1) Identify at least 20 sponsors of prime time media programs and major print media outlets.
2) Google their brand names and get contact info.
3) Call or write(no email) and politely explain that their ad dollars are supporting liberal media that is supporting the socialist administration in Washington. Remind them that in the last century IST governments killed over 100 million people and ruined their economies in pursuit of these consistently failing agendas. Therefore you will have to save every dime to pay for coming tax hikes and will only be buying generic products and large purchases must be put off or eliminated ( you must then actually do this so sales will drop).

Bill O'Rielly named a major company that was doing business with Iran and they called Fox News the next day and said they would stop immediately. Companies are very protective of their brand names.

Washington received over 100,000 calls per hour for days just before THE HC VOTE. If companies received 100,000 per week about this they would pay attention.

Now for the shortcut. The U.S. chamber of commerce (not a gov't agency)
will spend $200 million to defeat dems in November. This is far more than in 08.
let's give them an additional job.
4) Call or write the Chamber; ask them to relay your fears to their members (remember the part about cutbacks in your spending)
5) Be very polite and thank them for their time. The Chamber can reach thousands of members with a single email.
6) For this to work the Chamber must receive thousands of calls or letters
all summer to weaken the liberal media.
7) We don't have to wait for November; pass this on to every conservative
blog, to twitter,facebook, etc, etc.
8) Never, never, never give up. Never never vote for an incumbent!

www.uschamber.com/about/contact/default ;

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