After listening ( and laughing ) at Cliven Bundy’s infamous interview, It was obvious his frame of reference regarding Black folks is stuck in the 1960s.

Such comic cluelessness makes him, ” retro, not racist, ” as I stated in a subsequent tweet.  I didn’t hear any of menace usually associated with such statements.

Black folks are understandably incensed and conservative ones are no exception. Alan Keyes is a notable dissenter on this topic.

Here are his comments: http://www.wnd.com/2014/04/black-leader-says-bundy-remarks-not-racist/

This reminds me of the break in right wing ranks after Nelson Mandela died.

Many White conservatives ( with the notable exception of Newt Gingrich ) denounced him as a terrorist.

Despite the state-sanctioned terrorism of Apartheid, they couldn’t forgive him for taking up arms against White people.

His Marxism was also another epic sore point.

Bundy offers a similarly seismic dividing line moment.

His White conservative supporters criticize Black peers for reacting more to loaded phrases like ” colored people ” and ” Negro, ” than loaded federal guns and suspected government over reach.

Charles Krauthammer, however, is a notable White conservative exception who doesn’t support Bundy and questions why anyone would.

Watch his commentary: http://youtu.be/vSLCIogcgGo  

My original take on Bundy remains the same: he’s a befuddled senior citizen in the national spotlight. The fact he shares retro racial nomenclature with Harry ” Negro Dialect ” Reid only reinforces this perception.

Cliven Bundy is conservatives Mandela moment and we should agree to disagree on him and move on up to other issues!

Original post: http://moveonup.ning.com/profiles/blogs/cliven-bundy-conservatives-...

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is an anti crime activist and Project 21 member in New Orleans.


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Comment by virginia on April 28, 2014 at 1:08pm

I agree with you, MUG, good read!

Comment by MUG on April 28, 2014 at 12:35pm

Thank you Cap Black.  When I watched Bundy on Youtube, I saw my Grandpa.  Grandpa was proud that he had graduated from the 8th grade.  Grandpa worked hard as a farmer, but lost his farm during the depression and worked the rest of his life as a carpenter.  When I knew him he was old and stooped, his face was weathered and he walked on bad knees that had been used hard all his life.  He didn't always articulate well and often misconstrued so that you might conclude he meant one thing when he meant something else.  He knew what it was like to accept a hand up and he was always willing to offer a hand up, but he wouldn't understand todays entitled acceptance of being a ward of hard working tax payers, living in government housing and having nothing to do.  Grandpa told me during the depression he joined with other men to hike cross country from Colorado to Missouri to work on The Lake of the Ozarks, a New Deal Work Project.  While they were crossing Kansas several "Negro" men joined the group.  My Grandpa was very upset that they were treated different at the work site and weren't paid well to "cook and keep the camp clean."  My Grandpa would say things that might sound bigoted, but those who knew him knew he just miss spoke and really was offended by discrimination.

Comment by John Henry Botkin on April 27, 2014 at 8:08pm

Trying to set this story straight after the media feeding frenzy is like trying to stuff the feathers back into a pillow that has been ripped open in a high wind. I think this whole media mess is what Harry Reid meant when he said of the Bundy affair that it isn't over yet. 

It is because so many know so little that we have been subjected to the rabid pillorying of Mr. Bundy.. None in the media even knew to ask some basic questions about his relationships, much less look at the unedited record of his words. Of prime importance to any man of faith is the nature of his spiritual culture. Mr. Bundy lives in Mormon country and I suppose him to be a Mormon. Was the time he spent in Watts a part of the obligatory two years of missionary service that is a part of a young man's training? That would be a fair question to ask him. Obviously consistent with the faith of a Mormon concerned with mission work is the name he gave one of his sons. Ammon is not a name one often encounters. 

