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I’m Rootin For Putin


I’m rootin for Putin because a man is not a woman unless he is Obama. A soft heart and a gentle brain make for self-conquest. I’d rather have a president who is an expert at judo than one who shoots hoops. 


Obama is weak.  Putin is strong.  Weakness is the lure that makes strength aggressive. If Obama were Regan, Putin wouldn’t be Putin.


I’d rather have a President who does not embrace homosexuality as an emblem of liberal empathy than one who pushes same sex marriage. I’m not alone in this.  I just have the courage to admit it.


Obama thinks that the Cold War is over while he breaks out the snow blower of his weakness and freezes Europe up again.


The Cold War has returned.  Obama yearns for peace but leaves cold corpses wherever he goes. People falling from the sky over the Ukraine.  Obama’s speeches of peace are all in vain.  Enticement to bloodshed are the lame imprint of his utopian orations.   We die.  He doesn’t cry.  He speechfies.


When Obama grabbed the bridle of America he threw our exceptionalism out of the saddlebags and promised we wouldn’t be bullies.  He never understood that without bullies of peace there are cowardly thugs who take over the playground.


Krautheimer has said that Obama’s peaceful thoughts are “the kind of sentiment you expect from a Miss America contestant asked to name her fondest wish, not from the leader of the free world explaining his foreign policy.”


Obama believes that Putin wants to rise above the Cold War.  I suppose that’s why he made us look like fools in Syria, took over our space program and was involved in the killing of innocents on a Malaysian jet.


 Obama has said “that Russia is nothing but “a regional power” acting “out of weakness.” Nice talk for someone who is stripping our military of equipment and troops, abandoning weapons in Eastern Europe.  Weakness thine name is Obama.


Obama draws red lines which he claims our foes will not cross.  They do and he does nothing.  The greatest invitation to attack is one of Obama’s girlish red lines. He, Valerie Jarret and Joe Biden are doing the can-can.  Flipping their bloomers at our enemies.


Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines feel abandoned by Obama when it comes to China. No one is afraid of him.  The Middle East can’t count on a red line to save them from Iran.


Obama refers to international law when there is no international law observed.  He mentions the United Nations isn’t a sham but a powerful force for righteousness.  Isn’t the United Nations responsible for rapes in Africa?  Maybe Bill Clinton would like a job there?   


On the domestic side--Obama has said that we can keep our health plans and they shouldn’t cost us more.  He doesn’t have a clue.  We will die in the library with Colonel Mustard. We won’t find a cure in the regulatory paperwork.  It is all a game to an inexperienced ideologue who throws dice on a board.


The shame of having voted for Obama will end in the embarrassment of death.  I blush.  I will die. My children will be skulls at my side.  Will he apologize?  Of course, he will apologize.  His life is an apology.


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Comment by David Lawrence on July 31, 2014 at 12:55pm

I like it.  It's mine.  I'm as conceited as Obama.

Comment by Paul Szemanczky on July 30, 2014 at 4:24pm

I respect Putin too; he ignores the inhuman clamour of the weak-kneed idiots all over the World. If he dropped a nuc- on DC it would surely eliminate at least half the rotten press corp that supports the Muslim Brotherhood of America. It would evaporate all the useless polticians and make room for some new blood. It would really free us of the unlimited agony we've endured for nearly a decade; the filth of politics would be gone; and I would bless the Russians for that much. The zeal of the prayers of the Third Party patriots would be answered in the short run, and the gravity of the days ahead of this nation wouldn't look so dour. If we can't get him to nuke DC, then maybe we could all PAY Putin to just usurp us. I'd rather be inside a Russian jellyfish than a stiffly clasped inside an anti-Christ Muslim commie.

Comment by david chaney on July 30, 2014 at 9:30am

Obama's picking fights with Putin because Obama doesn't want to face up to failing policies.  His administration is using accounting tricks to hide the deficit and releasing phony GDP numbers to hide the fact that the economy hasn't grown in 7 months and all the money printing is resulting in 4% inflation during the second quarter - and that's the inflation they admit to.

Since Obama can't deliver results to his gang, he lies and picks a fight with a rival gang - in this case it's Russia.  Is this how things work in South Chicago?

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