It's Hard Being a Black Conservative

By Alan Caruba


“We’re not being governed. We’re being ruled by incompetence.”


It is refreshing to read a book that reflects one’s own views and “Guardian of the Republic” by Allen West, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army for over twenty years and a former, one-term congressman from Florida, who is perhaps best known these days as a Fox News channel contributor. He is a very conservative, articulate black American.


As he points out, “The Left must destroy black conservatives because it cannot afford to have freethinking, independent-minded black Americans. When the Left wins, our community loses. The result of such blind loyalty is that many black voters have come to resemble Vladimir Lenin’s ‘useful idiots.’ They make up an electorate that is completely taken for granted and no one even bothers to listen.”


It is ironic that the first black President will not only be remembered as its worst, but that his failure will reflect on the entire black community in America even while men like West and other blacks of real achievement exist.


For now, it is definitely an uphill struggle for black conservatives, particularly for those in public life. “The mainstream media,” says West, “have a clear tendency to recruit other blacks to denigrate and demean black conservatives” and have “sought to disrespect and deny the existence of black conservatives, but they’re losing the battle and they realize it. The big lie that has resulted in the twenty-first century economic plantation will be exposed and defeated, and our community will be restored.”


I don’t know when I first heard West, but I suspect it was during his run for Congress.  I do recall I was instantly and enormously impressed. He won that race and served from 2011 to 2013 representing Florida’s 22nd District. His race for reelection was a classic case of electoral tampering, misconduct, and political slander by those who wanted to defeat him.


“One of my biggest frustrations and concerns about America (is that) our electorate doesn’t have a clue about who we are or whence we came.” Much of his book is devoted to a mini-history lesson regarding the founders, the Constitution, and the principles that set America on the path to greatness among nations. West holds two masters degrees; one from Kansas State University in political science and the second from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College in military arts and sciences.


He had just over twenty years to practice military arts, but he had set his heart on joining the Army early on, joining the ROTC in college and thereafter being recognized at every stage for his intellect and his leadership skills. He was deployed to Kuwait in 1991 and Iraq in 2003.


West is plain-spoken. He defines our fundamental governing principles as “limited government, fiscal responsibility, a free market, individual sovereignty, a strong national defense, and an understanding that all of man’s freedoms come ultimately from God.”


And then he says, “Measured against our fundamental governing principles, we clearly do not have good government—heck, we suck! We have excessive debt, growing poverty, exploding deficits, an expanding nanny-state, and an anemic economy.”


“The sad thing is,” says West, “there seems to be no reprieve in sight. Why? Because, as a nation, we have become uninterested, uninformed, and disengaged from the truth.”


Throughout his book, West mixes lessons regarding the system the Founders implemented and his fears about the present generations of Americans, given the last two elections. “I fear national-level elections have become nothing more than a version of American Idol,” says West at one point. He concludes his first book saying, “We have to turn off the brain-draining reality TV shows for a few hours and read, think, assess, and challenge ourselves to be better.”


West has had a remarkable life to this point and he could choose to make a lot of money in some corporate position or as an entrepreneur, but he wants to reach out, not just to the black community, but to all Americans because he is worried about where President Obama has taken the nation he loves and wants to see it saved from unimaginable and unconscionable debt.


We need a lot more men like Allen West. The black community needs to pay him and other black conservatives more attention. The rest of us should hope that a change in future administrations will bring his talent to bear on the restoration of America.


© Alan Caruba, 2014

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Comment by Virginia Daly on April 25, 2014 at 3:16am

It has taken me a few days to respond to some of the posts about Allen West.  Yes, I believe Allen West could have made a great president.  However, many of you are forgetting that his actions are not in keeping with the Constitution.  HE WOULD ARREST US AND SEND US TO JAIL INDEFINITELY WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO A SPEEDY TRIAL AND WE COULD BE HELD INDEFINITELY.

  Does that not say something about his character.  If he will not uphold the Constitution on this matter, what else will he do?  Do you think that this will be the only thing.  NO, it will not.  To me, he has shown what he is made of and I cannot support him - not only for me, but for my children and grandchildren.

