It’s beginning to feel like we’re living inside a Twilight Zone episode. If you remember these episodes, you know that they took a normal situation and switched it around so that what was normal became the abnormal. Though we didn’t realize it, at the time, they were showing us glimpses of our future. Everything we knew to be true and good have become some type of sin in today’s new “awareness.”


Perfect examples of this are cropping up all over the United States. States are being sued for protecting their borders. Individuals are being sued for protecting their homes from burglars, and many people are being ostracized for their attitudes that are truly Christian. One article that was presented this morning was written by a brave young woman defending Kirk Cameron’s remarks on homosexuals and same-sex marriage. It’s good to see the younger generation becoming more involved with current affairs and standing behind values that we all need to stand up for and defend.


Another woman mentioned something that many of us have thought about; hate crimes. You now receive 10-extra years for having committed a hate crime. What is a hate crime? A hate crime is one that involves a minority or person with alternate gender views. The fact that most crimes are committed against someone or something with malice does not compute with those in Washington D.C. You rarely hear a defendant say, “I had to kill them. I love them too much to let them live.” If you do, then that person is usually bucking for an insanity plea, and are likely insane.


As Bernard Goetz found out several years ago, it’s unseemly to defend oneself. His case set off a nationwide experiment in making the victim pay for the crime of defending themselves. If someone enters your home illegally, and you do not kill them, you can be held responsible for their medical bills and anything else that might be involved with their care and recuperation. Justice is supposed to be blind, but she certainly is not supposed to be stupid.


There was a time when a man could purchase property with future plans to build a home on that same property. Now, if that property is deemed a potential wet land or reserve, regardless of the man’s right to own it, he can be made to pay fines until he agrees to vacate the property. This is the case with one couple who has been ordered to pay several hundred-thousand daily, or vacate the property they own. It seems there are some acts of theft that are permissible by states and the federal government.


You’re no longer allowed to send certain items of food to school with your youngster—once again due to government intervention. One case involved a bag of chips. The whole lunch was confiscated. The child was forced to eat mechanically-separated chicken nuggets, and her mother was ordered to pay for her lunch. And, it goes beyond that. If your child is obese, the state can now remove the child from your home and place them in foster care. Presumably, they will lose weight with the new people after having been wrenched from their parent’s arms.


Another such situation exists in-school  rooms. Children cannot pass a simple spelling test, but they can tell you that it is alright to be gay. When asked what “gay” means, most have no idea but whatever it is, it’s okay. The five-year-old that just recently found that wasn’t an extra pinky finger, is now expected to understand the difference in sex and what it means to be gay. There was a time when we were five or six and didn’t even know what “sex” meant, much less that there were multiple choices in sexual preference. “Gay” meant happy when we were kids.


With many schools across the nation having a drop-out rate almost as high as the percentage of people on some form of welfare, you would think that teachers would have enough to do without teaching sex, policing lunches, or determining the fitness of household whose child has gained too much weight. The ideology that a victim must pay for the criminal’s intent and resultant injury would be laughable if it were not happening with regularity. And the man who speaks his beliefs, because he was raised with those beliefs should not be ostracized. He’s not the little boy who gave up reading because his teacher was explaining to him, he was gay. He’s the man who thinks he’s supposed to have first amendment rights. Sadly, those no longer apply if your opinion is one that does not fit neatly into today’s Twilight Zone episode.

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Comment by george repasky on March 12, 2012 at 6:00pm

it has been this way since day 1 of trhis adm.

Comment by C Brooks Nielsen on March 11, 2012 at 11:16am

Texas Proud - right on the money!! Civil unrest is exactly what BO&Co are after. 

Yes, guilt the rich and the middle class,meanwhile stirring the populace into a frenzy of envy (think Islamic radicalization strategy).  The goal is to provoke the "occupy crowd" into scaring the rest of us into begging the government to take care of us all.  Now - how stupid are we, really?  Not all that much, I'm thinking! No question it takes a lot of heat to get us to beat back the bullies - but it happens, over and over throughout time.  Otherwise, we wouldn't be here.  This is our time!  We need to be building our energy together to get out of the twilight zone!  Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!

Comment by Kenneth Green on March 11, 2012 at 6:56am

Virginia and Gerald. You both are right on the situation.

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on March 10, 2012 at 9:31pm

Talk to any adult in their 60's, 70's and 80's and ask them if their culute was as screwed up as this one.

