cost would be unbelievable!
I don't think armed guards or police protection will work, too expensive and too slow. As for increasing government involvement in this, we could increase that by 500% and still have worse than nothing. Controlling the entertainment industry and the mass media would solve a lot of the problem, but they are all in Obama's pocket, you won't see anything there.
I have mixed emotions about banning guns of any type. Any weapon in the hands of a fool is dangerous, no matter what it is,including a club, God will never enter these people. The Democrats banned God from their own convention which should tell you which way they are heading. God will never enter these people either. I grew up in the age of EVERYONE had to go through gun safety training, plus when I was in Boy Scouts, I won several badges for shooting and other related servival programs. We had very few problems.
In Switzerland, EVERYONE used to go through the military and took their fully Automatic weapons home with them. That is why Hitler left that country alone. Bottom line, its about the shooter, not the weapon. I guess the answer starts with the Parents and the Education System. This last nutcase (and he won't be the last) had an idiot for a mother and fools for teachers!! He was allowed to lock himself in a basement room for days and play violent games, no parenting there. The teachers HAD to have some clues. He drove right passed three other school zones to get to the one that is a "gun free zone". Where was the father? Was this couple involved in a church AT ALL, don't think so. A gun free zone sign is a green light to these people!
Bottom line? gun free zones killed those kids!

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