Is it not time we remove the ‘GET SOMETHING DONE CLAUSE’ from whatever legislation it resides in our nation’s government?

For some incomprehensible and irrational reason, the press is on some continuum of asking the one who it is self-evident by his time in office is the most unimaginable destructive and nihilistic elected official known in the annals of man’s empirical history, how he is going to get things done.

The lead in to the obvious question – are you going to use executive orders, bypass the constitutional constraints of our form of government, and dismiss the congress all together – to get things done by yourself?

With the facts that every action, either presidential executive unilateral decision, the legislation advocated by the Democratic Political party, the bills passed and signed with the complicity of the disgraceful Republic Party, the unilateral legislation created – in complete disregard to the design of our nation’s government – and applied without government knowledge or acceptance, has been utter devastation to this nation today and tomorrow; is there anyone wanting anything done?

Is not the simple acceptance that government – in our form of government with so many enumerations and restrictions of what its duties are – is complying with this prerequisite that they have any duty to get anything done?

This cash of concepts has existed before this nation began. The imperialistic concepts of government, the Alexander Hamilton idea that all we need to do is recreate –with our own leadership – that which existed in the theatre of European politics. The diametric opposite of what the low commoner, those who built this nation, not the government, felt was important. What did those unwashed, those uneducated, and those who did not expect, nor even want the intrusion of the government in their lives? Simple, government preserves the nation, preserve the culture of the ethnicity of this nation, and preserve the environment of opportunity for all. Perhaps it was because it is so simple – requiring that the government has little to do – that there is nothing to get done, only insure that what is, is preserved – as it is all that is authorized.

Evaluating the genesis of this nation’s errors there is one thing that jumps out as the reason there are so many problems in this nation. That Alexander Hamilton’s grandiosity was beyond comprehension looks so innocent when compared to today. Today we have a leader with some illusion of being grandiose that it makes the self-centered  narcissistic need some assistance, perhaps to be a hallucination requiring external stimulus, to imagine such irrational results.

Get something done. Think of that question. What is the measurement and who makes it? Would that not be the initial question that should be resolved? Should we – individually – not  make our own decisions of what by the simple philosophic standards of our society, the design of our form of government, the empirical history of what is and what is not successful identifiable by past history, and for those with reason and thought, not come to some conclusion based on such for an opinion?

What do we know from history? To break it down to the simplest of timelines here is the known results. When government is intrusive, the liberty of society is reduced, resulting in the reduction of economic activity and wealth creation.         

Inversely when the government is the least intrusive as possible, then the liberty of society is unleashed, allowing the greatest expansion of enterprise to flourish.

This nation’s own history is the greatest proof. Those times the government is kept as limited in the intrusiveness they can create, our society flourishes. Again Warren Harding, dealing with the depression unknown or unrecognized, as it was cured without any long lasting distortion and destruction of our society, resulted in the greatest expansion and advancement of personal opportunity and wealth ever in this nation. The facts exist, the facts are what they are, the reality is reality, and it cannot be refuted or in any way rejected.

Inversely we as a nation also have the facts to confirm that government intrusion does, and has done more to destroy, corrupt and limit this nation’s –not only personal liberty – economic wonder and enterprise.

When is the example? Here are the facts, the reality, and the empirical knowledge that anyone can access and confirm by themselves. The greatest destruction of this nation occurred during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt. The history in this nation has been so distorted that many have the illusion, the fallacy that government created this and that resulting in us getting out or the great depression. Yet, when one takes the time to confirm the facts, not just the propaganda of the journalistic renderings of absolute distortion, we are inundated that it was the government policies that saved this nation. For those who are so challenged with reality – and perhaps literacy – here is a great place to start. Read the congressional testimony of the man – who did not believe in Keynesian communist monetary and fiscal policy, but enforced it, as it was Roosevelt’s desires – before congress on economic reality.

The secretary of the treasury Henry Morgenthau, Jr evaluation during the 1937 "Depression within the Depression" – which is identical to the current scenario occurring presently in this nation …hidden by monetary debauchery … of the insanity of Keynesian policy – ‘We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong … somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises. … I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot.’ Do not these same words echo with the reality we are currently experiencing?

Morgenthau from the experience also made this simple observation, ‘We want to see private business expand. … We believe that one of the most important ways of achieving these ends at this time is to continue progress toward a balance of the federal budget.’

If it is not obvious – these two positions – are diametric opposite in positions dealing with the same observed scenario. Precisely that there is a depression and it would be wonderful if something could be done to eliminate the situation.

Is this not the same scenario occurring today? Except, there is no opposition to the central planning of monetary debaucher, the destruction of our engine of enterprise, and the interference of government central planning, intruding, dictating, coercing, legislating, and every other possible identifier that can be of government not presently occurring – under the administration, and both political parties – in this nation?

The problem of today, there is no enterprise in this nation! Is that harsh, you decide. Today name a startup company that is not in some way to do so not contriving to gain government relief? If it is not the crony capitalism of the insanity of the – choice of false ideology, such as electric cars and global warming – it is the reduction of taxation, while all of the societal costs of all, and are placed on the society, while removed from the business. Can it not be the absolute travesty of the communist increase taxation – under the guise of insurance for health care, a complete lie, and distortion – that the medical mess has created. Never for anything to do with health care, but is and was designed to increase tax revenue exponentially.

Every American should realize that the central planning that is our nation currently has nothing that even resembles what our designs – intent – was to be. The clash of George Mason, Patrick Henry, and the totalitarianism of what they observed so clearly in the danger of the constitution advocated by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and by acquiescence even George Washington are not unknown. If one but studies, learns, or conducts the slightest of research – every warning and reason – that those who objected said would happen … has occurred.

