Liberal Allegiance Is Ruled By Callous Expedience

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A few weeks ago, I listened as Charles Krauthammer told us that the Obama Administration had successfully run out the clock on the political implications so richly deserved by the Benghazi disaster. He was not in favor of that end mind you, he just felt that the John Boehner led House of Representatives had screwed up sufficiently to allow something to pass that should not have been afforded that status. Unfortunately for Team Zero, private citizens in this nation lost their faith in politicians long ago. A group of private citizens, specifically Judicial Watch, won a court battle related to a Freedom of Information Request, and forced Team Zero to hand over all internal communications relating to Benghazi. Those internal communications are to say the least somewhat illuminating. For not only have they served to confirm the very worst of any and all lines of conjecture in terms of how cheaply the President, Secretary of State, and their entire teams viewed the lives of American Citizens working on their behalf, they also highlighted the fact that those lives were sacrificed purposefully, in order to keep hidden the abject failure of The Zero's foreign policy. By the way, should we put Candy Crowley's picture on the milk carton now, or wait for the official report of her disappearance?

Usually, when Charles Krauthammer says or writes something, I pay attention. His insights into other matters have earned him, at least for me personally, a level of respect, a sort of tacit acceptance of his point of view, unless I have sufficient reason to show otherwise. This is one of those times. There is a reason why, in our criminal justice system, the crime of murder has no statute of limitation in regards to prosecution. If someone commits the ultimate crime, there is no sufficient passage of time possible, where we will no longer hold them to account once caught and brought to justice. Make no mistake about it, what ever else Benghazi represents, it involved the murder of American Citizens. The Obama Administration, and our President himself, are complicit in those murders, and as such, deserve no limitation of time for which they can be held to account for those crimes.

It is in that context that I'd like you to watch the next video. When asked about the night that the President of the United States had four citizens killed in order to perpetuate the myth that Al Queda was decimated and how spectacularly his foreign policy had failed the national security interests of the United States, Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said, "dude, it's like two years ago."

This whole, it's old so move on thing is an oft used tactic by the current group of miscreants who hold the levers of power within the halls of our Executive Branch. Screwing us, and then running out the clock is the chosen methodology to transform our nation from a constitutional republic into a Socialist Worker's Dystopian Nightmare. The phrase, "It's done, let's move on already," will undoubtedly adorn the arch way into the Obama Library. There's a reason why Team Zero sent a prepubescent acne ridden teenager to deliver their message complete with snark and a smugness more apt to spur a violent reaction than substantive debate. That reason is that they wish to simply dismiss inquiry, rather than answer it. "Dude, it was like two years ago," ranks right up there with, "what difference at this point does it make," in terms of the complete dismissal of any attempt to present accountability to this current regime. You little people, who are no more than the subjects formerly known as American Citizens, have no actual standing to petition your government for a redress of grievances. Be gone with you peasants!

I would just like to point out here, that the political left has always used as their default qualification for being put in charge, their unparalleled caring and bigger than ours hearts. When ever, and this happens each time we follow their policies to the inevitable conclusion that such policies produce, we question their results, they will say, "but we care so much more than you do, and our intentions were good." So, exactly how does Benghazi square with that, not to mention the callous manner with which any inquiry into that crime has been handled?

Thanks to the efforts of private citizens, specifically Judicial Watch, our House Leadership has finally agreed to do something beyond holding some useless Congressional Hearing. They've appointed a select committee with subpoena power to conduct an actual investigation and prosecute criminal behavior. For those who poo poo the concept of a Select Committee, I would remind you that it was the Watergate Select Committee that succeeded in forcing Richard Nixon to leave town. I am not suggesting that Barack Obama will be forced from office as a result of this, but I am suggesting that for the first time during his reign, Emperor Obama will be held to account for something. That's a start.

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Comment by John Bellaire on May 2, 2014 at 9:50pm

I think Obama will never be impeached for two reasons. One, he is the first black president and nothing else matters to a large segment of people. Second, a large segment of people do not know what impeachment means anyway.

Comment by Gerald V. Todd on May 2, 2014 at 7:07pm

Joseph Avila - Several things are obvious others seem interrelated.

1. The USA must be brought down to size to fit in a controllable one world government.

2.The form of that OWG has two distinct paths -

a. Fascist along the lines of George Soros Open Society.

b Caliphate under Sharia Law - Islamic rule per Muslim Brotherhood.

