Timothy Birdnow

Murder is a social act, not a personal one.

Now, that proposition should be self-evident; it may be an ANTI-social act, but it involves other people and as such is a form of social interaction, a dialogue between killer and others. In the case of school shootings or other massacres it is a final act of defiance, a shouting at the world in a horrible spasm of hatred. It differs from suicide which, while it may be an act of social defiance and an attempt to hurt those who love the perp/victim it may instead be merely a desperate attempt to end a painful existence. Not so the mass murder/suicide; it is first and foremost a flipping of the bird at society, an act designed to cause maximum pain. Adam Lanza was the latest in a long line of such individuals.

Lanza took great pains to hide his reasons, or so we are being told; he apparently destroyed his hard drive so as to confound investigators.

But this is odd behavior for a mass murderer; generally there is a note detailing the reasons. In some cases that note is quite long. Consider the case of the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski, who wrote a manifesto that ran to 232 paragraphs. Suicides sometimes fail to leave notes (more often than not want someone to understand why they killed themselves) but it is rare indeed for a mass murderer to fail to do so. A mass murderer may well be psychotic, and his motivations may be crazy, but that does not mean he is necessarily irrational. Generally the irrational cannot carry out such a plan.

Adam Lanza was far from irrational. Crazy, yes, but he moved with deliberation and purpose.

One of the things that has struck me in this whole horrible saga is the similarities between Lanza and Kaczynski. Consider:

-Kaczynski skipped two grades, and started college when he was 16. Adam Lanza  dropped out of high school at some point in tenth grade, and was enrolled at Connecticut State at age 16.

-Kaczynski seems to have suffered a personality change as a result of drugs taken at an early age. According to the divorce records of Peter and Nancy   Lanza Adam was diagnosed with Asperser’s, and it seems likely was also on
drugs at an early age. While these drugs may be quite different, the factthat chemical alterations were occurring is a common factor.

-Kaczynski, being younger and smaller than his Harvard classmates, seems to have occupied a low social station there. Adam Lanza did likewise in his   school.

-Kaczynski was pushed to excel in school, something that seems likely happened to Lanza, as his father was an extremely successful man and Adam was clearly
 overly bright.

-Kaczynski’s family were atheists, and were likely left-leaning. Adam Lanza's  family is ultra-conservative, or so the media is trying to claim.

Really? It just so happens that Peter Lanza is a vice president at GE Financial, the same GE that has been locked in a lover's embrace with Barack Obama and the whole Democratic Establishment. That, of course, proves nothing, but the senior Lanza was also an adjunct at Northeastern University. So, a college professor, a tax expert working as a senior executive at a notoriously liberal company, and a man who left his wife and disturbed child. Again, this does not constitute proof of any political persuasion, but it does form a pattern.

(Interestingly enough, it also forms a family pattern reminiscent of Adolf Hitler; Hitler was also a loner with a distant father and a close relationship with his mother, and Hitler had few friends and apparently no close friends, much like Adam Lanza. And Hitler dropped out of school at about the same time as Lanza.)

Nancy's ex sister-in-law has said Nancy had guns for defense, because she lived in a big, expensive house given to her at the time of her divorce. There is no mention of survivalism by Peter Lanza's sister. Were she a survivalist why would she be living in a well-to-do neighborhood with an expensive house, an obvious target when the looting started?

And she had a lot to protect. According to a Huffington Post article:

"Nancy Lanza, received $289,800 in alimony this year. It was to continue until December 2023, with slight increases each year for cost of living."

Even if all of this is true, and Nancy Lanza was prepping for the end of civilization, what does that prove? The Unabomber did the exact same thing and he can hardly be considered a radical right-winger. He was clearly from the utopian Left, the anarchic wing that makes up a chunk of the "Occupy Wall Street" crowd. The Back to the Land movement during the '60'd and '70's was full of such people.

And a great many on the Left seek to destroy our industrial civilization today. Consider this or read Kaczynski's own manifesto. (In both of these "leftists" are dismissed as part of the problem; this does not mean either Kaczynski or the anarchist author are right-wing, but rather that they are, like Hitler and the Nazis, from a different wing of the Left.) Consider the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement.

(It should be pointed out that part of the very definition of conservative is a desire to CONSERVE. Destruction is radical heterodoxy, not a thing that fits with a philosophy that believes in saving that which is good.)

Survivalism is as much, if not more, a Leftist phenomenon.

And so we have no reason to believe any of the claims being made by our good Progressive friends that this horror was somehow a result of conservative principles, and we DO have reason to suspect that it devolves from the Left.

But whether Lanza was raised as a liberal or not may well be academic; he grew up in a culture that is awash in left-wing thinking, one that fills every waking moment of a child's life with liberal social theory.

