Dow closes at record high! BRICKS countries create development bank! China strip the US dollar of its global reserve currency status!

Dow closes at record high! – The leaders of the five BRICKS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have signed a deal to create a new $100bn development bank and emergency reserve fund.   

The Dow rose 77.52 points, to 17,138.20

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index gained 8.29 points  

The Nasdaq composite rose 9.58 points

One of the goals for the BRICKS bank - whose creation has been discussed for some time - would be to increase the amount of money loaned to developing countries to help with infrastructure projects.

How many realize that the two heading, though seemingly different, are the identical story, written in different presentation?

Often as citizens of this nation, we, as those who were included in the ‘We’ of our constitution, find ourselves as those on Plato’s cave. Our impression of the ‘reality’ that is happening, is not reality, but the shadow of the pablum of carefully measured information to not inform society, but to pacify and corrupt societies knowledge of reality.

The real story that the headlines that we in this nation – as we the prisoners of the corrupt press, government and bureaucracy – don’t reach the conclusion of reality. Here it is in the headlines of those who use economics, not the fallacy of central planning as their foundations of comprehending enterprise.

De-dollarization continues: China starts direct currency trading with UK
China is pursuing its quest to strip the US dollar of its global reserve currency status. After establishing the mechanisms for direct ruble-yuan trading and settlement, Beijing is now kicking the dollar out of its transactions with the Great Britain.

What does each of these stories have in common? They have in this nation statistically proof that in all elections the Democrats always have 2-4% of voter fraud. This is a horrible reflection on this nation, and its people. Yet here is an even sadder and more condemning reality. If we take the lower number 2% as our measurement, there are less than 2% of this nation’s population who would understand all three of these headlines are from the same reason!

That this nation elected the most incompetent, and incapable individual in history of mankind is beyond reason. That he is by his actions, advancing the genocide, the destruction, the disassembly of this nation is incomprehensible. He is what his is the facts are irrefutable. There is no measurement of American philosophy applicable to his presidency. He is and has been a … dedicated Marxist with an attitude of visceral … emotional genocidal determined to deliver some coupe de grace to this nation. He desires to bring about not only the nation’s destruction, but with the intent to destroy the American society. To destroy this nation, that even the majority of the race of white men will be déclassé, lowered in status, in a nation of racial politics reduced to the minority is his only intent. Democratic genocide based on race, the incomprehensible deracinating, destroying the culture, the ethnicity, the mores, the morals, and the religion of America. Inclusive is this attack on the enterprise, the economics of our national wonder. Reducing this nation to nothing based on the American philosophical idealism but déclassé our wonder to that of the barbarian, and the uncivilized.

Key in this genocide, this national destruction is exactly what these headlines all identify. Is the Dow ending at a higher level indicating that this nation is doing better? If so, I challenge any businessman, economist, or politician to explain not only the why, but the why the gain of this event is advantageous to this nation?

The debauchery – the destruction of the ‘VALUE’ the wealth of the dollar – is what all of these headlines are addressing. They are all saying the same thing, the difference, is the separation of reality – as the BRINKS, identify, and the Chinese identify – and the illusion, or hallucination of our … what words describe the press in this nation … propagandist that the Dow closing higher, without a change in the nation’s wealth is good? This is beyond the absolute ignorance of the most incompetent person who has ever earned a dollar in their lives to comprehend.

The value, the amount of dollars it takes to buy stocks has nothing to do with the ‘speculation’ of earnings, which the stock may create. The value, the amount of dollars it takes to buy stocks has everything to do with the ‘WEALTH’ of each and every dollar has depreciated – by government monetary insanity – where it takes more dollars to but the same value of a stock. The higher price is not a positive, it represents the monetary debauchery of our nation’s Federal Reserve, and a Congress based on not foundations of economics – which require that there is stabilization of the dollar’s value. They are based on the absolute diametric opposite, the destruction of the value of the dollar, making the lifetime earnings, the accumulated wealth of all citizens nullified, voided, and stolen by these policies.

What should society know? The how they – the absolutely disgraceful government of this nation – are doing it, or would it be more important to know the why … these central planning totalitarian sovereigns … are doing what they do?

How so we get the people of this nation to understand that the America of our nations design is no more. It is as gone as identified in the song Tumbling Tumbleweed, when night is gone – that a new world is born at dawn. That new world we are awaking to is not the America we know or cherish. That new world we are awaking to is the ‘fundamental transformation’ of this nation as caustic as Democracy is to a Republic, as caustic as ‘liberty is to slavery and domination.’   