3. Our financial resources are being drained by currency manipulation, bailouts, outright money transfer to unknown places. Deficits are offset by creating new money against debt - which means TRIBUTE paid by every working man, woman, business and child for the next generations.

4. Energy policies have both cut into our job market and the development of extraction and refinement technologies - not to mention alternative forms we no longer have the capability to lead the development of.

a. Energy policies are the result of taking our leading technological development and using it in the Middle East to enrich people who hate us and are now becoming empowered to take us down. 

b. Yet our technology is not allowed  - or restricted because of outsider funded environmental lawsuits and new regulations so numerous a manufacturer, explorer, or refiner cannot determine what the3 next rule will be.

5. Our productive capabilities are being drained by;

a. Federal usurpation of state and private lands, preventing private access, ownership and exploitation of natural resources.

b. Our once widely diverse job market has been slowly drained away by sending manufacturing and agriculture  overseas to cheaper labor markets. Everyone shouldn't go to Harvard - it takes an infinite number of skill and capabilities to produce the myriad products at affordable prices we enjoy every day  - like toilet paper! The skills to be developed and the job opportunities went with them.

c. Draconian rules and regulations against all forms of production for some undefined form of environmental purity or to save an endangered species - as defined by forces above.

d. Cutting off water to the world's most productive and highly developed farmland  - e.g., the Central Valley of California.

e. Taking over the education system so children are not taught the basics of good government or love of country - or God. Forcing anti-American, immorality, illegals and alien religions special privileges throughout the education system.

f. Taking over the welfare system to create broad dependency on the central government.

g. Taking over the health care system to establish a means to reduce population to the eugenicist's world goal of an 80% reduction in human population to "save the planet."

h. Undermining our military, including demoralization while attempting to disarm the population so resistance is futile.

IMO, the opposing forces - fascism and Islam while cooperating under "progressivism" will battle over the corpse should we allow ourselves to become their road kill. The "progressives" and their fascist handlers are mainly concerned about global power and money. The Islamists are mainly concerned about a world caliphate where this governmental philosophy posing as a religion will deal unmercifully with any who oppose them - including their "progressive" buddies.

6. Again, IMO, the current Administration has done everything in its power to bring Islamic rule.

a. Loading the WH and key agencies with MB operatives - one of whom bragged about helping write the ACA while under the employ of George Soros' Tides Foundation;

b. Allowing Sharia to creep in even though this governmental form is the antithesis of our Constitutional Republic.

This has become a first draft - order and rhetoric will need some work - with more clarity, but if this isn't enough to wake up the American public, we are surely lost. I hope our 5th Column media returns to its proper role as the 4th Estate.

Comment by Janis Eisenstark on May 2, 2014 at 3:56pm
Problem in Nicaragua?
Comment by Judy Masserano on May 2, 2014 at 3:48pm

Excellent post. Thanks, John

Comment by joseph C Avila on May 2, 2014 at 2:50pm

All these heads-up alerts are only reporting the syntoms of a larger problem. What is the root cause of all these issues? Can anyone out there tell me?

We can continue running around like a chicken with it's head cut off or we can get focused on the real problem.

The question I have now is does anyone really want a solution?


Comment by Lindar on May 2, 2014 at 2:30pm

And IF it had been Tommy Vietor's father or brother, that was tortured-massacred at Benghazi, would he still be singing the same "Dude, that was 2yrs ago" song? What an absolute scumbag.  

Comment by June D on May 2, 2014 at 2:14pm

It is about time and hopefully not too late. Now we need one for the IRS. 

Comment by Gerald V. Todd on May 2, 2014 at 2:13pm

We've been handed a gift, "Dude!" 

What a classic out of a WH spokesman to Brent Baier.

Hey Dude, tell us about the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity.

Hey Dude, do you remember the oath you took?

Hey Dude, got some extra troops to head off the jihadist's coming across the border?

Hey Dude, would you define domestic terrorist to my face this time?

Hey Dude, how much money and propaganda from George Soros have you swallowed while calling the Koch Brothers evil - Dude?

Hey Dude, why haven't you had the EPA send illegals back down to the border to clean up the trash?

Cartoonists - get busy!


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