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It seems that scant weeks pass in this country without another mass shooting, or at least an attempted mass shooting is prevented, and the liberal media quickly jumps on the gun control bandwagon, making it seem that guns are the cause of these shootings. The media never actually addresses the root causes, nor asks why the number of such incidents is rising at this particular historical moment. Guns have always been available, after all. No, something else is happening here. There has been some sort of sea change in our culture that has made these types of crimes flourish. What could that be?

Here is an article by Dr. Joseph Frascino about the rise in numbers of mass shootings that have occured in recent years - particularly during the Obama era. Frascino rightly attributes it to cultural changes. According to Frascino:


"In the wake of the "New Left" movement of the 60s we have evolved from a nation of social commitment to nuclear family, community, and faith to one of self-immersion, anonymity, and unaccountability. Behavioral restraints once provided by strong civil institutions have been weakened. Shared value sets of the past have given way to personal gratification and self-indulgence. These changes are embraced by progressive elements which seek to destablize civilsociety in favor of statism and government dependency

End Excerpt.

And right he is; we have systematically dismantled the bonds of society in favor of the isolation of unrestricted behavior, of "no limits", what the Left thinks is freedom. Freedom to the Left is the right to act in any way one chooses within the guardrails of their power. Social services and law enforcement exist to provide those guardrails, and within that framework the individual is as a god unto himself, choosing what to be, how to live, etc. Want to be a girl today? Fine, dress up and you can use the girls' restrooms. Want to marry another man? Fine. Want to indulge your anger? Go on, play the knockout game, and we'll ignore it.

You can choose what to be but not what to think, or what to believe.

The liberal vision of freedom inevitably leads to isolation for the individual, who is trapped inside of a cold steel collective, a stranger in a large overbearing crowd.

See the Left does not offer freedom. The goal of the Progressives was and is the creation of gestalt, a society that works like a machine, with the individual parts (and those parts are viewed with contempt by the intelligentsia) having no freedom to think, to question, to develop as individuals. Instead, conformity to new social conventions is obligatory, and the individual is straitjacketed into this glittering plastic paradise. They are free to behave in whatever fashion they choose, be it indulging in whatever animalistic whim they wish, but they cannot indulge their higher, God given freedoms.

And so the animal nature is the only aspect the young can express. Animals kill other animals in a state of pure nature....

Dr. Frascino also points out that the new technology - immersion video games and the like - blur the lines between reality and fantasy, and he has a point there as well. The younger generation has a hard time dealing with reality because so few of them have ever really faced it. This was a common problem for the very rich in bygone times; a broken fingernail was a real crisis to an uber-rich heiress in the olden days. Now, because everyone is essentially filthy rich in America, the affluent problem has expanded to the general public. And affluence has always led to a certain amount of anomie, to a dulling of the spirit. Life to the rich is dull, because there is no sense of accomplishment. The video game society can be seen as virtual wealth, a chance to experience things you would never have the opportunity to experience otherwise. And like the very wealthy who often play so hard they kill themselves (how many from the Kennedy family have died in leisure activity?) so too the virtual world is dulling the ability of the young to experience reality. Too much of a good thing and you become numbed, needing ever more.

Why not seek the thrill of actual killing? The virtual kind grows pale after awhile.

And Progressives have been right there all along, teaching children that reality is plastic and mutable, that one person's reality is not the same as another person's and so we cannot speak with authority on any moral topic. Children have been forced to reinvent the wheel in matters of morality and interpersonal relationships, with their "teachers" refusing to impart past wisdom to light their way. Nonjudgementalism has made it appear there are no standards at all except purely arbitrary ones, and so the youths descend to the most basic of of core "programming" - they follow the instinctual impulses of their Limbic systems. "If it feels good do it" was a common saying in the '70's, and that was an appeal to embracing these primal urges. Is it any wonder that our children are 86'ing each-other? It may be an heinous act to society, but who are we to judge?

