Elizabeth Warren & Hillary Clinton -- Dangers to America!

America I hope we learned our lesson about who we vote into office as President. Twice now we have elected a President who does nothing that deals with making the average American's life better. However, he does much in taking our freedoms away always for our own good and to tell us what we can and can't do. He lulled us with lies and continues to do so as Nazi Germany did to the Jewish population before they killed them. Obama is systematically killing our America. That said we have two very dangerous people that might vie for President in 2016. Be very afraid of both but of the two one stands out as hands down the worst possible person to step into the Oval Office. That persons name is Elizabeth Warren. Don't get me wrong Hillary would also be an unmitigated disaster too but Warren has an uneasy zeal not unlike Hitler at his most revved up moments pontificating to his people. She shows a blind rage against things that do not meet with her idea of what is right and the America we love is one of them. She storms onto a stage with urgency of a power crazy zealot who has the power to transfix those who listen to her as a cobra hypnotizes a mouse. She is, make no mistake about it, a danger to our way of life should she ever have the power of the Presidency. Steeped in lies they both will do and say anything to get the outcome they must have. Any means to an end with no thought to morals is a signet to both. Keep your eye on both, but give a little more attention to Warren who just might up-set the race and take the nomination to the jubilation of her left wing sycophants. Could another like Obama pander her way into the White House? History now has shown that she could.

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Comment by Jeff B. Willis on July 20, 2014 at 12:03pm
It will be an uphill task for Elizabeth Warren to out distance Hillary. True, the far left would love it! Like Obama, she is an ideologue. But Hillary has an organization in place and much more money. She also has the party machine in her corner. Warren might be around for a while. But, if Hillary wants to be the nominee, it will be very difficult for any other Democrat to take it away her.

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