Progressive doesn’t mean improvement although it sounds like it does.

Progressivism is the label for the liberal American version of the old Marxist, Leninist, Maoist communism.  It would take power and property from those who have earned it through personal achievement or inherited it from those who have earned it.  Earning through personal advancement is now described as theft from those who have not advanced themselves through personal effort.

We have gone from “We the People” to the illusion of “Power to the People”.  However, the power goes to the elite, while the people actually share in a smaller pot and become more powerless.

What is the end result of a progressive victory over conservatism and over rights of private property ownership?   One only need look at communist Soviet Union, China, Venezuela, and Cuba.  China’s sudden economic rise comes on the backs of low labor costs which displaced American worker’s once high pay and standard of living.  The Soviet Union’s worker’s paradise was anything but.  Venezuela’s nationalizing private enterprise has led to poverty and deprivation for the masses.   The same is true for China.  Is current Russia’s desire to conquer former republics going to lead to prosperity for those who once lived in a free and democratic Ukraine?  Without the rights of private property, where is the incentive to improve and to get ahead of those not able or willing or of the mindset to work harder?  The mindset of equal pay always leads to lesser productivity and in turn, reducing production and in turn reducing available goods and services, and less food and less energy.  And why are people being indoctrinated to turn against private property, capitalism, God, and morals?  The answer is power.  Through manipulation of education and information and through demonizing what earlier generations believed in and worked for those who are leading the progressive movement are shifting the balance of power to themselves.  If the progressives win out, in the end all, except for the progressive elites, regardless of race, sex, age or political persuasion will suffer.  All will also be vulnerable to other powers, foreign and domestic, who will exploit and capitalize on American’s weakness. Under the guise of redistribution of wealth, of ending man made global climate change, of becoming more fair in minority affairs including opening our borders the progressive leaders are increasing their grip on power.  Money eventually comes to those in power. For the rest, they will have to accept that less is more and that black can sometimes be white.

How have the progressives succeeded in coming to power?  Progressives like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both devotees of Saul Alinsky and practiced his formula for their personal ascension to power.   Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals laid out the blueprint for the successful methods to redirect public opinion of capitalism, corporatism, the role of religion in traditional values regarding family, sexuality, charity, and personal obligation to family, self and neighbor.  Accusations of racism were used indiscriminately not to end racism but to discredit opposing thought to progressive agenda and methods.  Envy, instead of having been regarded as a vice is now the righteous justification of entitlement. Social Justice is the new justification for envy.  Morals are now taught as intolerance. Private property is portrayed as stolen goods.  Lying and cheating is greeted with indifference.  Theft is accepted as long as its victim is a perceived wealthy person, corporation, or government entity.  Accusations are accepted without proof or question. 

In the end I believe we could all live without further improvements to medicine, phones, and entertainment devices.  We could accept a much diminished standard of living.  However, being directed by government entities on how and where I can work and live, what I can keep for myself,prevention of the ability to protect myself and family from neighbor and government is not progress for America.  The failed policies of Marx, Lenin, Mao, Chavez, Castro, even though re-invented and re-branded as Progressivism can never lead to a utopian civilization.  In discarding the Declaration of Independence, need we also throw out the right of the people to be happy?  Under communism the people are far from happy although over the years they accept what they have.  Is this what the people want for themselves and their children?

To prevent Progressive theft of our future take an active role in learning about the founding of America. Become knowledgeable about politicians who promote the progressive agenda with more government control over you.  These politicians can be Republicans or more usually Democrats.  Look to men and women who cherish what has made this country great rather than trying to remake it into something that has been shown over again to lead unhappiness for the masses.  Just because it is new or labeled Progressive does not make it an improvement.  Take the best of what has been done before in making our country exceptional from all other forms of government and adapt it to make it better.  Keep in mind the words, all men (and women, of course) are created equal does not mean we all have equal talents, desires and ability.  It certainly does not mean that government should ensure we all wind up with equal things.  

Communism led to war and revolution, to starvation, to deprivation, to theft, to displacement, to envy and hatred, to corruption and to mass murder and executions.  New versions such as progressivism despite an improved public relations spin do not hold promise for a better tomorrow.   Inequality corrected leads to less for all.  That does not equal any improvement or progress, only something different and bad.  

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Comment by John Palmer on August 13, 2014 at 3:37pm

A friend sent this link to me after reading my blog post on progressivism.   It gives a bit of history on the takeover of the Democratic Party by the Maoist Progressives:


It is a worthwhile read

Comment by Jesse Ray on August 11, 2014 at 7:56am

A hint of what D.B.S.? That you are not capable of having an adult conversation? I guess so. I gave you information about taxes you could look at to see if it fits your view of the world. What do you see buddy? Try to open your mind instead of just calling people names and claiming that anything that does not agree with you must be the result of drinking Kool-aid. But maybe you like being used and manipulated by elites who know how to push your very paranoid and resentful buttons?

Comment by D.B.S. on August 10, 2014 at 10:42pm


That's what is called a 'subtle hint.

Comment by D.B.S. on August 10, 2014 at 10:42pm


It's difficult to get through to people that drink too much Kool-Aid.

