GOOD NEWS for Admirers of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Today's Leaders of Liberal Progressivism

Freedom of speech is the LAST remnant of liberty in a free society, and its absence is the final and indisputable sign that complete, total, unremitting tyranny and despotism have finally arrived to stay, in whatever specific form they've taken.   

There are only two alternatives for getting people to change their behavior:   persuasion or force.     Without freedom of speech, ie without the MEANS for persuasion, that option disappears -- and FORCE is the only one left.  As long as freedom of speech remains, there is a hope, a chance, that whatever freedoms have been denied the people, they MAY be retrievable by peaceful means.    But once freedom of speech has been taken from them, there is no possible peaceful remedy remaining to them, if they wish to  recover any of their lost freedoms.

Below is an article that was just published, with my comment following it.

The original article without my highlighting, low-lighting, and blindingly super-high-wattage means of emphasis, can be read at   


There are lots of links within the article but I've put the actual article itself here too, for those who are too tired to go back and forth from here to the web for them.

The article's importance is that it reports a new and yet higher level of BRAZENNESS by the Obama Administration, which  has once again surpassed its former UNBELIEVABLE heights. It has done so by coming up with a plan to station FCC overseers in the nation's newsrooms, "guiding" or "directing" what topics they may report to the people, and what opinions they may express in their editorials. 

Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Karl Marx must be singing and dancing in their graves:   only 5 years into the current Administration, and they're already at the point where they are BRAZENLY beginning to TAKE CONTROL OF THE PRESS, which is a bulwark of our freedom of speech and -- per above -- the final remnant of a semi-free society that lies on the borderline separating it from 100% pure, undiluted and unadulterated dictatorship and despotism.

The article speaks for itself (maybe I should add "for the time being"), but volumes could and have been written on various aspects of its topic, freedom of speech and our rights under the VERY FIRST Amendment to our Constitution, the VERY FIRST rights listed amongst the 10 groups of rights in our Bill of Rights.    Freedom of speech, of expression, of religion, of the press were given FIRST PLACE on that list by the Framers because they understood so well that it was indeed the ultimate distinguishing characteristic which determines whether a political system belongs in the "free" or "un-free" category.

Obviously my comment  following the article is not an attempt to summarize the volumes  that could be written on this topic -- such a summary would need to be a volume in itself.   It's just a general comment about one aspect of this topic which has long been amongst my own pet peeves.

Read the comment if you wish -- while you still can.

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Justice Group Warns of Obama Plan

to Put Government Monitors in Newsrooms

FCC researchers would pressure the press on what to cover

Paul Joseph Watson

February 19, 2014

The American Center for Law and Justice is warning of an Obama administration plan to place government monitors in newsrooms via an FCC proposal that could turn every major news network and newspaper into little more than a state media mouthpiece.



FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai recently lifted the lid on a shocking White House proposal entitled ‘Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs’ that would dispatch researchers from the federal agency “to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run.”


According to Pai, the program is about “pressuring media organizations into covering certain stories.” In other words – the fairness doctrine on steroids.


“That’s right, the Obama Administration has developed a formula of what it believes the free press should cover, and it is going to send government monitors into newsrooms across America to stand over the shoulders of the press as they make editorial decisions,” writes the ACLJ’s Matthew Clark, noting that the plan would also extend to newspapers, which the FCC doesn’t even have any business being involved with.


Distrust in mainstream media has been on a steady decline for years, with a recent Gallup poll confirming that just 23 per cent of Americans trust the institution of television news. This lack of confidence has driven ratings down, with MSNBC losing almost half of its viewers over the course of just 12 months, shedding 45 per cent of its audience. CNN also lost 48 per cent of its viewers over the same time period.


The United States’ world ranking in terms of freedom of the press also recently fell to number 46, below the likes of South Africa, Slovenia and Lithuania.


Earlier this month, the New York Times’s own writers told a newspaper that NY Times opinion pieces are now seen as “irrelevant” and have no impact on public discourse whatsoever.


