David Lawrence


I’m Not Afraid of Blacks


I have no trouble criticizing blacks.  Why should I?  I’m not afraid of them.  They are people, people, people. I’m not like Ellen DeGeneres praying for “Twelve Years a Slave" to win the Academy Award.


I am not gay, not like Ellen.  I do not feel in opposition to the cultural and historical mainstream. I am a white male, the group everyone is jealous of except ourselves who exult in self-criticism.


I am not phobic.  I am not afraid of blacks. I have fought many of them in the ring and I have never noticed that they are black.  They are something larger than their color. King wanted to be judged by the content of his character.  He wouldn’t have liked Hollywood’s celebration of color.  He wouldn’t have given a simplistic film like “Twelve Years a Slave” an Academy Award for being clichéd.


Blacks and whites, boxers, we judge each other by how we take punches. I do not fight with gays.  I am not homophobic.  I am not afraid. They are just playing a different game.  The blacks I know resent  comparisons of gays and  themselves with the civil rights movement.  Blacks are not perverted.  They have been selected against unfairly.  The good ones.  The ones who are pleasantly and industriously  black.


Blacks are sometimes my opponents.  They can hurt me and I can hurt them.  What do I care about the color of the skin when a red glove breaks my nose? 


I am Clarabelle.  I am a clown.  I am tripping over my own shoes. We are in a dance of pain and dominance.  We are brothers. We are equals or I am less or more.  We are out there, in orbit, punching each other while we circle the wussy liberal ideas of the whites and the resentful flying high braggadocio of the blacks.


We are different but we are one in our rush to prove that we are tougher than tough and looking for camaraderie at the end of the bout.  I am a Jew, a Jew, a Jew.  But I don’t think that our mistreatment by the Nazis makes it necessary to turn me progressively kind to angry strangers. 


I have no reason to befriend all my enemies as a contrast to the Germans who tortured my people.  My kindness will not bring back the dead or turn curdled feelings into the milk of human kindness. Liberalism is a failure of courage. It is the inability to hate your enemies, to love your friends.  It is the decay of family and the broken back in a mountain of perversion. 


Values are the walls you build around too easy acceptance.  If I love blacks I cannot see their single mothers and their high crime rate without resenting their failures and saying, “There but for the grace of God go I,” regardless of pigmentation.


The ref raises your hand, raises mine.  It doesn’t matter.  We are both there for the communion.  We see God in a detached retina. We eat his body in our blood not in the ideology of his failed rabbis and priests. I do not know what guilt means.  I suppose it is absorbing another person’s antagonism.  It is wrong.  I don’t feel it.  Accepting your enemy is failing your friend.


I walk through the valley of strangers and criticize the faces that don’t agree with me regardless of color. Political correctness is praising the black murderers on death row.  Wanting to give them another chance no matter their killing disposition.  Failing to find justice for the victims.  Failing to do what must be done to save the black race from self-destruction.


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Comment by Dennis OBrien on March 10, 2014 at 12:39am

Juan Williams confuses me. Once in a while he comes out with a great statement (the Condie Rice one) but most of the time he's spouting "sharptonesque" drivel. Deep down inside he KNOWS what is right. He just wants to placate the lefties. Meanwhile, Mr. Lawrence hits one out of the park. I can  relate his work to my USMC experience. In bootcamp we quickly learned  we were all "green". That carried on for the rest of our experiences there and in later life. There are millions of interracial actions performed daily during the progression of a normal day.To listen to the lefties and the race hustlers bleat, you'd think that we did nothing but fight in the street all day. When the chips are down, there will always be the melding of the diverse people in this country. THAT is when our enemies and the conmen will really learn who and what we're all about.

Comment by David Lawrence on March 6, 2014 at 3:42pm

Dennis, well-said.

Comment by Dennis L on March 6, 2014 at 12:39pm

The liberals groom white Americans to be afraid of black people. They embrace and glorify the poor inner city people but reject the successful educated accomplished black citizens.

 Successful blacks threaten the liberal agenda.The liberals HATE conservative black people . Take Condoleeza Rice who the Rutgers University faculty has objected to her speaking at their graduation commencement.

If I may quote Juan Williams "Rice is smart, disciplined, hard-working and the model of an inspiring modern American. She personifies the American Dream. She is living inspiration for a young person trying to accomplish great work no matter what the barriers. And in Rice’s generation there were some serious barriers starting with her race and genders generation there were some serious barriers starting with her race and gender."

 Ms Rice rose from the segregation of the old South to success that very few of us will achieve. Even as a PhD she is hated by liberals because she refuses to lick their boots and accept the dependency agenda. She is hated by liberals because she is a conservative. Such is the hypocrisy of the liberal. As long as blacks achieve, it's fine to hate blacks...and they call conservatives bigoted?????

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