I recently was given a copy of the documentary Agenda: Grinding Down America by Darlene Wood-Harvey, a retired U.S. Navy Captain. As fate would have it I recieved a call from Don Cunningham, a retired U.S. Coast Guard Captain, asking me if I had seen the documentary. Don asked me to suggest it for showing at a meeting of the local chapter of the Christian Coalition. After attending the local Memorial Day ceremony I decided to watch Agenda.

Agenda is a very powerful documentary that informs, educates and calls each of us to action. It traces in an easily understood and well documented way how various "movements", have worked to grind the moral, religious and social foundations of America down.

According to MovieGuide.com:

AGENDA: GRINDING AMERICA DOWN is the most powerful exposé of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far. This is not a conspiracy documentary about a secret collusion between two or more conspirators to affect some nefarious change, but rather a clear look at the publicized agenda of the hard left and shows how they have effectively implemented that public agenda. The documentary starts with a quote from Joseph Stalin, “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” Then, the documentary shows the steps the Communist Party said were necessary to destroy America’s patriotism, morality and faith. Incredibly, they were able to achieve their agenda.

I highly recommend that every American from all parties watch this compelling documentary. Get a copy, watch it, invite your friends and family over to watch it, share it with others and most importantly do something about it. What is that something you need to do? Well, watch the documentary for at the end is the call to action.

Please watch the trailer for Agenda: Grinding Down America:

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