America’s first horseman of the American Apocalypse; ‘Ignorance mounted upon a Horse of a ‘different color?’

In Christianity of America’s religious foundations at the end times, are the harbinger of what will occur. The messengers are identifies as riding horses of different colors, white, red, black and pale. They are identifies in the Revelations of Jesus Crist to Saint John. With many different interpretations, what the different horsemen represent. The English acceptance they represent Conquest, War, Famine, and Death. 

For the society of man, these identified are easily accepted as possibilities of man’s destructive nature. Each, conquest, war, famine and death are not separate, but more each a continuation of the other. The seed, the greed of man, resulting in both political dominance of others and extending that dominance to even more leading to conquest is recognized in the literacy of mankind since time immemorial. From Sargon the Great of ancient identification to the dementia of the islamic ideology of today – the conquest, submit and obey – is the same icon, the same siren song of society. War is but the opposition of those who would reject domination of those who would advance conquest – an obvious conclusion. Famine, the killer of man, while also one of the main motivators that has led to actions of countries, societies, and individuals known in man’s existence. The finality of Death is not only known by all men, but on the journey of life of all men, waits for every man in the events of man’s timeline.

The connection, the interdependence, and the obvious results are as the religious concept of Christianity to all who acknowledge this reality, as our nation’s foundations, self-evident.

That the horsemen effect all men existing on this planet, of the species of man, and the association, perhaps the civilization, of our society is impossible to dismiss. Our history, the history of man, but confirms the reality on a continuum. Never veering, never changing, as if on a loop of a historical event, the history repeats. It repeats with different characters, and different participants. Thought they change, the genre of the event remains constant.

Each is recognizable, each is identifiable, each is different, while tied together as the reality of the existence of mankind.

In this journey of men upon this planet’s surface, one and only one, society has ever attempted to create a society separate, unique, and specific to their own standards, their own culture, and ethnicity. A society inclusive of all, with their own decisions of how man decided to satisfy that void – as identified by Socrates’s as only the species of man has that place which can only be filled by a spirit – their morals of societal standards. The result, the religion accepted and chosen, the same religion accepted and chosen by those who accept enlightenment, and reject the darkness of society. The foundations, the theology of Christianity not only permeate this nation’s design, they are the foundation of this nation’s existence. The facts, the proofs, the confirmation is not difficult to confirm. Our creator, our inalienable rights, our recognition of the reality that all men are equal, magnify the simple lowest common denominator of that accepted by civilized society, the foundations of Christianity, the sanctity of life.

In Biblical presentation man was endowed something so remarkable it was identified. The ‘Garden of Eden’ existed where man had all without any effort. This resulted in the clash of endowed rights – that free will of man – for his own choice of action. 

History of man by some miraculous accident of many variables resulted in a society that came closest to duplicating the concept of what this ‘Garden of Eden’ represented. A society where civility, the social conscience of mores, the homogenous religious theology of Christianity, and the principles of Republic form of governance … with the responsibility of each, to that government … occurred. Some, though there are few in this nation – which once was that miracle – know this reality. Instead too many concentrate the negatives of that society, identifying the wrongs of this nation, than the wonder of what was accomplished. Resulting in the reality, we spend more effort, reducing the wonder, to deal with those things not of our design, but accepted from other societies, most often in diametric opposition to our own wonder.

Today we have as the elected leader – that was elected not by the design of our nation – who was elected by a design foreign to our nation’s creation. The result is as expected as it is obvious. Sadly, the analysis of this current president that America is unjust, we must agree. As all communist in our history, from Lincoln, to Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt,  Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Clinton, and of course this current disaster have by their actions proven that this nation’s past is full of unjust actions that have been advanced in this nation. Confirmation of those facts is easy to find. Any historical records record the mistakes, making things unjust that have occurred in this nation’s history.

Here is the separation between the fallacy of the concept we are unjust, and the facts of the actions this nation have done that are verifiable. It is not the actions of our nation’s design, which led to the unjust actions this nation has enacted. The diametric opposite is fact. It is the application of concepts not of this nation’s design, creating the unjustness this nation has enacted.

