Beating Your Head Against The Liberal Wall

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Part of the frustration we conservatives feel, is simply the refusal of the political left to debate within the confines of what actual reality would dictate to be the starting point for any discussion in the arena of ideas. The spin of events as a regular interpretation to fit a narrative before any substantive discussion takes place has become so regular an occurrence, that whenever anybody questions the given premise, watching liberals try to comprehend the objection is a little like watching the science fiction cult classic, "Scanners." In that movie, a psychic killer would strike, and we were treated to 15 or so seconds of film time devoted to people's heads vibrating with a glazed look in their eyes until their heads literally just exploded. We,ll of course have to review some examples.

The President has been traveling the country lately, drumming up popular support for his Buffett Rule, which as it turns out is nothing more than a proposed increase in the Capital Gains Rate. During his latest attempt to legislate, "fairness," otherwise known by sane people as class envy, he claims that this is his attempt to solve our deficit spending problem. The media's part of the spin, not one person associated with the major media openly laughed at our President when he made this statement. Let's be honest with one another, that statement not only deserves derision, but outright open guffaws. According to the CBO, using the laughably inaccurate baseline budgeting technique, estimates that the Buffett Rule would increase our revenues by $3 Billion per year. Baseline budgeting of course, as we've discussed before, is a purposefully dishonest accounting trick which by law, forces things which have been proven to create a decrease in revenue to be viewed as an increase, and vice versa. In this instance, it assumes that the Warren Buffetts of the world will not take steps to shelter their wealth from taxation by placing their investments over seas, as they have every other time we've penalized their capital gains. Assuming however that we did actually increase the federal revenues by $3 Billion rather than what historically has always been the result of such measures, how much deficit reduction would this rule actually accomplish. Well, as luck would have it, a simple amount of 3rd grade level math can answer this question for us. Our deficit currently is $1.6 Trillion per year. We'll round down to 1.5, just to make it easy. A Trillion is exactly 1000 time a Billion. So, the $3 Billion would be able to cover the $1.5 Trillion in 500 years, assuming no interest, inflation, future deficits, book keeping errors, or future total collapses of our entire economy as predicted by the CBO in 2027. That entire discussion takes place even before we consider the already in place whopping debt of $15 Trillion and change. With all of this, not a single main stream media source has ever questioned their masters about the math, spending as a part of the problem, introducing more and even more expensive entitlements to the legally obligated portion of our non existent budget, which by the way, has not been passed since the Democrats took control of the House in 2007.

Another example happened during the Obamacare debate. When asked by a conservative blogger about where in the Constitution the Democrats found authority to pass such sweeping legislation that clearly violates every principle upon which our republic was founded, Nancy Pelosi simply laughed and answered, "are you serious?." Within each reporting of the main stream media, there was a plethora of liberal pundits, posing as objective news reporters who were gleefully pointing out that anyone who thought that the challenges of the law in the court system had any merit were intellectually inferior. So, when Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy pointed out, very astutely, that this particular legislation has some real problems with the Tenth Amendment, namely that it gives the Executive Branch an unchecked authority to just grant itself new power, the same liberal press had a fun to watch meltdown. There was nothing quite like watching Jeffrey Toobin, the CNN Legal Expert, describe the oral arguments at the supreme court to be a, "train wreck," as if the vast majority of the American People were not dead set against this law, and indeed hoping for the high court to strike this monstrous destruction of our entire way of life down. Yet when President Obama described it days later, he proclaimed it to be bi-partisan effort passed with approval of a large majority in our Legislative Branch. Not a single laugh was recorded amongst the press covering the President at that moment, which is something reality would have dictated.

I read somewhere this morning that when the President or any of his minions speak, we should expect to hear the theme music from the, "Twilight Zone," and that famous Rod Serling narration. My apologies to whomever I quoted, I can not remember where I had read it. That statement really strikes at the nub of the matter doesn't it. In order to see things through the liberal prism, you need to exist, mentally anyhow in an alternate universe, where facts are indeed subjective, and distinctions between good and evil, honesty and falsehood are merely a matter of semantics. It doesn't matter in the slightest that decreases across the board in marginal tax rates have always resulted in increases in federal revenues, we will still assume that by increasing taxes on people we don't want you to like will result in a deficit reduction. It doesn't matter at all that our spending on asinine uses of our money, and that the government has not ever succeeded in any of its endeavors into what should be the private sector, those who wish to make their own decisions as to what to do with the fruits of their own labor are labeled as selfish, and the people who did nothing to produce those fruits are labeled as righteous when they come to confiscate that wealth. We have real live examples of the model cities,(Detroit,) fiasco in existence already in America, yet I am still seeing it being taught as a part of our elementary education curricula.

