Energy Costs Will Continue to Skyrocket

After three years, the Obama administration has more than doubled our gas prices at the pumps. The threat to have our energy costs skyrocket is proceeding at a faster pace than people (and Congress) would have expected. Today is another milestone was proposed by having coal plants cut CO2 emissions through new EPA rules. This is another example of Obama usurping the role of Congress to bypass the legislature and issue "rules" through the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

As the price of energy trickles down through the economy, we will see higher prices especially for food. However, transportation costs will impact all consumer products and inflation will debase our currency and economy. I never believed that our economy was in a recover: you cannot print and spend trillions of dollars and include its measurement as part of a "recovery". How bad will it get? We already know how bad the impact of gas and food is on our budgets. Unless you are part of the 47% who pay no taxes and do not have to worry about a budget.

David DeGerolamo

Government proposes first carbon limits on power plants

The Obama administration proposed on Tuesday the first ever standards to cut carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants, a move likely to be hotly contested by Republicans and industry in an election year.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed the long-delayed rules that limit emissions from all new U.S. power stations, which would effectively bar the building of any new coal plants.

While the rules do not dictate which fuels a plant can burn, they would require any new coal plants essentially to halve carbon dioxide emissions to match those of efficient gas plants.

"We're putting in place a standard that relies on the use of clean, American made technology to tackle a challenge that we can't leave to our kids and grandkids," EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said in a release.

Republicans have already turned to the courts to forestall other EPA measures they say will drive up power costs for homeowners and businesses that are struggling to recover from the weak economy. Some Democrats from energy-intensive states are also likely to oppose the rules.

The EPA's overall clean-air efforts have divided the power industry between companies that have moved toward cleaner energy, such as Exelon and NextEra, and those that generate most of their power from coal, such as Southern Co and American Electric Power.

Under the rules, coal plants could add equipment to capture and bury underground for permanent storage their carbon emissions. The rules would likely give any new coal plants time to get those systems running, by requiring that they average the emissions cuts over decades.


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Comment by Phil McConathy on March 29, 2012 at 7:41am

I sure hope this video is played by the successful Republican candidate the entire election cycle. People must realize what has occurred under this administration. Can you imagine what he will do when he doesn't have to worry about another election? He will allow the EPA to finish off any industry that is still standing adn we all will pay dearly for his Marxist ideology between now and 2016. I wonder how all of his green electic cars will be recharged? America, please wake up and do everything possible to inform your friends and neighbors as to the damage his reelection would do to America and our future.

Comment by david chaney on March 28, 2012 at 8:11pm
High gas prices aren't stopping people from driving. I10 across Louisiana was like city traffic all the way across. I guess they cashed their BP checks. The economy is roaring back. If we get triple digit inflation, forget Romney, run Ron Paul. With what the economy is doing Romney doesn't have a chance.
Comment by Pat Chadwell on March 28, 2012 at 7:22pm

When Obama shuts down the electricity then you can not go any place because you cant charge your car...

Comment by Thomas Nunn on March 28, 2012 at 4:48pm

Only Congress has the power to "legislate laws", and Congress don't have the authority to change the Constitution without an amendment and delegate that power out to other agencies,

Has Congress approved these laws the EPA is trying to enforce, if not, why aren't they being challenged???

Comment by David D. Riker American on March 28, 2012 at 6:57am

Obviously Lisa Jackson doesn't 'get it" like the rest of us.  Like most people I don't want to see and smell coal fired plants for electricity, but thats what generates the power that this country runs on.

The United States has some of the largest untapped coal reserves in the world, and we would be foolish not to take advantage of that. Its part of what will keep us energy independent for many years to come.

The best and cleanest energy source beyond a doubt is hydroelectric, but unfortunately that is a limited resource. Its totaly renewable but limited. All other forms of energy generation have issues with them.

Wind farms are costly to build considering their output. They're too dependent on the winds, and are an ugly sight to see on the horizon. I myself find them to be a bit creepy.