If we create an algorithm of design in this nation, it is a step by step easily identifiable and identifiable of unjustness this nation has created, and applied. Our nation’s wonder, began with what? Is it not strange that there are so few who live in this nation that have no idea of this nation, what this nation is, or the why this nation was created as it was?

As one reviews the reality of this nation’s demise, one asks when the problem began. Is not our genesis the Second Congressional Congress when the Declaration of Independence was signed? Truly, it is not our genesis; it is the act of confirming our genesis. For the concepts, the philosophy of our design, this nation based on the singular concept of the rights of man ‘individually’ had been in the gestation period in the English Reformation for 400 years.

We this nation of that singular philosophy of government protecting the rights – those inalienable rights endowed by our creator – by the forming of a government to rule began. That government had no other problems to concern themselves. Government authorized to protect the individual rights, and nothing else.

When did we veer from that path?

As one studies the continental congress, the wording of those things used as an example – among them, the inalienable rights of man – there were three things listed. These examples were that only a creator could provide, or the effort of the individual, unencumbered could achieve. Life, a wonder none of us can explain – or conceive where or why it even exists – endowed by our very birth. Liberty, accepted as the natural state of free men – men with the Christian Concept of free will – have by that right of their very existence.

There are many who have evaluated the Declaration of Independence. Many who recorded the difficulty of agreement among the participants? Much history and opinionating on what the goals and whys of those participants reached the final words of the document they accepted.

Reading the history, the last choice was to be as an example was property. This was finally rejected not on reason, but on ideology.  

In this nation, the difference in words and their meaning is dismissed. Our icon is, as Hillary Clinton was such a spokesperson for; ‘What does it matter!’ The nation today content in acquiescence that not only do they not care about their individual liberty; they don’t even comprehend what that individual liberty is, or why it is important.

Sadly, it is so important, that when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, they could not help but apply the ideology of some, to circumvent the facts – the philosophy – of others. The problem began in this nation at our very beginning. It was when the first horse of the American Apocalypse first appeared. The color, as the concept represented was to obscure fact, and advance fiction, perhaps the most appropriate color would be … it was a horse of a different color. As ideology requires no facts, nothing of proof is required, only that one believes in something. This is accepted without anything to sustain the belief. Then why not should the horse be whatever color any could wish it to be. It is the color that every individual, under whatever choice to their own relevance wished to believe, desires. So is not a ‘horse of a different color apropos?  

What should be our rider? What is the most appropriate title for one who is of not facts, not reason, not knowledge but exist only the mind of those who wish it to be? Is the lack of knowledge not identified as ignorance? Then should it not be appropriate that our first horseman of the American Apocalypse be the equestrian identifies as ‘ignorance?’ Is not that the perfect iconic definition, America’s first horseman of the American Apocalypse is ‘Ignorance mounted upon a Horse of a different color?’ 

In America’s Declaration of Independence were outlined many of the – complaints, the reasons – for the action to declare independence. One of the complaints identified the ‘savages’, the indigenous population of this nation, referring to the actions of the British government, specifically the King. ‘He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has (sic) endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.’

It is important for us to understand this statement, and the position taken at that time by the ‘colonist’ on this continent. It is important because it was the situation of slavery, which called into question the problem with the statement of property. For the ideologues – those who removed the facts … that if wrong or right was not the problem … the facts were that slavery was and did exists with the contract of purchase. Why this fact has not been realized, and advanced is beyond comprehension. If property would have been used, the ideology resulting in the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ would have removed the emotions – and advanced reason. Would not have using the correct term, the correct identification, been more appropriate than in a scenario resulting in the death of a million people, under the pretext of ending slavery, which was a challenge to property protections – while the real reason was as Lincoln stated in his campaign; ‘I will collect the taxes!’ Another of the horsemen of the American Apocalypse added the destructive nature to that mistake, still not corrected.

