Today is the 41st Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS Opinion. Pro-Life rallies are taking place in DC and across this country. This puzzles me.

Curious about Constitutionality of the Right to Life? Read this: http://bit.ly/1gEm6ix

The Roe decision was neither based upon law nor science. Life is an inalienable right.  That this right begins at conception is a biological fact.  This fact was not "overturned" by science in Roe, but by manipulations of facts through law.  If real science had been used and not legal manipulation, denying life in the womb at conception would have failed.  The argument of viability, as established by Roe, is based upon the argument that if you remove the child from the womb at a certain point, that child (or if you prefer, those cells) would die and therefore was not alive and not a person.  Logically speaking, by admitting that this life will die, implies that it was alive at some point.  Additionally, by the very definition of the word "abortion", you must admit that life exists at the time of abortion.  You cannot "abort" an action that has never begun.

But, I was a biochemist before law school, and using this same argument to determine that life never existed' and therefore can be terminated, does not hold up in science either.  There are many single celled organisms that will only survive on a particular growth medium.  You will be hard pressed to find a microbiologist that will tell you that these organisms were never alive, simply because they failed to live outside their nutrient rich medium.  Therefore, Roe is not only logically unsound, but scientifically unsound as well.  Even the judge in Roe admitted if it would be established, sometime in the future, that life existed at a earlier stage, this life would have rights.  The errors in the Roe opinion were not a matter of science, but matters of incompetent legal argument and activist judges.  

But here is my question, why do we spend so much time and so many resources PROTESTING an unconstitutional, illogical, and unscientific SCOTUS Opinion? By doing so we create an antagonistic environment and actually defeat the efficacy of our mission...to save life.
Here is my suggestion:

Why don't we stop Protesting this opinion and start CELEBRATING life? Let this day pass as a day of solitude and morning for those who have died. We need to pick a different day. On that different day in the year, we rally to celebrate LIFE and bring awareness to the real solution to abortion...ADOPTION!

We should spend less time and resources being AGAINST things and more time and resources being FOR adoption. We have women all over this country who are LONGING for children but cannot have them. They are searching for babies to adopt to the point that they are going to foreign countries! That should never be necessary.

Why not begin massive add campaigns showing our pregnant women just how AMAZING adoption is: Interview families who have adopted...interview children who have been adopted. Show these women that they can CHOOSE to give the greatest gift any woman can give...Life to a child and LOVE to a family. Show them WHY they should CHOOSE LIFE!

We are opposed to this killing of babies by a matter of faith and morality. Why not show a little love of Christ. We are so often so busy being against things that people have no idea what we are for. Let’s stop poking the wounded in the eye and start giving REAL SOLUTIONS the GLORIFY life and give women the CHOICE of giving the greatest gift any woman can give.

Just a thought from a woman who cannot have children…Just an idea from the mother of an adopted child…

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Comment by John R. Lancellotti on January 23, 2014 at 2:25pm

It may be the 41st anniversary of Roe ... but for me, it's the 60th anniversary of enlisting in the U.S. Navy, an act  which still is the greatest adventure of my life. Serving my country was a pleasure. I didn't see action, thank the lord, but I DID see much of the world. More importantly, I came to terms with a determination that anyone who enlists must face:  I determined I was ready to die for my contry. That disposition did not exist during the Student Revolution of the 1960s, when the young men of our country said no when asked to fight in Vietnam. Among those people then was a guy named Bill Ayers.  Recognize the name?  Yes, the very same man who is now one of the president's closest advisors.  And this traitor in the White House, this president who does not even have respect for our Constitution or the laws of our land,  has no idea about what it means to be a LOYAL AMERICAN. The GOP must hold onto the House and capture the Senate in the November elections.  A majority in congress MAY be the only way to keep this president from carrying out his plan to destroy America.  Best always, John R.  


Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on January 23, 2014 at 8:17am

Thank you.

Comment by Jay Gee on January 22, 2014 at 11:22pm

Great post TP California Council. And KrisAnne, thanks for your passion and desire to find solutions that go beyond making abortions illegal and washing your hands of why women feel the need to abort and how we treat these treasures once they are born. If we don't move the conversation in those directions, you look as myopic as this guy:


Outlawing abortion just hides it from those who don't want to see and don't want to know. But reality continues. How about putting all that energy toward creating a society where every woman has the education and support to plan her family and bring a new life into a safe and secure home.

Comment by Jimmy Hight on January 22, 2014 at 8:34pm

Those that take the lives of the helpless will rot in HELL! We continue to condemn other countries while our leaders allow our unborn to be attacked with chemicals and ripped from the wombs of scared helpless young women. The norm has become so vile and disgust most of Americans and we continue to vote for those that jam this down our throats. God will have the last say and I don't feel sorry for those that support abortions for anything other than health reasons.

Comment by Tea Party California Council on January 22, 2014 at 7:42pm

 Protecting life in the womb should be followed with protecting the quality of life after the womb, yet we fail to address the more esoteric, more inevitable fiscal consequences and obligations in nurturing mentally, emotionally, physically healthy children to become productive adults not repeating the sins of neglectful or dysfunctional birth parent(s).  When economy is on the verge of near collapse, or mother nature causes shrinking resources not replenishible in some scientific lab or corporate product development; or when we fiscal conservatives are generous with our sanctimonious rhetoric but cheap on community charities, what is our proposed solutions to avoid inflicting our communities with a litter of potential criminals, street wandering teens, lack of immediate moral role models, lack of access to nutrition which feeds the brain and body, or future sleazy, unethical politicians and Wall St. ponzi schemers, future prostitutes, ministers using tithes to support their mistresses and so forth.  We demand lower crime, more incarceration facilities, less homeless dragging our property values down, less teen prostitutes and drug addicts, better education for children while screaming for no or lower taxes.  It is not enough for some of my conservative brethren to donate garbage quality clothes and germ saturated old toys as their version of helping impoverished pregnant women.  I even saw wealthy well known Republican women donating urine stained clothes with holes to thrift shops set up to provide economically struggling people with job ready clothing.  Not one conservative group or spokespersons anywhere in the entire United States has ever articulated how we avowed conservatives are willing to help nurture healthy babies while in the womb and out of it.  Our words should be followed with our pocketbooks.  Instead we waste our monies enriching the get rich quick schemes of all those whose conservative speeches and books are for a hefty price at our expense.  Then after paying out $500 or more to some convention or speakers presentation, we claim that our budget cannot include real charity.  Charity to make some self-made conservative profile rich is not charity.  Even I would not be in the mood to vote for anyone subscribing to being cheap and where charity is spent on those who need another mansion, a yacht or another mistress.  I practice what I preach as I set aside chunks of my hard earned monies not to politicians, or paid speakers, but to those community services providing legitimate hand ups to impoverished women and their children - that is the way to earn their respect and trust.  Words alone do not pay utilities.  A healthy body and mind contributes towards productive adults intelligent enough to vote against tax waste, against dishonest politicians and more manageable government administrations.  Try hustling a cup of coffee with pious words alone - I challenge you.

Comment by frank miller on January 22, 2014 at 5:17pm




Comment by Frank L. Worth on January 22, 2014 at 4:55pm

Bravo!  What a wonderful piece.  I'm constantly dismayed by the yammering and money wasted (yes, wasted) trying to make abortion illegal.  Why do I say "wasted"? Because even is such a law could be passed, it would be as worthless as any prohibition.

If, on the other hand, all the money and lip-service paid to anti-abortion lobbies were spent supporting adoption and adoptive parents, I truly believe we could end abortion.  We could end abortion.  Isn't that what we want?  

I hope many others read this fine article.

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