  For that same reason, I cannot support Marco Rubio.  He is for immigration, and I for one am sick of paying for people who don't work.  The law is the law.  What about the people who came here legally?  What's good for one is good for another.  Yes, I feel sorry for the children, but how many more responsibilities can I take on my shoulders.  You must pay for your own actions and the parents should have thought of that before they did what they did.  This is why we have the Constitution.

So let me get this right - it is OK for some of them to break the laws that you think are OK, but not the laws you say are not OK.  It can't work that way.  That is exactly the reason we are having the mess we are having now.  You don't get to pick or chose.  In this matter, it is all or nothing.  That is the only way we can win.

  The liberals feel the same.  They want to keep the laws that suit them but get rid of the ones that do not.  I SAY NO.  This blog has been very disheartening to hear so many of you support men who do not uphold the Constitution - at least the ones you can put aside because you like the man.  I do to, but not for the price we will have to pay.  I urge you all to think about this.

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on April 24, 2014 at 4:33pm


Comment by Tea Party California Council on April 24, 2014 at 1:45pm

If the chalk white, culturally insulated and suburban unsophisticated ultra conservative type are hinging the lack of leadership credible presence of the Afro Black American conservative, the ad nauseum exclusive repetition of just one intellectually uninspiring individual is a deterrent, not an incentive.  With all due appreciation to Allen West's military service, by higher intellectual standards alien to most ultra conservatives whose main college reference textbook was the bible and television reruns of Leave It to Beaver, his political rhetoric on the national spotlight was embarrassingly unsophisticated, socially backward, oblivious to global reality, and intellectually shallow, much like the rest of political has-beens ending up on Fox Network as the corporate' version of a charitable tax write-off.  If an accredited college political science degreed term paper depended on intelligent sounding and reliable footnotes and historically accurate references, quoting Sarah Palin, Allen West and most others of the anti-intellectual genre of conservatives for pay would obstruct graduating with a college degree outside of a divinity college where opinions and faith matter more than facts.  Until the level of intellectual, social and cultural sophistication is raised to elevate the commonly assumed profile of the Tea Party and Republican conservative, right or wrong, the true intellectually, socially and culturally savvy Afro Black Americans with inclinations toward conservative values and fiscal accountability will not choose to mingle, identify nor lower their integrity of intellectual pursuits with the most visible examples of redneck, cultural naivete, and socially unsophisticated demeanor exemplified publicly by most conservative preachers under the public spotlight. If any political group shows an allergy toward brain enhancing, it is the brain draining prevalent atmosphere perpetuated by the majority of leaderships within the entire GOP and Tea Party.  Those of us still supportive of the GOP and Tea Party causes do so in hopes that the ideals and objectives will attract less inferior caliber of brain power to lead us than what exists currently.  Talk is cheap, but actual delivery of high standards of leadership and integrity seems an elusive grasp for those displaying the most political ambitions. To the usual white rural or suburban redneck who thinks Taco Bell is an exotic dining experience, or detects no difference between Chinese American and Chinese multi ethnic cuisines etc., they will believe Allen West represents the enlightened Black Messiah.  To the rest of us more cosmopolitan culturally diverse and globally more sophisticated Republican conservatives with cultural minority ethnic ties, Allen West cannot even rise above the pants cuffs of Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice who, unfortunately, had to keep their distance from being conservatives or face losing their standing as legitimate distinctive intellectuals with far more refined manner of articulating than Allen West.  Frankly, we should consider ourselves lucky to still claim The honorable Alan Keyes as one of our pillars of conservativism.  We have a right to stick to our fantasy of what defines superior standards, but we should consider selling our political platforms within a scope of reality seen by other voters and taxpayers.  

Gail E. Neira

Comment by Frank Chance Chenoweth on April 23, 2014 at 10:54am


     Lots of folks on both sides of the aisle voted for raising the debt ceiling.  Not my ultimate litmus test.  The Patriot Act has kept us all safe since 9/11.  It may not be perfect, but at least Bush 43 kept us safe after 9/11. 

     Am a hug West supporter.  If he runs in 2016, I would be happy.  Want to see other conservatives interested too.  Need to make sure we elect a good conservative in 2016!

--Frank Nitty

Comment by Clinnon on April 23, 2014 at 10:44am

Ummmm...yes, Allen West is indeed an attractive and articulate man BUT PLEASE REMEMBER HOW HE VOTED WHEN IN OFFICE!