The FCC’s attempt to police newsrooms is a desperate attempt to redress the fact that, as Hillary Clinton admitted, the Obama administration is “losing the information war” to other news sources whose audiences are growing.


However, those alternative news outlets are not growing because of slick propaganda, they are stealing audience share from the mainstream because they at least try to act in an adversarial role to the state rather than being a conduit for its talking points.

Every major repressive regime of the modern era has begun with an attempt to control and intimidate the press,” warns Clark, adding, “It’s hard to imaging anything more brazenly Orwellian than government monitors in newsrooms."”

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Communism under Stalin, Naziism under Hitler, and modern "Liberal Progressivism" ALL share the IDENTICAL fundamental philosophical roots.   

Today's rank-and-file liberal progressives, most of whom mean well, are sadly destined to meet the same fate their counterparts in previous eras did:  as "useful idiots" for their authoritarian leaders.  Smiling and congratulating themselves for their moral goodness, they unwittingly spread the fertilizer and sustenance for the soil which MUST INEVITABLY lead to the growth of oppression, suppression,  repression, human enslavement, grinding abject poverty, hunger and even starvation, genocide, war, and the worst kinds of atrocities man has ever been capable of inflicting on his fellow man.   They are oblivious to the LOGIC by which the tenets of liberal progressivism MUST INEVITABLY AND UNAVOIDABLY lead to the worst horrors man is capable of inflicting on his fellow man, and which MUST INEVITABLY AND UNAVOIDABLY pave the road to their own and their progeny's hell.   They pave it with self-confident smiles, in smug ignorance of the nature of the seeds they are sowing, as did the similarly self-blinded amongst their ancestors..

The histories of mankind's worst evils are the empirical proof of the rigorous logic which lies behind the statements of the above paragraph.   Those evils, even the worst of them, do not RESULT from bloodthirsty madmen or power hungry despots.    Rather it is the SAME creed of collectivism, at the root of all three of the political forms mentioned above, which ATTRACTS AND ENABLES AND EMPOWERS such men to dominate, and which GUARANTEES that such men and only such men are able to rise to power.   This has governed most of the history of mankind and -- with shocking sadness -- continues to govern the thinking of an enormous number of supposedly educated people in the modern era -- which is why we have been steadily moving toward the same consequences, which WILL materialize if this trend of thought persists long enough for its full logical consequences to manifest themselves.      

"Those who fail to (UNDERSTAND) the past are condemned to repeat it."

Failure to understand the past seems, unfortunately, destined to be a permanant foible of most members the human family.     We saw its devastating operation throughout the last century, the bloodiest in human history, which had followed the most peaceful century of human civilization (if you can call most of it civilization).     The 19th century was the era of expanding freedom, the spread and growth of the ideas and implementation of capitalism, and the blasting away of authoritarian/collectivist regimes primarily in Western civilizations but to a significant extent world-wide.   The bloody, war-dominated 20th century was the era which witnessed the resurgence of authoritarian/collectivist ideas, which gradually gained  ascendancy primarily under the rubrics of socialism, communism, fascism, liberalism and progressivism.  The connection between each of the two conflicting political ideas and the kind of world events which accompanied each one, was not not coincidence but causality.

The proof of this assertion is NOT merely the impeccable "theoretical" logic underlying it which has been offered countless times, and NOT ONLY the fact that empirical results have been "consistently  consistent"  with that theoretical logic, and NOT ONLY BOTH of these together, but also to be found in the fact that its "theoretical" logic has consistently enabled accurate predictions of real-world empirical results time after time after time.

To borrow a line -- ironicallly -- from a popular 1960s folk song of the same left which was, still is, and always will be an example of the very ignorance their song bewails:


Morry Markovitz

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Comment by Morry Markovitz on February 21, 2014 at 7:15pm

@ Judy Lyford,

I'm afraid that  after the liberal fascists go after the blacks, homosexuals and rock stars,

the white, heterosexual non-rock-stars will be next on their list.