We peer at the next horse, our eyes strain to make out the shape, to identify the color, or to even confirm there is a horse there at all. For the horse is but a projection of the rider. That rider has nothing of foundation, nothing of fact, nothing that any society of reasonable rational society ever would believe. For the horseman of the second horse of America’s Apocalypse is Propaganda. Propaganda is constantly in action, never resting, never once even slowing down in any of the inundation upon the citizens of this nation. We, those of this nation, this nation’s citizens, inclusive of us all are not those to be informed. Instead, the goal, the reason for every political report, every government report, and every journalistic event experienced has an objective. It is not to inform, it is not to remove the cloud of ignorance, which permeates our society, rather it is to advance the ideology not of this nation’s preservation. It is constructed, as if the result of a Madison Avenue sales presentation or the script of a Hollywood movie to influence the lack of knowledge our society possesses. The sad scenario of fact, when ignorance is the foundation of one’s understanding. One then is but a victim, the sucker, the most helpless that can be manipulated, and concepts as foreign ideologies every presented in this nation, presented without objection.

Currently in our recognition of men who gave their final measure of devotion – their lives – in landing on the European Continent occurred on the 70th anniversary of that unbelievable event. Perhaps it’s just me, but listening to the press I cringed. The statement made by the press, written in the papers of not only this nation but also the world stated the most insulting and demeaning statement imaginable. The headlines I’ll never be able to wash from my memory. The Normandy Invasion preserved democracy, ‘DAMN-O-CRAZY,’ for mankind. Who can possibly imagine that anyone, one individual anywhere for any reason would dedicate their life to advance one of the most destructive, and corrosive forms of government every from the darkest recesses of man’s mental perversion. Is it just ignorance? Or, is it propaganda, advancing this dementia as it is what men would give their final measure of devotion? When one listens to Ronald Reagan, who gave the most eloquent speech identifying what those men fought for, the reason, and the why it occurred in his remembrance of Normandy at Pointe Du Hoc. There is nothing but the facts. The reasons that Americans have always stood ready to take the actions required, on every corner, no matter how small or insignificant the event, that American’s will make that dedication. It is the same reason, the same philosophy that is the cornerstone of this nation. That singular word, that is as unknown in this nation – as we advance ignorance, by the propaganda supplied – of ‘liberty.’ How sad that even one who loved this nation, who had known the wonder of this nation as Regan, also was inundated to advance the ideology of what we are not, calling the liberty of men, democracy, when it is the diametric opposite of the liberty, and the freedom – from government – of mankind. All Americans should know the best and only factual identification of democracy ever eloquently stated. The speaker, Vladimir Lenin: ‘Democracy is indispensable to socialism.’ With the only result, ‘The goal of socialism is communism.’ For in Communism, liberty is the enemy, the one thing not tolerated, but condemned, ‘It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.’ Why this isn’t known, isn’t taught, isn’t as tacit as breathing to every American is incomprehensible.

The next horse America faces if blurred, it is as if there are two horses melt together, each with determinable features, but always with the shadow evident and there, but strangely not identifiable. The whole is strange, as if some illusion lacking reality. Astride the horse of ‘no features’ the rider is as lacking features and identification as the horse. As if it is not something solid, but something that has the power of a chameleon, that ability to mirror the surroundings, become whatever the wind blows. An image that concentrating you can identify it is two specific riders, each different, but each with the same purpose. The result you see the rider as an entity, iconic to exactly what the rider represents. For the rider of the ‘horse of no features’, that is unidentifiable, without extinguishment is the ‘political’. For in our nation there is not political apparatus for this nation. Each of the puppets we know, the shills we hear, the character actors advancing an agenda for the unknown, the hidden managers of their destructiveness – the political parties – corrupt and destroy this nation on a continuum. Each as corrosive as the other, each an agent of the other, each as detrimental to the concept of ‘liberty’ of the Republican form of government, and the enumerations of our design as the other.

The proof is obvious. So obvious it is provable whenever one wishes to bother examining the facts, the history of our nation, the actions of our nation’s elected – through the insanity of damn-o-crazy – not for this nation’s preservation, but its ‘fundamental transformation.’ Here is the simple prognosis; find one action advanced by government – in the political agenda of actions by either party – since Warren Harding that was solely for the preservation of our nation. You will not find one. There are many, many with the assistance of the propaganda, the advancement of this nation’s ignorance, the hypocrisy, and the hyperbole of the political parties that tell us they are. Yet none can pass the experimentation of results, the scientific means of conformation that can be identified providing confirmation.