Perhaps the why is most important, as so few know this nation. The why is that in this nation today, the concept of representative government is as done as last night’s darkness. Today our political design can be identified as an auction house. For in an auction house, what is for sale is sold to the highest bidder. This is the same format of congress … what were once the financers of government insanity … and thanks to the 17th amendment, also the Senate, that the votes of this damn democratic concept are sold to the highest bidder – the citizens – the suckers paying for this deception, be damned. 

Economically is it not absolutely amazing that the average … whatever the hell that is anymore, perhaps a marijuana smoking stoner in abject fear of zombies and vampires, learning from the wisdom of Oprah and Obama … American can realize if someone sticks a gun in their face and takes their money they are being robbed. While the same citizens stand in abject in cognitive comprehension when the government stands behind each and every individual, lifts your wallet, and take the wealth of your currency on a continuum. Each and every second, each and every minute, each and every day, week, year, since Calvin Coolidge this has been happening and the American citizen is oblivious to the reality.

You have to admit, our politicians aren’t quite as ignorant of knowing their constituents as we imagine. Sure, they don’t give a damn about preserving this nation, they don’t give a damn about those simple ideals of preserving and protecting the constitution, or any other enumerations placed on them. They do know though, that if we give something, even if we steal it from others, to some, they will vote to continue the theft from others. The absolute reality that whenever I hear the comment of ‘REDISTRIBUTION’ it is so un-American why it does not make any American shudder is beyond my understanding.

What they realized is that even the most ignorant economically, politically, and historically society known to inhabit this planet – the American citizen – can tell when a gun is shoved in their face and is being robbed.

Even those Americans who pay taxes – an ever shrinking minority – realize the meaning of the acronym of taxes … (Taking your Assets through eXtorsion Every political Session) … begin to rebel being the host of the bloodsucking leaches of politicians. The answer, don’t use the gun – the direct approach – use the subterfuge of debauching, reducing the value of the dollars, that the ignorant public will not even be aware. Compound that with the complacent lèse majesté attitude – we cannot challenge the sovereignty of the government, or our anointed one – the American public’s ignorance is accelerated and acerbated.

The economic system of this nation is not changing it has changed. What word one would use to identify this change is difficult to even identify. The problem being that too many in this nation want to use the definition, without the realization that the definition of some words has been changed in application. In great sadness is those Marx gave us. Marx gave this nation the economic identification of communism. His description, ‘the way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) and there is no privately owned property’. The real application identified, ‘a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production’.   

The difference in the identification is the use of the word ‘OWNS’. This word in definition creates problems in our understanding. The definition; ‘has certain to have power or mastery over’ – ‘to have or hold as property’.

If there is one thing that history has shown is, it that those in the political arena can use wording that is not only vague in application – but in that application – be used to mean the exact opposite.

History gives us examples all Americans – and all citizens of the word – should not only know, but also understand. Lenin’s application of state ownership was such a failure when usurping Russia, that starvation, lack of all services, the whole infrastructure required in a society was abject failure. Fearing another revolution to overthrow his usurping the government, his answer, allow that horrible capitalism to be reinstalled to create production. Learning in the process, that the proletariat cannot just seize the means of production, for the production is only one segment of the enterprise cycle. Just as the consumer is an important, if not the most important entity of the enterprise cycle. How those in this nation do not understand that those who reject the consumer, the individual is the most identifying characteristic of those who believe in authoritarian control. One only has to watch the current first lady – now that is a misnomer if one is ever been used – dictating that government will dictate to the individual, destroying the simplest of the identification of liberty that can be known. This can be magnified in all the ways it has happened. Political correctness is what? Is it not that you do not have individual liberty to speak what you wish? Is it not the antithesis of the protections of the first amendment in the Bill of Rights? There is no one in the world – that is not hallucinating – that can disagree, or make argument of this reality.

Is not that the control of the property of who you are? Is not that the most stringent ownership anyone can apply? When you cannot have the liberty, by the reduction of your freedom through state application, and legislation inverse to our founding of man’s natural rights, those rights endowed by God, is not that about the epitome of reducing man’s ownership of his own life. It is the most invidious and demeaning slavery every imposed on man. This is the same invidious design that all who succumb to the totalitarian intrusion of government beyond comprehension … the definition of communism.