In the Book of Mormon, the story is told of how Ammon, a Nephite, dedicated
himself as a missionary to Lamanites. That mission was a dangerous one and only a man of great courage and faith would dream of undertaking it. Such was the character of Ammon. In the Book of Mormon Lamanites are the dark skinned people who were at war with Nephites who kept their faith in God intact. I am not a Mormon but a cursory consideration of that story tells much about a man who would name his son after a character who devoted himself to taking a word of truth to dark
skinned people who had been deprived of that truth. The twentieth century emphasis of Mormons on missions to those they consider Lamanite peoples ought to be made known to the knee-jerk media.

No one will consider Mr Bundy an intellectual and the media voices tend to sniff at those with rural ways. (I mean "sniff" literally. I watched it happen on Fox last night) Shame on them. Mr. Bundy knows and honors hard work. Cattlemen do not hesitate to dig post holes, spend days of sweat making hay, clearing land and wresting a living from the land by the sweat of their brows. Taking care of a large heard of cattle is a difficult task and requires strength, skill, and at the same time gentleness. When men accustomed to hard, long, and often dangerous work speak of caring for live animals and laboring at arduous tasks like picking cotton, they carry an understanding that there is honor and freedom in such labor. To men such as Mr. Bundy, picking cotton is honorable labor and people who have been seduced by government to consider labor to be beneath them, receive compassion due to the duped. Shame on the conservatives,liberals, and media in their unthinking blundering for speaking evil of dignities they do not comprehend. Double the shame on those voices who have lamented the degradation of human beings in big city slums and actually have voiced the same observations Mr. Bundy voiced and then turned on him without mercy or understanding.  Does anyone outside the Bundy family know how an honorable man behaves?


I think Mr. Bundy has indicated in his own way that he has compassion even on his tormentors.   If you have the opportunity ask him if it would please him to see such people recognize their transgressions and repent.  I think I know the answer he would give.

