David Lawrence



Is Obama Ever Right?


The Moslem Brotherhood supports anti-western culture.  During the Egyptian Revolution, Obama said that the Moslem Brotherhood would never come to power. 


What?  Never come to power?  Is Obama ever right?


A leader who encourages the overthrow of an ally must be on the side of the enemies or he must be confused.  


How many times must Obama be wrong for the rest of us to be right? He has become the frosting on the cake of stupidity.  Remember that he backed the overthrow of Mubarak when Mubarak was our ally?  He did it in the name of democracy.   A leader who encourages the overthrow of an ally must be on the side of the enemies or he must be confused.


Now his replacement Mohamed Morsi has taken on dictatorial rights.  Wrong again, Obama.  Isn’t winning a value taught at Harvard or do they just teach losing and apologizing?  Obama  would be better off spending some time with Charlie Sheen and learning “wining” not losing to our enemies. Wouldn’t it be nice to be right for once?


Back when Obama made his Cairo speech he announced a “new beginning.”  Yup, he’s the man for new beginnings, change and moving forward.  Only everything he does is wrong.  He doesn’t lead from behind; he just keeps putting us behind.


Failure is grabbing onto huge concepts like Obamacare and pragmatically destroying our values by pushing through a gigantic bureaucratic intrusion without figuring out how to implement it or what its net results will be.   


Obama is using Christopher Stevens body as a toboggan in the sand.  He is taking us downhill as he pretends that he has not supported the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists. He supported a revolution against our crazy friend Gadhafi without Congress’s approval.


Obama is a man who promotes peace.  Only under his guidance peace turns to violence and slides back to death.


When Morsi came to power Hilary Clinton met with him and promised him “strong support.”  Wasn’t that against our interest?  Is our naïve government so in favor of democracy that they encourage revolution and turning countries against us just to support the utopian concept of failed democracy?


Why would we prefer a democracy in Egypt that is against us to a government that supports us?  Morsi has said, “The Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader, jihad is our path and death in the name of Allah is our goal.”


I guess Morsi is living up to his word about death in the name of Allah. The Islamists in Libya sure think so.  Just ask Chris Stevens.  Oh no, that’s right, he is dead. His corpse is the result of promoting democracy where it is impossible.


Promoting democracy in totalitarian states is like promoting windmills and solar panels in place of gas and oil. When are our leaders going to look at things as they are rather than what they wish-upon-a-star will become?




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