Using the dollar – by printing more and more, destroying its value – is the tool of what is in the current use, as used even in treaties this nation engages, is  described as economic coercion. Our government uses this economic coercion every second they are in session, and with the residue of legislation that will provide the death knoll, the final genocide of our culture, our philosophy, and our nation.

What do we hear on a continuum from our government? Do we not hear whenever a problem appears, the president, our congress, the shoeshine boy in the lobby needs such and such emergency funding to deal with it? How in the name of Hades with the largest bureaucracy, the greatest expenditure of wealth any nation ever known in the history of man, that our organization is so damn incompetent that we do not have the resources to deal with anything that occurs? Why is not the question ever asked; what is all the wealth this nation is committing continually not prepared us to deal with any event that occurs? Is not that the question that should be asked?

The answer is simple. This nation does not spend money to deal with the preservation of this nation. It spends money to use ‘economic coercion’ not for this nation’s needs, but for the political power of the party in power.

This is the exact same reasoning of the BRINK international banking. By controlling the ‘economic coercion’ of the nations, especially the third world nations to be submissive to the ‘money’ provided by the bank. The money has strings, those strings are the totalitarian control of government, the identification of what communism’s design is.

Why is China dealing with the Yuan instead of the dollar? Same scenario, by the exchange of currency, being based on the Yuan instead of the dollar – the control … the requirement that trade for their products be in Yuan … makes compliance with China, the most important. Why they control the money, they control the nation.

This is the same policy of our nation. We print money, give it to other nations, for what reason? Once it was to influence the advancement of the American form of enterprise, the concept of free choice of consumers controlling the economic activity of nations. Is that not been the most absolute failure ever conceived by any nation in history? What is the result? The results have been, more nation’s governments have learned that political power rests with spending wealth not existing, as this nation, for the votes of the ignorant, to preserve political power is better for the politicians. That is what they have learned from this nation. They did not learn about the simple fact of our rhetoric, that liberty and freedom have wonder and value. No, they learned that economic coercion, and the using the largess of the nation’s purse, even if borrowed from other preserves political power. It is the same format, the same template, the same insanity that both political parties – Republican and Democrat – use in this nation to gain and preserve political power.

What you hear, what you read, is a lie. If it is in the press, in the news, told to the American public in this nation one thing is guaranteed – it is, and has been for far too long – nothing but lies. It is pablum, spoon fed not for the citizens knowledge, but to pacify, to patronize a nation with learned knowledge of ignorance. Where men are not men, where insight and question do not reside. Where a society hears, but does not listen. Hears but does not understand. Our society listens in abject incomprehensible trumpery to nonsense without once, for even a second, engaging the mind’s capacity of thought, to attempt to realize this is minutia of insanity. The one thing that is constant in all acknowledgements of what we – the citizens of this nation – should ask no matter what the question. We need to be as what was once press. Answer the who, what, where, when and the thing if all of this nation would just thing about for a second would correct much – WHY?

Our nation’s preservation rests in but one place. In the minds and hearts of those who rejoice in the marvel of the miracle of the nation they reside. Not understanding that wonder is understandable with the information we are exposed. With a government based on lies, a press, not full of lies, but so incompetent it makes the government look competent.

The task is as all tasks of civilized mankind. The task is the exclusive domain of the individual. The same thing that made this nation the wonder it is today, the individual. It is you, and all whom you know, by their own knowledge and choice that will preserve this nation. It must happen now, or the corruption, the coercion, the nihilism of this nation will be so advanced that no cure will be possible.           

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Comment by david chaney on July 20, 2014 at 2:02pm

The economic coercion is obvious on the internet.  If you are searching for a product to buy, the search engines only give you the options they want you to see, instead of a complete list.  Even once you're on a site, they list products as being "most relevant."  Who are they to decide what is most relevant?  Even when searching for jobs, the search engines will not show the jobs you ask for, but others instead.  Who knows how much else is going on behind the scenes - secret information databases, blacklists, etc.  Information is being used to manipulate and control opportunity, usually by hiding options.  If you want to find the best products, you have to fight the internet to get the information.  In communism they give you a job and you work it.  In the information age, they "pigeon hole" into a job and try to manipulate you into spending your money on the products they decide is "most relevant" for you.  Meanwhile information is being gathered and hidden by the people who use it for economic coercion.

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