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New Orleans world famous Canal Street has an equal opportunity crime zone, its 1100th block, where Black drug dealers openly, flagrantly sell to a rainbow coalition of users with minimal police interference.


Side walks are the usual store front, with more discreet transactions occurring behind the closed box office of the Loew's State Theatre, along with serving as a de facto bathroom ( quite ripe on warm days ) and even a raunchy rendezvous for sex.

Last week, I walked past a jubilant group of young dealers on the corner of Rampart & Canal filming themselves with a camera phone while rapping and waving money???

Somehow I don't think equal opportunity for Black drug dealers was what Martin Luther King, Jr. & company had in mind.

Located between Elk Place and Rampart St., it's a No Man's Land where White ( and any other law abiding ) pedestrians & joggers hit warp speed to avoid its ghetto rogues gallery.
HOW is this possible, some ask?
To me, anti crime activist and police supporter that I am, it seems powers-that-be like it that way.
Theories abound:
*Maybe powers-that-be like having drug dealing in one easy access spot.
*Following the above theory, perhaps it's so located so drug using White residents & tourists ( of whom there are many ) needn't go on risky safaris to the ( omigod! ) Hood for their extra-curricular pharmaceuticals.
*Maybe City Hall doesn't care because no one White has been robbed, raped or killed on the baddest block to justify heightened scrutiny.
*Maybe its businesses & concerned citizens like yours truly are too quiet about this crisis.
My vote is all of the above, with the added caveat that an under-staffed police department whose officers are leaving daily because of the powers-that-be doesn't help matters.
I'm doing my part and during a reelection season, it's more than fair to ask is the mayor doing his to fight an open air outrage few cities would allow at the gateway to their main strip?
Ooops, I forgot, a lot of this block's White drug customers are his beloved bad smelling, bad behaved gutter punks, so I guess hostages are supposed to suffer in silence.

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Comment by Lizzie on December 30, 2013 at 12:32pm

Cap, a man who used to live in New Orleans claimed, matter-of-factly, that everybody in the city was on the take.  "Not just the police and politicians.  Everybody."

Now, let's say that's not true.  What makes the generalization work is that very matter-of-fact shrug.  That's just how it is.  I think getting people to feel insulted might be the first step.  Why is corruption synonymous with black politicians?  Think Marion Berry, Jesse Jackson Jr. ... who's voting for these people?  The people who believe they'll never get anything better, that's just the way it is, everybody else hates them, etc.

  What happened to all the hope and opportunity civil rights and Great Society were supposed to deliver?  It didn't just show up?  And for all their anger, most people, from all walks of life, still just shrug that's the way it is.

  Tons of voters, R and D, feel that way.  But it's their cooperation with a dirty, rigged system that makes it all possible.  Sending money to a dirty politician isn't citizenship, it's corruption!  Nobody really believes Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are honest people.  Whatever on earth motivates John Boehner, it sure isn't "representing of the will of the people."  I don't want anybody to cooperate with that and I don't want anybody to settle for a crook, when we could fight for a real public servant.

  Which is what puts in the same Tea Party boat.  Fight for your city, Cap.  God bless.

Comment by Tim Menius on December 29, 2013 at 8:35am

Heres's teh real deal and it is NOT complicated. NO9just like Detroit, Chicago, DC and every other major city with a rampant and open drug and crime problem) has been under control of this century's new "plantation Owners", the Democrat Party, for decades. The gubments of these cities, while controlled largely by blacks (one might think that's ironic), have forced gubment dependence upon their own people. Lacking policies that would create jobs and a feeling of self-worth amongst its citizens, these "faux leaders" continually tell thier people that they are OWED by productive society...What's worse, their own policies encourage militancy in their modern day salve population. How so? By not enforcing, in the minority areas, any of ths laws and ordinances that apply to every other section of the city. I'm less than an hour from the Big Easy and I gave up my season tix to the Saints years ago, for one reason. I refuse to EVER set foot in the cesspool that the Cresecnt City has become since the first Moreal Administration. Fact is, in NO, there are no laws that apply to the thugs (and like it or not, the vast, vast majority of them are minorities) that have infected this once great city and destroyed it. The common thread in NO and the rest of the City's I mentioned above...LEFTIST CORRUPT DEMOCRAT LEADERSHIP...AND THAT FACT IS UNDENIABLE!

Comment by jalina susan stutte on December 29, 2013 at 1:06am

I seen New Orleans changing in the 70's so I moved out and everytime I go for a visit it just gets worse. All the mayors and city officials are too busy lining their own pockets and of course the police force does also. It is dangerous even in the daytime and I advise all I know not to go there. It is becoming another Detroit and thanks to the entitlement mentality, it's not getting better.

Comment by Robert Wyan on December 28, 2013 at 11:04pm

A District Judge has said, the people of New Orleans can't sue the federal government for failure to maintain the upkeep of the levees around New Orleans.

Comment by CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE on December 28, 2013 at 8:54pm

Ted Kornblum: Yep, Sugar Bowl is here Jan 2nd I think 

Comment by Robert Wyan on December 28, 2013 at 6:41pm

I was in New Orleans one time. That was about a couple months after Katrina. I delivered to Lowe's just up the street from the Saints dome(can't remember the name). The place was a mess. Houses had been gutted with their insides piled up outside in their front yards.

The mayor at the time made sure that he, his family and friends got out before Katrina hit. I was surprised he won re-election. People recorded some police officers looting along with other people. 

This blog makes me believe that the police officers are being paid to stay away from that area. It sounds to me like the people from that neighborhood needs to rise up against the drug dealers, because the local government and police department aren't going to do anything but take money from the drug dealers.

People that live in these ghettoes don't feel safe walking down the street in the daytime or nighttime. They know the police won't come near their neighborhood, either because they're scared or being paid off. Time for the regular folks to arm themselves and take their neighborhood back. Think about it. If you were a drug dealer, would you want to see all the people in the neighborhood walking towards you with loaded guns and telling you to leave?

Comment by Ted Kornblum on December 28, 2013 at 6:14pm

Cap Black Hood, No one on this site will disagree with you on this subject.

Sorry to say that town should be renamed " Welfare Plantation".Outside that

one square mile area, the city should bull doze every thing down,. Pave it with

 asphalt and fence it in with razor wire and control towers with the Army National

Guard in charge. Do football teams still venture down there to play bowl games?

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