Comment by Diogenes on August 10, 2014 at 6:27pm

DBS and whatever road, let him take his alone.

Comment by Jesse Ray on August 10, 2014 at 8:13am

Let me ask you something D.B.S. If you paint your bicycle but your landlord takes it to sell and pocket what he gets...is that not taking something from you that you earned?  And yet, that is exactly what happens when owners of capital make profit from the sweat of their workers. The point is that those who work for others also deserve to benefit from what is produced...and not just their bosses. As long as we are going to leave capitalism alone, they can only do that if government taxes the bosses and if they can organize into unions. What other magical way do you have for it to happen? Nowhere on this planet or in history has another alternative presented itself except to destroy capitalism...and that is something neither you nor I, nor progressives, want.

You are correct to say that one reason for our nation's prosperity and the middle class gains of the 1950s came from the fact that we produced and consumed so much.  We also produced for ourselves mostly and consumed most of what we produced.  Americans who were not bosses were able to consume those products because taxation made possible unemployment insurance and social security.  Government policies, like mortgage deductions and property exemptions also made it possible for the lower classes to buy homes and move to the suburbs.  And unions were able to keep workers wages rising to meet the cost of living.  Thus, it was because of taxation and unions that the lower classes were able to increase their standard of living and become "Middle Class."  In addition, global production and consumption was not a big factor in our economy then.  It is now.  This means that producers found that they can take their factories to where labor was trained but cheaper.  They started doing that by setting up shop in southern U.S. states during the 1950s and then began to take their factories abroad to other countries during the 1970s.  They went to the south and abroad, not because of taxes (federal taxes don't change by moving to the south), but because labor was cheaper.  And they are still doing it. Now that companies have discovered a tax loophole called "inversion", they are busy renouncing U.S. citizenship to establish headquarters in a foreign country, escape paying U.S. taxes, while still benefiting from U.S. government programs and protections.

As for the tax rate, it was in the 90s percent rate for the upper brackets during the 1950s, the Golden Age of middle class growth.  That is a fact.  Take a look at this from the conservative Tax Foundation. BTW, I don't think you are a dummy just because you disagree with me. I want you not just to have a good day D.B.S., but to have a good life.  As long as we can't see history accurately, neither of us will.


Comment by D.B.S. on August 9, 2014 at 11:13pm

Almost forgot.... Have a nice day Jessie.

Comment by D.B.S. on August 9, 2014 at 11:11pm

Jessie Ray...

John Palmer get's his article in high gear, and correct, starting at the second paragraph, some of which I have copied below

"Progressivism is the label for the liberal American version of the old Marxist, Leninist, Maoist communism.  It would take power and property from those who have earned it through personal achievement or inherited it from those who have earned it...."

Secondly, Teddy Roosevelt was not a 'progressive', and you are confused about why the middle-class grew during the 45' to 75' period. They didn't prosper because of sky high income taxes (I've seen some crazy comments on non-Tea Party sites 'similar' to what you wrote, but you take it to another level) Only the government prospers with sky high income taxes. The middle class grew during that period because the United States used to make lot's and lot's of stuff. Manufacturing in this country made the middle class. Wages were not too bad during these times compared to cost-of-living, but the ever increasing income tax burden saw the middle class getting choked-off in the 70's. Then to add to the pain, Corporate Taxes were also getting out of hand so the glue of the middle class... 'manufacturing' started looking for ways to save money and maximize profits so they looked outside the USA.... started to melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West. Fortunately Ronald Reagan came along and enacted some policies that helped the ever shrinking middle-class, but after he was out of office and more and more Left leaning Dems came to power they firmly planted

I'm suspicious of your sources of information because they sound exactly like the Commie version of American economics taught by an avowed 'Socialist' Professor (a Cambridge throw-away) that I had the mis-fortune of getting many years ago. Anyway... The biggest problem you have with your argument is that you completely leave out the social aspect of American politics as if it doesn't even exists, you know, it's whats referred to as 'Economic Justice'... you only want to talk about economies

And finally, my first posting on this subject pretty much sums it up as far as you are concerned. I wrote: "Some would argue against what I wrote, but that's because their actions and beliefs support the Communists in America... and they are too dumb to see it!" And that realistically expresses how I feel about you and your Leftist dribble. 

Comment by Jesse Ray on August 9, 2014 at 7:59pm

D.B.S. I am talking about present day China...It's economy is capitalist.  It is privately run and has barely no government regulation. That is why there is so much danger involved with so many of their food stuffs and products. And it is stupid to call something by something else just because you don't like it.  The progressives, starting with Teddy Roosevelt, introduced many necessary policies, including income taxation.  And the period of middle class growth was during the height of the progressive period, from 1945 to about 1975.  Taxes were sky high during that period.  And that is why, along with unions, that the middle class grew.  That is history.  Something you should learn something about before you say I am full of sh*t. You don't even have that amount of matter in your brain!

Comment by D.B.S. on August 8, 2014 at 8:32pm

Jessie Ray...

You are full of sh*t. You also damn well know that we are talking about 'Modern-Day Progressives' that are the same as the Old Fashion Re-Born Commies. Please refrain from playing games!

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