Jude 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

8 Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

Comment by Judith L Mathat on April 26, 2014 at 11:28pm

The media pundits are out blasting Cliven Bundy's comments, ill formed as they were, do not think he spent many years in Toastmasters or learning why certain words and phrases are inflammatory.  In his world and to those wanting the government to get out of their lives, he is a Patriot, just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton is in their ghetto's.  Bundy is not a thief as most describe.  He did not renew his contract with the BLM to pay grazing fees after he had been paying them for years.  When the BLM told him he had to renew his grazing rights like every other rancher was informed they did the same to him like they did to all the others across the US who would 'bend" over to their government and told him he no longer could run 1000 cattle but had to drop his allotment down to a couple hundred.  Thus like his neighbors putting him out of business.  
WHY, the question is WHY?  Not turtles or other critters who have been living with the cows as they have for decades, but for Reid Bunkerville LLC, land and resources speculation along with Zion Bank and others who had designs to develop lands surrounding Bundy's and needed his to access those "publicly skimmed lands".   After they finally put the new interchange and off ramps in the middle of nowhere.  Wonder who authorized that?   QUESTION?? Why did the BLM not go after Bundy in the past 20 years to take his cows off the land or lien his property for grazing fees?  Well the interchange was not built and the Chinese had not wanted to do a solar project with Rory Reid as their attorney and Harry prostituting them on his trip to China.  Along with others in an this area where access was critical through Bundy property to access the almost impassable lands to the south in the Lake Mead public lands.  Pure and simple folks it is all about the money and maybe some is speculation and all is a compilation of several informants documents.  What do yo think.  I do not think Cliven Bundy knew he was opening up this Pandora's Box and was just trying to get help and stop the BLM from destroying his livelihood.  His over reaching into the continue news conferences after the protestors had left and the ability to stand before the entire US on National TV is empowering and he took a shot at his perspective.  Clling him names and attacking his character is purely a leftist and some news anchors ways of backing off the real subject addressed below.  Cliven Bundy like a lot of other cowboys do not have the time to sit and philosophize about the state of the politically correct speech.  He just tells it like he see it and the best analogy I heard is, "Men in denim built this country and men in suits are destroying it!"Who are the real American's??
Cliven Bundy is the rural example of someone who the media tried to get to spin his views that mostly are derived from living in an era where one can speak their minds and Bundy's experience with spinning is mostly about spinning a lariat around a cows head or heels.  Something urban folks know nothing about.  His use of discussion on issues of race and immigration are his views that may seem racist or bigoted but then again those are his observations when he has gone from rural into urban landscapes.  The most appropriate question and answer (ill formed as it was)  from a news person who spun him into subjects he does not generally deal with but observes, were the ones about being better off  if "Negro's"  (not PC but what his reference is) were still slaves working for someone instead of spending their lives sitting in govt. housing doing no work at all. The references to families and such is from a perspective of a working man who values his work, family and community and country.  Right or wrong he is not the problem.  Over-reaching government is; Americans are!!  Every American, no matter what ethnic group they came from or what their history, settlers of range-lands or black slaves shipped out of Africa by their black tribesmen, or potato farmers out of Ireland after a blight and on and on adinfinum are now American's.  Those many generations who worked hard to get to a free America have spawned a nation of freeloaders and have nots because they lost the values and principles of their forefathers.  The spread of poverty and the decimation of the middle class has been brought on by an elected government that has gotten so big and top heavy that the whole deck of cards is falling in on itself.  The Bundy's of the world are still all over the Western US living with the values and principles their ancestors taught them and those that would dispell his comments are those who  have lost those same principles based on greed and the power hungry or ignorant of those principles and what they mean.  Most cannot even say the Pledge of Allegiance or even know the basic Bill of Rights or the Amendments to the Constitution.  But they can tell you who is on "Dancing With the Stars" this week!!  When the American's lost their way government stepped in and filled the gap and has legislated everyone's every move and ability to climb out of the gap and get to the American Dream.  Whatever that is anymore?  Most do not know how....to get an education, find a career or at least a job and family if desired and all along the way get involved with local government or community service and beyond to take charge of their lives and help control their destiny.  This is what Cliven Bundy knows and many many others like him.  To be a blight on the working class who are trying to get to their dreams but find their work efforts are being split in half by an entitlement class that takes half of what they work for is the blight of Americans under this administration and several before it.  the change is not about racism, but about racing to the post office to get their welfare checks or their EFT cards for the free money their community runs on.  For rural America it is about getting the crop in and the livestock safely to market and fighting the elements that are sometimes so severe they cannot even leave their ranch houses  for days to get out to see if their investments are going to survive.  Unlike those in the city who sit in their government subsidized apts. in ghettos and grab the phone as soon as the power goes out or they have no water or some other disaster strikes and they did not prepare for the possibility with even the smallest of resources.  These are the people you see on the news screaming about how the government is not helping them. (Leave out the disabled and infirm and small children, these are real people most who cannot help themselves).  We need real Americans to stand up and vote for those with thinking like our forefathers and to those who think being politically correct is being nice and neighborly and considerate.  What kind of American are you or will you be when you are living under totalitarian edits of who and what you have a right too??

Comment by JEAN MACALLISTER on April 26, 2014 at 10:05pm

The NY Times edited Bundy's statement to make him appear racist. Look at the un-edited footage.

Comment by virginia on April 26, 2014 at 8:53pm

Also Richard Rutledge, thanks for sharing Cliven's more thought out piece; (he's probably learning quick how politics likes to twist 'off the cuff' remarks.  Too bad what he's going through has to be marred by politics!

Comment by virginia on April 26, 2014 at 8:48pm

I like the article in the link that Christine Facteau put up.  Too many people run and hide when the left puts up the race card....they should have the courage to stand up and say what they really think, (unless they are truly racist! If that's the reason, I guess I get the running and hiding crap)

Everyone could tell at the get-go from interviews that Cliven Bundy wasn't media savvy.  That's one thing that endeared him to me.  It revealed an honesty you don't get in the news day to day.  It showed a 'what you see is what you get' honesty.  That was refreshing, because all the polished crap seems canned.