The perfect example is once again using the evaluations of celebrating D-Day the invasion of Europe. The pundits say the turning point of the war was D-Day. What history do they know? Germany was lost, the fate sealed, sealed on the frozen slopes of Stalingrad, the final death blow of the Fascist Communism of Hitler’s dementia. Winston Churchill identified the turning point, sleeping soundly that the way was won – when Germany in some hallucination of abject insanity – declared war on THE united STATES of America. The fate of Japan was sealed when the American Pacific fleet was moved to Hawaii … allowing access by the Japanese navy to attack them … and they did what was expected them to do.

Normandy prevented on thing and one thing only. It preserved the façade that liberty remained in Western Europe. It prevented the iron boot of Russia not enclosing the dementia of communism and applying their sovereignty over all of Europe, nothing else. Perhaps the greatest waste of effort of any society, for today under the guise of the insanity of democracy the peoples of Europe, as in this nation, are preferring communism to freedom. Accelerating and acerbating the absolute magnitude of the societies of propagandized and ignorant citizens worldwide.             

While today, not only has the cancerous disease of communism not only permeated Europe, this nation has also the disease as we spent our power saving those who refused salvation, preferring no responsibility. While at the same time, our citizens, our political parties allowed this nation’s destruction.

As citizens of this nation; it is not only impossible, it is without scientific possibility to see the last horse of the American Apocalypse. The outline is visible, as if a silhouette a shadow of what you can’t see. For the horse is not of light, it is the absence of light. It is as the dark hole in the far reaches of the universe, where light cannot escape. There light is drawn in as if consumed, and there is not light, or reflection of light for the senses of man to see or acknowledge.       

The rider is equally obscure. No one knows his shape, no one knows his anything, and it is as if there exists an entity unknown to the physical laws of nature and nature’s God. Some abomination of unparalleled construct that is unidentifiable, yet projects a foreboding to the species of man identified as Homo sapient … thinking man. This entity makes mortal man’s hair on the back of his neck stand up. That in the psychological identification of man encourages fight or flight. The basic instinct of self-preservation not only obvious but is also verifiable. For the rider of the horse of ‘no light’, is ‘government’.

Once long ago, when reason and logic, history and examples of past mistakes of knowledge were this nation’s foundations, government was not the nemesis of society. Government was understood, government was feared, and the dangers of totalitarianism, of those who believed in statist, the domination, the totalitarianism of sovereignty of government over man’s freedom. That miracle of design has been slowly and surely destroyed, convoluted, and become perverse. Once this nation as Regan identifies was that shining beacon on the hill. A nation like no other before in philosophy, confirmed in that simple concept that government is not, nor ever can be the answer. Understanding the inverse, the diametric opposite is the only conclusion with this design. As government advances, the problems escalate. For government cannot, has not, and shall not ever be the answer. For in the reality of what is, government has not the power to do anything for anyone. All government can ever accomplish, as it is currently is the redistribution of the wealth of the many to the use of the few. It occurs on both ends of the spectrum. Advancing the fascism – the indirect control of communism – allowing the consolidation in the private sector of corporations, making larger and larger entities on the backs of those in this nation that provide the effort, the work, the wealth of this nation.

Once there was a time those who came to this nation, came to share our wonder. Assimilate as one of this nation, to become Americans. Today that concept those ideals, those principles are as far from the thieves that steal across our border as those of ideology allowed into this nation, nor to join this nation, not to even enjoy the wonder of this nation – but as the nihilist as our president – but to advance this nation’s fundamental transformation. Theirs is one and only one goal, the nihilism, the destruction, the genocide of the society, the culture, and the wonder of our nation of a miracle of immeasurable incomprehensible design.

The transgressors, the robbers of our wonder, come not for our wonder. They instead attach to our nation like the lamprey to the host. They come not to enhance our nation, but to as all parasites to such the very lifeblood of this nation, destroying the host in the process. They are the perfect tool, the ultimate warrior of nihilism, the destroyers of civilization, and the bearers of slavery of all in this nation. For they are not now, nor ever shall be assimilated, never become one with those of this nation. They have not our culture, our ethnicity, our mores, our morals, or ever understand the simple concept of principles, laws. Their very actions confirmation, for they break the law without remorse, encouraged by one with the design to destroy this nation, identical to their objective.

