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God Bless New Orleans Private Officer Murdered Today

Armored truck guard gunned down while unloading money at Chase bank, NOPD says
People dismiss how risky it is to be private officers ( coined by Private Officer International, ), popularly known as security officers, or simply, guards.
Three thugs murdered an armored car guard today, on a chilly, sunny day in New Orleans and brought this point home tragically! 
I've done this profession from one end, writing, to the other, loss prevention; "thug management" in urban clubs; labor strikes and even bounty hunting, for bail agents and privately.
Security is an inherently perilous profession, made all the more so by the violence of suspects and, ironically, post orders where they work which often forbid using force for liability reasons.
This usually isn't the case with armored car professionals given the large sums of money transported and the fact that they're armed.
Regardless, today reminds us just how real things get in this profession.
I'd ask the public to keep this in mind the next time they see a private officer, often making minimum wage for maximum danger.
It's a free market so yes, the private officer chose that job, but doing so involves a lot more than just a paycheck.
Sometimes, like today, his life may be taken in the name of protecting lives and property.
God bless the armored car guard killed today and may his killers surrender before more death results.
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Comment by Dennis L on December 18, 2013 at 9:31pm

Prayers go out to this brave man just trying to earn an honest living for his family. This is a very tragic and sad incident. Up this way armored car officers, wear level 3 body armor. Its the only way to get some form of protection against a firearm assault. I just wonder why Loomis did not issue such to their officers.  

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