I do think Dr. Frascino misses one very important element here; the 24 hour news cycle, coupled with Facebook and other social media, has created a culture obsessed with fame and celebrity. So many of our youths today are desperate for attention, because they see a person's worth being intimately entwined with fame. Before the Left went to work on our culture a person's self worth was measured against how pleasing he or she was to God, how well he or she served their fellow citizens, how true they were to themselves, their families, and their God. How loyal to friends. Now it is all about fame and celebrity - and it does not matter why one is famous or celebrated (or, the flip side, notorious). In fact, the hip-hop culture has made notoriety even "cooler" than fame in many ways. How many young people dream of being gangsta rappers because it's "cool"?

So endless media reporting on every shooting leads others to copycat.

In 356 B.C. a Greek named Herostratus burned down the temple of Artemis in Ephesus solely for the fame it would bring him (and people remember his name to this day.) This at a time without television, without the internet, without radio, or even newspapers. Fame has a powerful allure.

And let us not forget the over-prescribing of drugs to our children. Too many young people have been on some sort of mind-altering medication for most of their lives; is it any wonder if some (like Adam Lanza) lose all touch with reality?

Sadly, the mass shootings represent a troubling falling away from reality by the American People themselves. The rise in such shootings is no coincidence in the era of Barack Obama.

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Comment by Gail Cohen on January 15, 2014 at 9:22pm

A lot of men give in to their lusts - but they would not get away with it (of course there is rape) - but in normal interactions between men and women - women can say NO - I there are exceptions I suppose - but before the pill and the radical feminists - unmarried women who said NO to illicit sexual relations were more valued than today. Instead of holding men to a higher standard the same as women - women became like men in having multiple partners - as women became promiscuous (or what was used to have been thought promiscuous) - you get more single mothers - and no full time fathers (the old adage why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?) may sound crude but it is true. Then you get "gay liberation" which has morphed into you had better think that the lifestyle is wonderful or get penalized. Now polygamy is getting legal backing - and why not? If a kid can have 2 mothers or 2 fathers why not one mother and a bunch of half-mothers? And now they are toying with making pedophilia legal - what age is a child a child? If feminism only existed to make sure I can have a credit card in my name or that I can try for a certain job (as long as I met the not-dumbed-down conditions) - fine - but it was a Trojan Horse to destroy morality and make us weak, and degenerate and void of conscience and easier to conquer by our enemies. That is all it turned out to be. All those young men and women who died supposedly for our country and freedom have died for nothing if people like those in this administration and so much of our government are allowed to make Socialism/Marxism the permanent government. I do blame women for a lot of it - mostly from my generation and younger - the Susan B Anthonys were fighting not to be men, but to be women who, if intelligent were acknowledged as such, and to be respected. That was happening in America - especially in the western U.S. where women had to fend off hardships with the men. But that type of feminism was hijacked by those with a statist mentality and of course by out and out Marxists who always use legitimate issues and of course never let a good crisis "go to waste" , to weaken the family, faith in God, patriotism and to make sure our kids see the world their way. You free to disagree, but I think a lot of women have to shoulder the blame (I did not join the Betty Friedans and Gloia Steinem types. I was introduced to Ayn Rand on TV in the 1950s and was delighted to find an Ayn Rand Society at the university I attended - I thought her take on Christianity was wrong due to the people I suppose she met who said they were Christians- I wish I had been smart enough to say that being a Christian does not deny reality and why - but it did not occur to me to do so- At any rate emotions should not dictate your reason but vice versa - and I think too many women let emotions do so. Men's "emotion" is too many times dictated by their .....plug in the usual body part..