In the movie, ‘A Few Good Men,’ Jack Nicholson played ‘Cornel Nathan R. Jessup. As Jessup he was on the stand in a court martial defending actions that occurred under his watch. In the final confrontation between the lawyer and Jessup the lawyer asks ‘I want the truth!’ The reply is as iconic as the situation of this nation today. For Jessup replies as caustic as required, ‘You can't handle the truth!’

That is the same scenario of this nation today. The answer to every danger this nation faces is simple. It is the same as when this nation was from the minds of free men, with free will, created this wonder. For there is the horse of salvation and his rider we have not considered.

The Horse of our salvation is so bright; it cannot be looked at with the naked eye. For the horse, as its rider is so brilliant, so bright, so radiant it is beyond purity, beyond question, beyond anything but amazement.

For the steed of the horse of our salvation is righteousness. It is the same righteousness, which guided those who in that wonder took the time to create a nation unknown in man’s history. For it was a nation of government to preserve man, not to enslave mankind.

The rider on this steed resonates as the hope and the salvation of mankind. It is not a new concept, not something that is some ideology of some mankind concept. For this philosophical idealism has been in the annals of mankind since man’s earliest literacy. For the rider of the horse of brilliance identifies by Socrates, qualified by Montesquieu, enhanced, and advanced by Locke, Luther, and the English reformation. For the rider of our reformation, and our preservation is TRUTH. Simply really, as simple as Jessup replied, ‘We, we this nation cannot handle the truth.’ There is no substitute for truth. It is our preservation, our idealism, and our principles as a nation that we find and adhere to truth. Our banner is truth. The question we as a nation must answer, ‘can we stand the truth?’    



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Comment by Jeanine Kincheloe on June 12, 2014 at 6:50pm

Time stood absolutely still for me while I read this. Thank you, I think it is stunning in its depth.

Comment by Coloman de hegedus on June 8, 2014 at 5:06pm

Thank you Dan, but thank you too, John. Complacency! Very astute observation.

Comment by Diane Sicca on June 8, 2014 at 9:06am

AWESOME! Thank you for your time and effort.

Comment by John Wiant on June 7, 2014 at 8:40pm

Dan / nice job. 

This sentence is fantastic: 

"It is the application of concepts not of this nation’s design, creating the UN-justness this nation has enacted."

In use of your horsemen, I would propose one you failed to mention, the one that seems to be so related to the cause and effect of this situation:  The one so predictably to immediately follow a twist on the application of modern day "conquest" offered up by things like French Fries, television, microwave ovens, and hot water and lighting at the flip of a switch or turn of a handle: Complacency.  

It is complacency that Alfred Hitchcock's movies tried to warn us about and it is complacency that seems to have pushed the HALF of America that votes to say "what the hell.....it's time to give a black man a turn" and bring us this President / so clearly lacking in competency.  It is also complacency that allows most of America to continue to sleep through the entire economy being on the brink of disaster with nobody watching the debt clock or trying to conceive what that much debt may mean for our immediate future. It may be complacency that allows the HALF of America that votes to say "what the hell.....it's time to give a woman a turn" and possibly put Hillary Clinton in the White House, where the media would once again cover her tracks without a trace. 

The Truth I think we can stand is related to the two most fundamental concepts I believe all educators (people like you) ever put deep into my brain and perhaps into my soul: 

If you pursue Truth and Knowledge, you never know what you may find, but your life will likely improve. 

Then, while pursuing Truth and Knowledge, I can look back on my own life and realize the majority of it was spent without my having known where I grew up, what America was really all about, how Christianity influenced the founding of our Nation, and I could not possibly have learned to observe the chipping away of all that, as the ..."parasites to such the very lifeblood of this nation, destroying the host in the process...." enjoy themselves, even as they devour our future, simultaneously with our past. 

Comment by Phil McConathy on June 7, 2014 at 7:58pm

Thanks. Great article. I fear our current so-called leaders in DC are only concerned with their own re-election and America be damned.

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on June 7, 2014 at 7:49pm


Comment by Darwin Rockantansky on June 7, 2014 at 7:37pm


Extremely well presented.

Thank you for taking the time to share this.


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