He voted FOR giving $1.5 BILLION away to the Black Pigford "farmers" who complained that they were not given their fair share of ag subsidies (in their minds, having a house plant qualified them to receive free money!)

He voted FOR raising the debt ceiling.

He voted FOR extending the Patriot Act.

He voted FOR the NDAA with it's controversial sections 1021 and 1022 giving the President the power to round up Americans and incarcerate them indefinitely without due process.

So why is this man celebrated as a "conservative black man?" I supported his first campaign in Florida but I was very glad to see him lose his second bid for Congress. He should not be trusted in an public office again.

Comment by Frank Chance Chenoweth on April 23, 2014 at 10:23am


     I definitely would love to see Cruz as President!  I prefer Cruz over Rand; I also like West more than the junior Kentucky senator. 

     My praise of West here was merely in the vein of the article written by Mr. Caruba about the difficult road faced by black conservatives.  It was not my intent to slight anyone else. 

     I think West would have a great cabinet, as would Cruz or Sarah Palin (another potential candidate I prefer over Paul). 

     I like Rand Paul, but am not sold 100% on him.  West, Cruz, and Palin are all 100% right now with me.  The only caveat here is Cruz's "birther" status.   Birther status also clouds Jeff Willis' preferred candidate, Marco Rubio.

     I am extremely appreciative of guys with military service.  So both West and Texas governor Rick Perry are high on my list because of that.

     The "low information voter" doesn't seem to care about past experience, or they would have not elected a Chicago street organizer.  A Reagan-Obama election tiff would provide us with the ultimate in contrasts, wouldn't it!

--Frank Nitty

Comment by Michael J. Larkin on April 23, 2014 at 10:02am

Our government schools graduate sans diploma teens who can neither read, write, nor speak the English language with no hope of ever having a good job, a nice home, a nuclear family with a father in the home and a mother not on drugs. 98 % vote for Obama and other black charlatans like Jackson, Sharpton, Shiela Jackson Lee, et al, who promise more welfare, more dependency, more illiteracy. Meanwhile, black gangs terrorize our cities and destroy viable businesses that provide jobs and taxes. Since 1964, the Democrats have destroyed the black family and any HOPE for CHANGE.    

Comment by Jeff Dover on April 23, 2014 at 9:50am

Frank, are you saying that Cruz (you didn't mention him, but he's certainly talked about in that regard) or Paul don't deserve serious consideration as presidential nominees?

Don't most of us here deserve consideration by merit of how we view the nation and its present situation?  I served in the military for nearly six years and I'm certain that many TPN people served honorably, in one capacity or another and also carry similar views and political outlooks -- not that I view military service as a necessary criterion for the presidency.

I think in choosing a presidential nominee certainly ideological bent is the first consideration.  However, we must also consider "what sort of cabinet would this guy choose?"  "Who does he know and hang out with now?"  We'd need to ask "What has he successfully run and administered in the past?"  Has he ever been elected to anything?"  Reagan had served as governor of the world's seventh largest economy.  The other guys you mentioned proved themselves brilliantly for sure, though in relatively narrow occupations.  I like them too, but I'd have to think hard about "president".

Comment by Frank Chance Chenoweth on April 23, 2014 at 8:14am

Allen West is a great American, a true Patriot in every sense of the word.  He is one of my heroes, up on a pedestal with the likes of George Patton, Douglas MacArthur, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, and Ronaldus Magnus, dear Uncle Ronnie. 


A lot of people hear want to talk names like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, but Mr. West is someones who deserves serious consideration for President or Vice-President in 2016.  Whereas some of these others have chinks in their conservative armor, I see none in West.  I know the bravery he displayed saving his men when he was in the army fighting in the Middle East.  He is a hero.  I would vote for him anytime, anywhere; I would gladly follow him into action anywhere. 


Mine is a special pantheon of heroes--none are more special than Allen West.  I would love to sit in a room with Patton, MacArthur, Liddy, North, and him for a an all-night session of drinking and chewing the proverbial fat . . . !          --Frank Nitty

Comment by Phillipe Edward Violette on April 23, 2014 at 1:33am

obummer has given black Americans a bad name

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