The clash of government is an entity of our totalitarian sovereignty of control with a proven track record of abject failure is not our future, it is not our past, and it certainly is not today or any time our salvation.

It is the exact opposite, that simple fact, that the excelsior of liberty is now, and has always been man’s greatest motivation. It is man’s greatest achievement of his existence. In all societies, of all men, known throughout the history of mankind, central planning – no matter how it is applied – is, and always has been failure. For it is impossible to have any other possible alternative. It is he wonder of man’s creativity, man’s strife to make his world, his family’s world, and the society he lives in more civilized, to create firm stability of society. Is it not the choice of man, to advance a culture built on the history of man since the beginnings of man’s literacy – identifying what works and what does not work -- that is the goal. It is this goal – requiring not the expansion of government ‘get something done’ –to reduce the mistakes of the past. The only way possible, is to shrink government, reduce the government intrusion into society, and most importantly, we must retire this attitude that government must ‘get something done!’    

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Comment by Paul M Yoder on August 14, 2014 at 2:11pm

Any 'law' that is un-Constitutional is NOT a law, but is illegal on its face. Our government has gone so far outside the scope of its Constitutionally allocated powers that IT is in fact illegal.

Much of the 'must get something done' mentality in our government steps FAR outside the legal scope of Constitutional government of this Republic. The immorality of 'fair share' taxation and redistribution MUST be stopped, as it only rewards non-productive people for being non-productive. In addition, our government is NOT performing its mandated duties, also in violation of the Constitution and laws that have been passed to facilitate enforcement of the Constitution.

"Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue. When ... you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing...when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice—you may know that your society is doomed." Ayn Rand

Comment by Pamela Harper on August 10, 2014 at 8:17am

John, I am not a psychiatrist either but we all know that O didn't have the qualifications to hold the office of POTUS. At the risk of sounding racist, O was elected because of his skin color. He knew he wouldn't have to act, sound, or pretend to be the POTUS......he has the media in his pocket & obviously had gullible voters believing all of his lies. I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear how O laughs at the American sheeple while he continues to live like royalty on our dime. O doesn't give a damn about America or her people!! He's just riding out what's left of his term......he didn't realize that there would really be any work involved w/the title he holds. The work pisses him off & you can forget about him solving any challenges. HE IS NOT QUALIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by John Bellaire on August 10, 2014 at 2:51am

I do not understand Obama. I am not a psychiatrist. I wonder if he were given an honest psychiatric evaluation what the results may be. He has achieved the highest political office in the land which ought to make any mamma proud. That is not good enough for Obama. He wants to boss everybody or else. He does not seem to care that his job is done well and in the interest of the people he represents. With the middle east coming apart at the seams, the economy spiraling downward, there is war and mass executions in the world, our border with Mexico is overrun by illegal immigrants from about everywhere, and it seems another new story of government corruption is on the tv almost every day, Obama seems oblivious to it all.. Rather than trying to stop the insanity, he plans another vacation or fun event, or makes some small ineffective token effort to appear he is working on the problems.. His popularity poll numbers in both parties are down almost to the point where water freezes, and the Congress is already in the teens. Respect for the president among nations of the world is likely closer to zero. That seems to be no problem to Obama. I wonder if the majority of responsible Americans really want to put up with the crap for another year and a half, or would they take the chance that anybody could do the job better than Obama, change up a lot of faces in the Congress and department heads, and do it much sooner.

Comment by Richard E. Nygaard on August 9, 2014 at 7:37pm

While easily said, it is not so easily done for since those halcyon days of yore, we have grown less intelligent, more dependent upon government and indeed even delusional to the point that we believe we are so exceptional that our laws do not really need to be obeyed. Besides we have bastardized them to the point that they most often do more harm than good and do not ever seem to solve the problem our so-called elected representatives planned for them....ie so many unintended consequences.  Indeed it is time.  Way past time to undo this great experiment and try again with a few safeguards to ensure that never again will a Senator, Congressman, or elected official of any stripe sell his or her vote for a few dollars more.  Never again will a public made up of a free people in our free society use our generosity to lure hoards from lesser worlds to our own to freely and without any accountability acquire what we ourselves cannot and do not routinely receive without our own blood sweat and tears. Think about it you who would allow open borders for all with no restrictions whatsoever.  Think about it Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of you idiots that were not here when God handed out intelligence to the rest of us.

Comment by Richard E. Nygaard on August 9, 2014 at 7:27pm

While what you say is not only correct but very difficult for the average person (I am one) to absorb all at once given the syntax utilized to fully understand, the bottom line is really we need to scrap our current Congress, our current administration, our current State and local governments and go back to square one , the Constitution of the United States of America and literally and figuratively interpret it as it is actually written and stop the BS by the so-called Constitutional Scholars that it is a living document.  It is not, it means exactly what it says nothing more, nothing less.  Government has but those functions given to it by the people, We The People if you recall, and We The People have been remiss in seeing to it that it stays that way. We have the means and I now believe the motivation to make it happen if we could but find a few good men to ensure that it does.  Sadly, those few wear our country's uniform and are handcuffed they feel by our own Constitution.  But there are a few precedents in that once in a while a little blood must be spilled to refresh our original intent and that of our founders if we all are to remain free.  That said, who indeed will be the first to Bell the Cat?

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on August 9, 2014 at 7:03pm


Comment by Steve Merkel on August 9, 2014 at 6:24pm

To retire the attitude we must retire the politicians who do the deeds. Can it be done? Not easily. Too many of us and those we elect are no longer the moral and religious people that John Adams said the Constitution was only fit for.

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