Nuclear power plants are expensive to build and costly to run. They are can be dangerous to have around. Anybody remember Three Mile Island? But the biggest problem with them is radiation, radioactive cooling ponds for spent fuel rods, and disposal of the rods themselves. Lets not forget about transporting those rods to a disposal site across the US. 

Solor powered plants are clean and have an unlimited energy source, but they too have drawbacks that make them impractical. I have seen the solor power plant in Daggit California. Their problems are, limited by cloud cover, which I realize is more of a moot point in the southwest, but still a cloudy day means no power generation, so you would still need a coal plant to take over on those days. So why bother with a solor plant to begin with?  The amount of solor reflectors and the space they take up is quite large so the amount of energy generated is controlled by those factors.

Now if the Government wanted ti invest in alternatives to coal, there are other ways besides the ones already mentioned. How about a cold fusion plant where you force the atoms together instead of splitting them apart. This means that hydrogen and oxygen is your fuel source and the byproduct is water from the fusion process.

The amount of energy released is almost the temperature of the sun. The two big problems from what I understand is sustaining the fusion reaction and being able to contain it. There is no material on this planet, right now anyway, that can withstand those temperatures. Most attempts to contain this reaction has been the creation of whats called a 'magnetic bottle' . Its a concept that can work, but unfortunately takes more energy to create than what the reactions can produce in usable power. Until these problems are solved this will remain unuseable source of energy.

Many years ago there was a science magazine published called OMNI. It was devoted to the latest scienctific breakthroughs and the more esoteric science ideas of the time. I remember reading about this way to generate electricity, that I found to be quite intriguing, and I always wondered why nothing ever became of it. The idea was to build a 10 story high framework to support a number of propellers. Similar to a wind propeller but the medium is water not air.

The unit and propellers are large enough for even whales to swim through while even in operation but would cause no harm to marine life. The power to turn the propellers is the oceans Gulf Stream which travels along the coast of the United States. This underwater river moves between 3 and 5 MPH 24/7. The idea is to place these units on the contintental shelf from Maine to Florida in the middle of the gulf stream along the eastern seaboard. The southeastern portion of the gulf stream, along our eastern seaboard is known as the worlds fastest. All this massive amount of moving water would turn the propellers which in turn cause turbines to rotate, thereby generating electricity. It was postulated that a string of these units could power the entire eastern seaboard, from the Applalachian Mountains to the coast.

Comment by William T. Olson on March 28, 2012 at 6:23am

With Obamacare getting ready to be dumped, Obama has nothing at all to run on.  New sheriff coming to town soon.

Comment by janet barks on March 28, 2012 at 1:20am

What ever the Rat say's we should do, or tells me what to do, I am most definately going to do the opposite.

Comment by Pat Chadwell on March 27, 2012 at 11:26pm

Look at it this way .... Everyone get a Chev Volt and then Obama cuts your electricty..... Isnt that a great idea that he has. That means you will have walk or ride a bike while bho still flys and drive around the country in what ever he wants while the people starve,,, unless you are muslim of course..

Comment by Lauryn Halli on March 27, 2012 at 11:15pm

David, I said "around" 2007 - meaning approximately - I just know that the price around here was even slightly higher a few years ago than it is right now. You don't need to be disrespectful and name-calling. Sgt. Grumpy, wow, that's not what it was here 3 years ago! I could find $1.89 outside of NYC in 2004, when I got my car and graduated college, so I definitely know when that was. The prices doubled here in the ensuing 2-3 years after that, and then rose a bit more, before easing back down a few years ago. I know NY has more taxes on gas than a lot of other states though.

Carol - I don't quite understand your comment. Having cars that use less gas, making our oil last longer (and being competitive in the world market with USA-made fuel-efficient cars) would benefit US. I don't know who else you would think I'm talking about benefiting with my opinion of what we "should" do by paying the full price of gas, without extra tax breaks (yes, Daniel, that's what I was referring to as "subsidies").

Good grief.

Comment by SgtGrumpy on March 27, 2012 at 9:18pm

Lauryn Halli, gas is $4.15 where I live in MI. It was $1.89 3 years ago.

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