All his life he has been subject to an endless intellectual and emotional assault as liberalism has emerged triumphant in our schools, in our entertainment, in our literature, in our cultural institutions. Lanza grew in the fetid fertilizer of the left, from the hypersexual of movies, television programs, video games, music, etc. to the foul-mouthed lyrics of rap music and its emphasis on violence, rape, misogyny, and hatred, to the decay of civil discourse and behavior as the left has become increasingly brutish. Read any liberal website and observe the vicious nature, the rough language, the snarling hatred that passes for discourse.

And the institutions that should have protected him - family, school, church, etc. - have either been co-opted into inculcating the liberal world view or have simply failed. No fault divorce and a culture that places personal fulfillment above all else meant Adam was disadvantaged in terms of family. How involved was his father? His dad seems to have been more involved in his career than in his son's needs. This is not to fault Peter Lanza as an individual but to fault our modern culture in which possessions are the ultimate standard by which society judges. This was not true in times past; being a good father and moral person mattered. No longer. Success has, thanks to the materialism of the Left, been redefined into "he who has the most toys wins". Churches have been relegated to inconsequentiality in the hysterical and anti-historical pursuit of "separation of Church and State" something that only applied to the formal establishment of an official national religion and was never meant to ban God from the public square. The notion of teaching morality, of teaching self-control, has been removed in the quixotic liberal quest for absolute freedom, and has been replaced with a worship of the State.

I have yet to find any meaningful religion mentioned about the Lanzas.   

The gun control argument following this terrible event is a perfect example; Progressives are demanding we take guns away from private citizens and invest all of our security needs in the State. The State cannot stop bad behavior, nor can it react quickly enough to protect us from a determined, intelligent madman like Adam Lanza. Instead of teaching people to control themselves the liberals seek an external source of control. This is doomed to failure, except insofar as it will meet the ulterior motive of forcing good people under the Progressive thumb. It was not and is not intended to solve the problem of violence.

Cultural relativism has made the truths Americans used to cling to seem quaint and just plain useless. We no longer teach that our values are worthwhile. We are instead taught to be ashamed of our beliefs and way of life. Why care about a few children? That is so old fashioned! Especially when the Left promotes a culture of death. Consider; Barack Obama opposed both a partial birth abortion ban AND a requirement that a baby born of a botched abortion be cared for; he wants them thrown alive into the trash. If so little value is placed on the most defenseless life, why should an Adam Lanza worry about some six year olds? It is the natural conclusion to the liberal worldview. Ditto euthanasia.

We used to believe life was precious.

These days, of course, family is whatever anyone wants it to be. It no longer has any real meaning in the liberal mind. Two men are as good as a husband and wife, or three, or twelve. How long before we see marriage extended to any sexual act? At a certain point the whole notion becomes silly. Yet the family is the bedrock of human civilization. The Left has always hated it - consider Marx and Engels wanted to ban it. The family prevents the Left from doing the work of remaking the human condition. Lenin and Stalin found banning so fundamental an institution was difficult, so the modern Left has simply decided to redefine it out of existence.

And education? Read Alston Chase's work on Harvard's influence on Kaczynski.

Harvard created something called General Ed, a curriculum in a red book, which, well:

"It was at Harvard that Kaczynski first encountered the ideas about the evils of society that would provide a justification for and a focus to an anger he had felt since junior high school. It was at Harvard that he began to develop these ideas into his anti-technology ideology of revolution. It was at Harvard that Kaczynski began to have fantasies of revenge, began to dream of escaping into wilderness. And it was at Harvard, as far as can be determined, that he fixed on dualistic ideas of good and evil, and on a mathematical cognitive style that led him to think he could find absolute truth through the application of his own reason. Was the Unabomber -- "the most intellectual serial killer the nation has ever produced," as one criminologist has called him -- born at Harvard?"

And what was happening at Harvard? Leftist professors were teaching the evils of Christianity, of Judaism, and of the Western ideas of progress and industry, liberty, limited government, self control.

This hatred of all things Christian and Western used to be confined to Academia, but now, thanks to the training all teachers receive, has filtered down to the youngest of children. Adam Lanza was undoubtedly exposed to this. Lanza was quicker than most, too, but lacked the emotional maturity that comes with living in the world for long periods. Like Kaczynski he was given too much cynicism at too early an age.

At the very least he was exposed to a culture that considers Man to be nothing but a hunk of meat, a rational animal. And, given the way Environmentalism and Global Warming Alarmism has swallowed the schools (where is there a school that hasn't forced children to see "An Inconvenient Truth"?) there is every reason to believe Lanza saw those children not as someone's son or daughter or brother or sister but as an infectious agent, as a blight that is consuming our planet.