About a year ago, a friend of mine signed me up for a facebook group of liberals who wished to discuss politics on line. It seems that they wanted a few conservatives to debate. It took me about 10 days to be kicked out of the group. One of the college kiddies told me after the third day that he thought it would be nice if, as a conservative, I would write about why all conservatives were knuckle dragging redneck morons who were not smart enough to just accept the liberal worldview. He thought I would be spending my time explaining why we supported Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, even when everyone, wink wink, knew that they did not deserve to be defended for their obvious crimes against dear leader. Cue the Twilight Zone music. As it turns out, they were completely unprepared for any actual argument which went against their worldview, and they certainly were not willing to read such blasphemous words. Tough to debate with someone who is unwilling to at the very least acknowledge your side of the debate. This is where we are in America now. Compromise is just another word for let us have our own way. I used to think that the left worked so hard at censorship because they did not feel capable of defeating us in the arena of ideas, but I realized something even more nefarious is happening here. They would never know if they were capable of defeating us in that arena, as they have never once contemplated any of our arguments. How could they? They simply don't want to take the chance that an alternative view point exists, anywhere. In order for people to be continuously against their will to behave as the political elites wish, they must be totally controlled. That is why they are always striving to silence the right. It's not that they fear losing the debate, it's that they don't want to allow a debate to take place.

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Comment by Grace Kirby on April 17, 2012 at 9:21am

The truth always drives the left crazy.  I also have a nephew who cannot engage in a true debate when it comes to facts.  He always changes the subject, usually resorting to name-calling and the blame-game (it's Bush's fault).  Everyone who disagrees with Obama's policies is a lunatic, according to him.  I guess I must be the crazy aunt in the attic! : )  It would all be extremely funny,  except that the consequences of his messiah's policies and actions are devastating our country.  Is there any way to reach these ideologues?  Before it is too late?

Comment by Cam Vallee on April 17, 2012 at 12:10am

In my much younger days before I pulled my head outta my arse I was a raging Liberal.  For about one election cycle.  Then it dawned on me that the government spending more than they were bringing in was probably not a good idea.  Fifty years later here in Canada I have proven my thought right.

Alinski is a word game is all.  You are right about turning it back on them and how easy it is done.  Leaves them spitting mad.

Comment by Peter D Sowatskey on April 16, 2012 at 8:47pm

Why ever would one want to talk to a Liberal?

First off, it's impossible.

Secondly--the effort expended by us only raises their beingness (makes them important).  We don't want to make them important.

I liken this scene to a herd of cows grazing in a pasture.  There is usually plenty of space between the cows for us to walk without disturbing the busy cows.  Just leave them alone.  Let them do what cows do, go into the barn in the evening to get milked.

Then we have the pasture to ourselves, keeping an eye out for the cow pies.

Congregate with your own.  Quit supporting the Prilosec makers.

Peter Sowatskey  amazon.com/kindle/greenergreen

ps  get ABSENTEE BALLOTS for the elderly in your circle come NOV. 

Comment by Barry Gabrielson on April 16, 2012 at 6:17pm

You cant argue with a progressive.  You explain things objectively through facts.  They express their subjective baseless views based on feelings.  Can you see the disconnect?  Facts just get in the way with progressives.

Every fact that defeats their agrument is considered a lie, only feelings matter.  To a Conservative, 1 plus 1 equals 2.  To a progressive, 1 plus 1 equals whatever makes a progressive feel good, that wins a disagreement.  So 1 plus 1 equals 8, 26, 65, 1437898.  Facts do not matter, its feelings.  So how do you have a conversation with a progressive?  Like my son would say, Its like talking to the hand.

Comment by John Smith on April 16, 2012 at 5:17pm

The good Lord has only allowed me so much breath in my body, I refuse to waste any of it on so-called progressive libturds.



Comment by Michael Goodfellow on April 16, 2012 at 4:45pm


Each time I hear "It's Bush's fault" I wonder precisely when Obama will take office.

Comment by Will on April 16, 2012 at 4:37pm
How dare this incompetant imbecile who sits in the Oval Office dare to bring up the possibility of raising taxes yet again. To Hell with him!!! It is NO MORE our "responsibility" to pay any federal taxes than it is Congress' responsibility to set a balanced budget!

This moron keeps talking about "Fairness". The fact is that it's our money that he demands, yet he is "exempt" from any responsibility for the proper handling/spending of that which does not belong to him or Congress.

Did someone say "Taxation without Representation"?
Comment by sharon ostwinch on April 16, 2012 at 3:19pm

Great article  Liberals will never admit that another side of the opinion exists.  Let alone fight about it.  But it is always amazing they repeat and repeat and while doing that usually the info is invalid or a lie.  No one can state that socialism or marxism is a good idea.  It is about control and greed and that is all it is.

Comment by CaliRay on April 16, 2012 at 3:18pm

An excellent article that hits the high points of how impossible it is to have a real conversation about serious problems facing this nation. My experience with liberals parallels this one. I constantly hear "it's Bush's fault".

Comment by Laura Davis on April 16, 2012 at 3:10pm

John, I always look forward to your posts.  They are very insightful.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Do you have any proven methods of getting through to the liberals or are they all lost causes?

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