Comment by Rick Faircloth on January 4, 2014 at 1:40pm

Jim, I don't think having kids run aimlessly, perhaps right into the sites of a shooter is a good answer. Properly trained and armed security personnel at every school would be the best answer, I believe. There are way too many former military with combat training that have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan to not be employing many of them to provide security for our schools. For a person bent on killing people, the entire school is too much like a "barrel of fish". It's unconscionable for us to be sending our children into a situation when they are not at all times safe. They trust parents not to send them into harms way. Yet, with no armed defense at our schools to meet threats sometimes they end up as sheep sent to the slaughter. If I were president, my FIRST executive order would be armed security at every school in the United States. Ask, a gun-control advocate what they would prefer: having their child shot or having a gun themselves with which to kill the shooter. I've had no conversation where the child would be sacrificed for gun-control principles. 

Comment by Rick Faircloth on January 4, 2014 at 1:28pm

Jeff, it's interesting that you should mention telling parents of undisciplined 12-16 year-old children that it's too late to discipline them. My son is now a Christian Minister to Youth in Atlanta and related to me that he had a mom and dad come to him for advice on what to do about their "undiscplined and out-of control 15-year-old". He, too, told them that if they hadn't started teaching discipline and respect by now, it was too late. His patterns of disobedience and disrespect were too well ingrained to be changed anytime soon. Unfortunately, that child would end up being "disciplined" by the police as his bad behavior would escalate with his age and experiences, coupled with poor choices. Although, I don't want to see mandatory service returned for every child because of the low morals exhibited by my "drill sergeants" and because God may have a different course laid out for a child's life, I can't help but wonder what society would be like if the morals of military instructors were was strict as their physical discipline upon recruits and every child served a couple of years in the military. We would definitely be a better "civilian militia" if the need came for defending ourselves! Perhaps some of the "knock out" perpetrators would become the object of a supposed victim's quick justice and find themselves waking up in a hospital bed, instead of laughing at the video back at home after committing their crime.

Comment by Jim McConnell on January 4, 2014 at 1:16pm

School Teachers are supposed to TEACH our kids. And, they will stack kindergardeners in a bathroom so it is easier for the shooter like shooting fish in a barrel! kids would  have had a better chance if they PANIC and scatter. Look inside the criminal mind... the planning required...they always 'CASE THE PLACE OUT FIRST' yet nobody reports this as suspicious??? What about the father? 'son are you depressed, wanna go shooting? Then the Diagnosis, mild Asburgers or severe Autism? it was as I suspected the anti depressant medication was stopped just prior to the attack on the school. Anybody notice a pattern here? 

Comment by Jeff Smoley on January 4, 2014 at 1:15pm

If the 15 year old needs physical power to effect discipline, it is too late. Not everything I posted was directed at your behavior, but at the situation in general.

I used to teach a public martial arts class and I had way too many parents bring in children from 12 - 16 years of age and tell me they wanted me to teach them discipline. I would tell them it is too late for me to do anything, but wait a few years and get them to enlist in the Marines.


Comment by Rick Faircloth on January 4, 2014 at 1:03pm

OOPS! "I 'ever'" should have been I 'NEVER' had to physcially dominate either of my children. SORRY! TYPOS!

Comment by Rick Faircloth on January 4, 2014 at 1:01pm

Jeff, realize that I started my entire post with, "as a last resort", meaning, everything else having failed and the situation on the verge being completely out-of-control. Physical punishment was never my first response to disobedience, nor should it have been. However, "as a last resort", it must always be a threat to an out-of-control child. The difference between good disciplining and the ability to control a child by a physically dominant father, may be the difference between raising an obedient child and a child who fears nothing and will enjoy the thrills of the "knock out game". I ever had to physically dominate either of my children. They submitted to discipline as respectful children, because they were taught obedience, as you said, at an early age, which needs to start at the first sign of disrespect. Instead of laughing at the toddler who, when told not to, goes ahead and picks up an item in a home for play. The critical moment of teaching obedience begins at the moment a child looks back at the parent who said "no, don't do that". Now, in response, the parent who "laughs it off" when a child does what they've been told not to begins to stir encourage disobedience in the heart of a child. When the mom or dad takes control of that situation and, if the child will not obey when told, gives a little "smack" (I'm not talking about abuse, here...) on their hand or bottom to "insist" on obedience, the child will learn to obey to avoid the consequences of disobedience. Age six is much too late to begin instruction in obedience. And, I never said anything about "wait until your father comes home." Moms should discipline, as well. But mom, who might be 120 lbs and not be able to lift 40 pounds off the floor doesn't stand a chance against a 160 pound 15-year-old who can lift her off the floor at any time. The mom has to tacitly "surrender" and resort to games or manipulation to attempt to gain compliance to her wishes. Mothers and fathers both have critical roles in the family. Without one or the other, children suffer and, in many cases, as we're witnessing today, those immoral, undisciplined, 'out-of-control' children resort to the knock out game to take out their unresolved anger or in way too many cases, just to have "fun". 