Comment by Judy Lyford on February 21, 2014 at 4:53pm

One point the progressive lovers don't understand is the fact that they don't do away with only Christians and Jews. They assassinate anyone who doesn't fit. Hitler and Lenin both wanted a 'pure' race. Blacks, homosexuals and rock stars will be next.

Comment by William Homolka on February 20, 2014 at 5:16pm

The Evil Empire is getting bolder. And the more bolder they become, the closer we come to war - if the American people are ever going to get enraged enough with these criminals to stand up and fight.

Comment by John Bellaire on February 19, 2014 at 9:41pm

This is so Obama. I am surprised it does not offend democrats. Obama is making war on the American people and the Constitution. I hope people wake up before it is to late. We are watching a tyrant at work. Use of the military to break up meetings, enter homes to confiscate personal papers and guns at will of the government, and arrest or swift execution of anyone who disagrees with the regime may come next. Losing freedom of speech in the media is only a first step. Obama has practically disregarded the Constitution anyway. The Constitution and liberty will be history, and even a history of how America fell would likely be edited and revised for political correctness in the future.

Comment by Paul Szemanczky on February 19, 2014 at 8:04pm

"Decree followed decree expanding Dr. Goebbels powers and functions. There was the Reich Culture Chamber Law of September 22, 1933, channeling all intellectual and cultural life into one chamber with its 6 sub-chambers: Reich Radio, Reich Theater, Reich Press, etc. andappointing Goebbels as president, which under Nazism, meant DICTATOR. There was the JOURNALISTS' LAW of October 4, 1933, which made ALL NEWSMEN SERVANTS OF THE STATE AND SUBJECT TO LICENSE by Goebbels. There was the decree of November 26, 1933, forbidding all artistic criticism...." (pg. 14 ~The Goebbels Diaries, Doubleday & Co., 1948) From June 30, 1933, to November is 7 months or the entire time it took to suspend ALL FREEDOMS OF THE PRESS AND EXPRESSION through the means available in GERMANY in 1933: 7 months, 28 weeks, to Kill the message and enslave the messenger. June 30th was when Goebbels was appointed Reich Minisitry Head of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. We probably already have a selected 1st Nazi Reich Ministry Head appointed here AND DON'T EVEN KNOW IT YET, except for CNN or NBC ministers doing the job beneath the 'counters of surveilance'. Soon enough, SOMEONE EVIL will pop-up to announce like Dr. Goebbels did: "Propaganda has only one object, TO CONQUER THE MASSES."

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on February 19, 2014 at 8:03pm

My ancestors came to the infant nation of America because they wanted the freedoms. With their sweat and with their blood they carved a life for themselves. I have been blessed to be part of the USA. I intend to keep my freedoms.  

Comment by Dr. Bob Frady on February 19, 2014 at 8:00pm
Everyone pay close attention to Paul's comment below.

We the People are Going To Wsshington DC
May 16 To Take OUR Country Back !

Join US ; Operation American Spring

Thank's Paul

Comment by Paul R. Bedard on February 19, 2014 at 7:28pm


Comment by Morry Markovitz on February 19, 2014 at 7:26pm

@ Lizzie,

Long ago I read these words of wisdom:  "Be kind; everyone you  meet is fighting a hard battle."   It fit so well with my natural inclinations and beliefs that I adopted it as one of my  kinda informal "rules of thumb" for living, and it's worked as a reminder to help me keep perspective at times..  

In this  case, however,  I didn't think of it at all.    I also decided long ago, that if I'm going to feel justified in complaining when things go abnormally wrong, I should make sure I give credit where it's due when things go especially right.     My comment on your comment was just my attempt to be accurate.  Then I guess my bad habit of trying to sneak in a little chuckle jumped on the bandwagon.

Comment by Lizzie on February 19, 2014 at 7:07pm

Thank you Morry, you're very kind.
And thank you for putting this online. The FCC whistleblower Ajit Pai has surely put his neck out, coming forward with these scary plans. You, and everyone who spreads the news, are helping him.

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