They will all tell you "This is not the people who I grew up with.  I dont know this America".  When morality and ethics no longer are important in society, where we are today, then society will fall like all great cultures. When the parasites lead the host follow, then society is doomed.  When there are no more hosts to feed on, the parasites go after each other, then there are none.  History and stupidity repeat itself over and over again.

When people dont care about morality and ethics, then society falls. 

Comment by John Schofield on March 10, 2012 at 9:24pm

I'm glad my parents have passed away. They were both " depression kids" and would not only be appalled but left in total disbelief at how quickly this once proud nation has become a nation of whining beggers with NO work ethic whatsoever, who have been told all their lives that they are entitled to whatever they want simply because they exist! I love my country, I really do and find it disgusting how the "Greatest Generation" has been transformed to the "Gimme Generation" and the Marxists currently in power are using this to permanently empower themselves,to the total destruction of this once great nation. I suspect similar conversations were spoken in ancient Greece,Rome,Egypt, all the once great nation states who, due to their own laziness, personal sloth and greed were doomed to fall, as we are unless there is a complete reversal NOW !!!

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on March 10, 2012 at 8:38pm

Ed. you are correct.  Unless society stands up and does not accept people who lie and cheat us, then we go down.  Speak out against dishonesty.  Dont allow your boss to order you to commit Fraud.  Say no.  When you see a crime, report it, then make authorities accountable to hold that person accountable.  If we all do our job, stop doing what we are told, do only the right things, the moral things, things will change.  Dont accept dishonest people.  Hold them accountable for their bad behavior.

Grace, keep speaking up the way you do and make this positive change.  Tell people that if they dont wake up, we will be like Greece.  Wait till our currency is worth nothing and people cant afford to eat because inflation is sky high and the government keeps printing and spending more money.  If America does not stop them, we are Greece in 4 years.  Do you want to stave?  Its up to all of us in 2012 to get progressives out of power to save this nation.  Its time to put up or shut up.

Comment by Grace Kirby on March 10, 2012 at 8:28pm

Barry, sorry, that is not my way.  I will keep on speaking up and doing all I can to get a positive result.  Someday (very soon, I hope) the lemmings will wake up.  Unless they like what has happened in Greece and other European countries.  Most people don't even relate what has happened there to what is happening here.

Comment by Ed Stoneham on March 10, 2012 at 8:26pm


It behooves us to speak out and to act on our convictions. When we see someone using food stamps or the equivalent plastic, we should make some appropriate snide remarks to embarrass them. When we detect dishonesty in someone applying for a job, we should tell them they will not get the job because they are dishonest. When someone says we should tax the rich, we should tell them they are fools. If they hear it frequently enough from enough people, it will begin to soak in.

Discrimination against immoral people may meet with resistance, but it is absolutely necessary for our survival. Be discriminating.

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on March 10, 2012 at 8:17pm

Grace.  People here are taught to tolerate, get along, dont rock the boat.  So if we taxpayers are screwed, dont get upset, just look the other way and accept it.  Remember, you cant fight city hall.  Just give in, dont let things like this worry you, smile and be happy.  This is America I know today, a people who accept and tolerate a government that screws its own people in order to gain more power and control.  So the sheep go along to get along, pay $4.50 a gallon, pay 30% more for groceries, pay 30% more for everything.  Remember today, the complainer is bad, the gounger is good. Take one for the team America, then another, another, another.  Dont stand up and say stop, that someone elses job.  Stay in a coma, let them take away your property, your freedoms, your rights and your live.  Maybe then you will stand, maybe.

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on March 10, 2012 at 8:09pm

Ed.  Its not that they are so naive, they have not been taught to be able to think by themselves.  They are are not taught about morality, ethics, morals and values taught in the good book.  Parents are responsible to raise their children to be moral, responsible and independent.  Too many parents are not parents, want government to raise their children. Government cant add 1 plus 1. 

If we dont teach our children morals and ethics, we have failed society.  If we fail to teach them that being good will be rewarded and bad will be punished, once again we have failed them.  Its the jounrey that matters, the experience and knowing we did the right thing, made the right choice, did what is moral and ethical to succeed is what matters.  We need to teach the progressism is regressive, that the ends justify the means is wrong, to lie and cheat in orde to achieve is wrong and immoral.  Today, children see that Politiicans and Lawyers who lie all the time are successful, so they say "success is all that matters".  No, success is measured by doing the right thing, not the dishonest thing to gain.  Good must win over evil, bad must have consuquences today.  today good is retaliated and evil is accepted and tolerated.  Society must go back to the basics, truth is good and to lie is immoral.

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