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December 7th, 1941: For those bombing and strafing Americans far below, this was truly an equal opportunity effort, it only mattered that targets were Americans, all else was irrelevant. Mr. Carson was my late grandmother's handyman.
He was also a Pearl Harbor survivor who witnessed that historic day firsthand and lived to tell about it. He was a hard worker and very respectful, like the Army veteran he was.
Unlike many that epic December day, he was known as a Negro, the polite term for American Blacks then. To Japanese opponents overhead, he was simply an American they'd sworn to kill, nothing more, nothing less.
Memorial occasions like today are worth noting this irony: if our enemies ( past, present & future ) don't discriminate between Americans to attack, perhaps we shouldn't discriminate against fellow countrymen?
We've made considerable in roads in that regard, something few on December 7th, 1941 would have believed possible, especially if Imperial Japan and her allies had won.
The Greatest Generation was an American mosaic whose differences were nonetheless bound by shared values which ultimately defeated the Axis and scant decades later, opponents much closer to home.
These are my thoughts on Pearl Harbor Day 2013. 
Big thumbs up to Mr. Carson & other Pearl Harbor survivors.

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Comment by dean meason on December 8, 2013 at 2:02pm


As a young lad of 11, it was a warm sunny day that sunday mornig in Sprindale Arkansas A small town os some 3000 souls.On a small but beatiful little farm  We lived a very spartan life. We were poor but I didn;t know it. No tv ,no telephone, no electricity, no runing water, a big old radio but no battery

  Back in those days when people actually talked to each other face to face, a neighbor brought  us the news."The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor"

As I look back, I thank the Creator for the gift of youthfull ignorance..


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