If people didn't see the race card coming....lol, they must be more out of touch than Bundy.  Yet, it is all an aside, because no one deserves to have armed agents coming and treating them the way Bundy was treated, no matter what one doesn't like about them.  Its another divide and conquer scheme....which the GOP plays into all the time.  I don't even know how I can even consider a GOP'er anymore; they are so incompetent, its downright sickening!  As things play out on different issues....all I can say is, I'm glad they happen, its so revealing as to who is who and narrows the field for me tremendously.

Comment by Dennis L on April 26, 2014 at 4:57pm

Only Mr. Bundy knows in his heart if he doesn't like black people. What he may have wanted to say is that he believed that SOME of our black citizens are still enslaved today by the government but who knows?.  This week liberal CNBC devoted a half hour to prove Mr Bundys racism but when the confrontation and property confiscation by government agents took place last week, they were nowhere to be found. That station has a socialist agenda and understands the propaganda game. 

Comment by Donald L. Buchanan on April 26, 2014 at 4:19pm

What Mr. Bundy said was all true.  The truth hurts. What Mr Bundy did was the same thing that the demoncrats do all the time which is too lump all into blacks into one group. This was wrong because while it may properly describe a  portion of that group all should not be grouped together. I have been in some black neighborhoods and have seen what he described. Are they slaves?  They receive all their livelihood from the government and in order to continue getting it must do what they are told. Is that not what slaves do. I know that they are too good to pick cotton. I am not I have done it. I have picked up and hauled garbage and done about every dirty hard job there is. No one ever looked down on me because I refused to be a victim. I ended up  a successful business man. Having been there I always had respect for my employees.  

Comment by Donald Mack Flippin on April 26, 2014 at 3:44pm

I see this gal around town once in a while, that is,when I go to

town.  I'd say she's in her thirties, probably in her early thirties. 

She lives on government handouts.  She is caught in a Catch 22

situation.  She weighs somewhere north of three hundred pounds. 

She rides around town on/in one of those electric-powered four

wheel vehicles like the ones you see in WalMart.  She couldn't

get around town (population, about 1,000) if she didn't have her

electric machine. She's so fat she can hardly walk.  The government

provides that four-wheeler.  The government also provides the elec-

tricity to recharge the batteries that power her over burdened four-

wheeler.  She lives in government-subsidized housing.  She buys

enough groceries every month to feed a 13-man squad.  She lives

alone.  She pays for all of that chow with food stamps.  She doesn't

have a man to provide for her, because she is physically a tub of

lard, and no man that I know could afford to feed her.  She doesn't

have a job, because she's too fat to work.  Instead of working, she

draws dissability.  Her over-weight body constitutes her dissability. 

I am 71 years of age and still put in about a half-day's work most

every day.  The lady to whom I have been referring will never live

to be 71, because, at some time in the future, the government will

not be able to afford to continue caring for and enabling this indi-

vidual . . . and I suppose she will starve to death . . . if she doesn't

die of a heart attack before then.  Yes, sir, the government is her

friend and her provider, all at my expense.  Without the Gov, she'd

be forced to walk to the grocery store to stock up on food at least 

once a month . . . and the exercise would surely cause her  to lose

weight.  Not only so, she would have to carry her groceries . . . more

exercise, less weight.  And she would be buying fewer groceries, be-

cause more groceries weigh more than less groceries, and that all

counts when you have to carry them.  As a result, she would have less

to eat . . . and that, for her, would be a good thing.  But, the way it is,

she has a free ride, all the way to the grave yard.  The government loves

her so much.  I could be called a racist for saying these things about the

poor gal that shall remain unnamed (or course) . . . but both of us happen to

belong to the same race.  So, I guess I dodged a bullet.  Best I quite while

I'm still ahead.

Semper Fi!

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