PS - I never said "correction should be so harsh as to foster resentment". If that happens, the discipline was too harsh. Children are keenly aware of getting what they deserve, hopefully having been warned verbally. But children are also keenly aware of too little discipline and will constantly push the boundaries until they find the fence.

PPS - Our children knew that we appreciated their good behavior. It was rewarded, most verbally. But I would never try to "bribe" my child into proper behavior with "candy".

PPPS - Catherine, I agree that lack of parent-child relations just breeds trouble. Children raised without healthy relationships are headed into trouble.

And finally (I'll stop now :o), Jeff, I agree with you that children should obey out of love and respect for a parent, not out of fear. But that love and respect is instilled early on in a child's life from parents who properly love and respect the child to begin with. Too often, parents, just view children as a great inconvenience in their lives. How sad for a child to realize they are not important in the eyes of their parents.

Comment by Danny Kirkpatrick on January 4, 2014 at 12:33pm

Wow, yes wow, I have been telling this to my kids and grandkids for years. My kids went to public school, big mistake. I am a man of modest means, so I had no choice as to what school my kids went to. I tried, after discovering that public school was not like in my day, to counter the damage, but I failed. Everyone one of my kids quit school, they learned nothing. America WAS a better place when I was young. We were taught to respect others, we were taught right from wrong. We were taught even when you are all alone, someone was always watching you, God :). I believe most, if not all of America's problems of today, stem from progressive teaching in our public schools, as well from growing up in families on welfare. I know some good people must, from time to time, use the system, but, the ones who are what I call generational, those who's great grandparents, grandparents, parents, and themselves, all lived on the taxpayer's dime. Sometimes referred as the " gimmies ". As those of us who worked hard all our lives, we value what we have. People who are given everything, without earning it, value nothing.       

Comment by Jeff Smoley on January 4, 2014 at 12:30pm

Catherine, 100% correct. The parents have to take responsibility for bringing up a child. A video game is not responsible.

Comment by Jeff Smoley on January 4, 2014 at 12:25pm

Rick, I have to disagree with most of what you posted. I child does not behave out of fear of being physically hurt. I child obeys due to love & respect for a parent. This is taught and learned from birth to about the age of six. 

If it is not learned by this age, in most cases it will never be learned. 

If a child does something wrong, the child must be corrected immediately. Telling a child, "Wait till your father gets home." is just about the worst thing you can do. First of all, the child will have forgotten about what was done to require the threat. In some cases the fact that punishment is coming will be forgotten. When the father gets home, and the child is punished, he or she will feel they are being unfairly punished because they don't remember why. Even worse, if the father doesn't do anything, the threat of "Wait!" goes away. 

Any punishment (if a correction is not enough) needs to be sufficient for the child to remember, but not so harsh as to foster resentment, "I didn't deserve this."

If a child gets to the point where physical force is needed to control him or her, something has gone very wrong. A child does need praise for doing good, just as much as correction and punishment if needed is required. Without the praise, how does a child know if what he or she is doing is good? Ignoring good behavior is just as bad as ignoring bad behavior. A child has to learn responsibility and self-worth and well as obedience.  

Part of the problem is that there are no required instructions for rearing a child. There are no qualifications for having a child either. Poor child rearing is passed down from generation to generation. It gets worse and less and less correct rearing is passed on.

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