I've been debating for weeks whether to publish this or not. Its views could be considered extreme, but as more events unfold and threaten to drag the world into a new dark age, times have become extreme. Thus, extreme measures must be taken if we are to survive.


We've all heard or read that at some point. Jesus cautioned Simon Peter after he whacked off an ear during Jesus' arrest about resorting to violence so quickly. We all know Jesus was not a warlord and preached love and peace. But we also know even He had His limits. Just ask those merchants in the Temple. I genuinely believe He was angry, and if He had had an Uzi, it could've been much worse. (That's a little humor for those of you who can't see it.) Now, He taught us love, peace, tolerance, and respect among other things. I don't have a problem with that. I live my life by faith, hope, charity, and love. But there comes a time when even the meekest among us must stop turning the other cheek. You only have two. There comes a time when appeasement and compromise are rendered useless. There comes a time when your way of life, and even your very own life becomes threatened. It is important that we all recognize this and be prepared to take action.

Now, you're probably expecting me to incite you into revolution here in the states. Here we seemingly are going through a war on Christianity and a moral way of life. For this blog you would be wrong, although the subject of tonight's debate has dramatically affected this country and not in a good way.

It is a different kind of war. Not nation against nation, but ideology against ideology. We call it terrorism and it has been going on for centuries. I would say it's religion against religion, but I don't see Islam as a religion but as more of a cult. The very basis of the " religion of peace" is rooted in aggressive expansion by whatever means. It is a cult of deception condoning lying to your enemies until you are strong enough to take them on. It is a merciless cult with violent consequences for disagreement, even within its own walls. Their laws are barbaric. Their tactics are cowardly hiding behind children and mosques, forcing children to detonate bombs strapped on their bodies. Their cruelty knows no bounds. They cannot be reasoned with. There is no negotiating with them. The only time they will come to the negotiating table is when it is beneficial to them. They rely on terror to instill fear in their victims. For the most part this has been effective.

We have seen what has happened as our foreign policy has tried a softer approach. Al Qaeda now possesses more land than ever, and that just fuels their hopes for success. Somewhere the cycle must be broken.

And that's where I come in. We can't simply send in troops to beat them into submission. It's a long, drawn out process akin to invading a country. We go in with all our military superiority and quickly put them on the run. And it's all for naught. They simply hide until we eventually leave. Look at Iraq and Afghanistan for modern proof. No. That will not work. They don't fight like that, and we spend billions of dollars and many thousand lives for beating our heads against the proverbial wall. Unacceptable. We need a new strategy. One that costs less than a massive war, one that costs us far less blood, and one that can give real results. And to do that we must speak in a language they understand. We must become a monster to stop this monster.

You can flip out now. But be prepared to freak even more.

Mine is a strategy of reciprocity. It will require special ops forces and some high tech assistance. Our enemy must realize there will be consequences for their atrocities. So far they act with little concern over what, if anything, the United States will do. They know they are wearing down the people of this country who are war weary and broke. This is our weakness.

Not with my plan. If they burn a church, we burn five mosques. If they behead a priest or clergyman, we find five clerics or imams and make examples of them...and so forth. For every act of terror they commit, we counter with equally vicious but greater reactions. This is the only action they will understand. This is how we beat them. We horrify them like they've horrified us except more. We beat them down and then keep beating them. I estimate that within two years reports of terrorism will start becoming rare.

We will become bloody. We will initially be scorned (by those who know it's us). We will be successful. They will test our resolve, but once they understand that more of them will die than those whom they attack, their will to fight will gradually fade. They will either disband their cult of death or go into harmless hiding knowing that we will be waiting for them should they feel the need to climb out of their caves.

There is a misconception about peace. Sometimes a brief peace can result from negotiations as we try to find common ground. Peace can be accomplished from a conflict only once it has been resolved. That means there has to be a winner. We have the means to end this endless war, but do we have the will to do what it takes?

We won't need to be a monster for long, but they must know the monster will awaken if need be.

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