And a culture that teaching human beings are slaves to their lusts, their impulses, to the wiring of their brains. It is a doctrine of ultimate despair, as there seems no way out of one's problems (or global problems) because we are but a series of hard-wired responses, a mass of biological drives. There is no free will in modern Leftism. If one is but a biological machine, if our minds are nothing but switches and wires and our hearts nothing but hormones we are worse than prisoners. The one act, the one piece of defiance open to an individual, is to end it. Adam Lanza may well have thought he was doing the children a favor.

We don't know exactly what Adam Lanza was taught or what he believed, but something made him decide to commit mass murder, and every element that was likely to penetrate his mind was probably liberal.

But we must ask again; why did he destroy his hard drive? Why no note, no manifesto?

For that matter, there seems to be a good deal of murkiness surrounding this whole affair. It is unclear when Lanza quit school, or what he studied. There should be open records. A lot of talented investigative journalists should be on the trail of public records, yet we seem to have very little about Lanza and his family.

I searched through political records to see if either Peter or Nancy Lanza donated any money to any candidates, and found nothing. This is odd; Peter worked for a corporation that pretty much expected their top brass to donate. I find this very strange. I also find it strange that we don't have school records to see. I wonder if something didn't happen involving Adam Lanza, something that may have been sealed by the courts? Google certainly does not produce any websites cataloguing courses taken by Lanza. It should be pointed out that Google keeps a record of web searches done by individuals, and that should be something that can be checked. What else did Lanza do on the computer? Strange how little we are finding out about him.

Curioser and Curioser.

Our modern liberal movement revolves around chaos. The whole Cloward and Piven strategy is about sewing the seeds of chaos in our institutions, to “overload the system”. The murders at Sandy Hook Elementary certainly help advance such chaos. America appears to be in a state of emergency on every front. At such times people turn to strong leaders and empower governments.  In that regard Adam Lanza was a poster boy of revolution, the face Obama’s friend, the terrorist William Ayers sees in his dreams.

In the end it is Adam Lanza who bears responsibility for his actions, although he was doubtlessly influenced by a values-free culture that excuses individual responsibility. A LIBERAL culture.

It makes us wonder who the crazy parties really are? 

Timothy Birdnow is a conservative writer in St. Louis. Read more from Tim and his friends at www.tbirdnow.mee.nu


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Comment by Elaine West on December 24, 2012 at 8:53pm

Joana, You can bet, if it can be done - O'Bummer will do it.  Mind control, neuroscience, psych games - call it what you will.  But, I believe it works on prisoners in foreign prisons and I believe all those people who adore O'B are being controlled in a macro setting of the same principles. 

Comment by joana briggs on December 24, 2012 at 8:48pm

Just watched You tube video linked by Sharon and realized that some of my children, grand children and now great grand children have an "electronics addiction". All of them struggle with social interaction with peers and with social "regulations or order". They are good, not trouble makers but loners. Could these mind control techniques be used in common games with mass intentions? The family has thought the games were a refuge easier than social interaction but I wonder which came first. The world is a scary place now that I know more and know I must continue researching even if it is scary. 

Comment by Paul Szemanczky on December 24, 2012 at 5:41pm

Ah, Elaine, a kindred spirit! I'm glad you're as fiery as I am; I've lost most damned liberal and moderate friends in the last 3 years, when I began to write and blog like this. But I learned from the best in that time: meeting and befriending many in the Tea Party: Lloyd Marcus, Jeff Bruzzo, Jack Kemp, Daryl Montgomery, Andy Stewart, and thank-God 1,000+ facebook friends who are all like you and me. One day we'll all be placed in temp. camps before they figure out WHAT to do with us, unless by a miracle, we WIN!

Comment by Elaine West on December 24, 2012 at 5:35pm

Paul S., You're a very learned and wise man.  Thank you for your input.  I also pray as you do, for the drastic change.  I am an avid reader and have enjoyed every Tom Clancy novel in print.  One I particularly enjoy engages a disgruntled pilot who plows into the House during a joint session and state of the union address - ridding the country of all three branches and the cabinet in one blow.  I know I'm on everyone's blacklist and I'll be one of the first to be either beheaded or imprisoned in a FEMA camp.  But, I know the stench of evil when I smell it.

Comment by Paul Szemanczky on December 24, 2012 at 5:27pm

Elaine: Check what I believe about Obama and the Dems by looking up my 100+ columns at Project Shining City - Front Page website - or at this one; I don't discount your theory at all. I get on my knees everynight and literally pray for the end of Biden, Obama and a dozen others, and I'm not squemish about any of the methods it would take. I also pray we go over the cliff and into the mouth of the financial blackhole with China swirling the 'event horizon' to our financial destruction and 'revelation' otherwise my nephews and yours won't have a future in another year when inflation rips this nation open and revolution of the classes and inertia by the dependent masses of armies Obama is creating take over. There's no movie script for this, but read 3 of my blogs in The Twilight Zone future series I wrote for PSC and this site, and you'll see what 2015 will be in my calculation. If Obama could get away with Solyndra and 3-dozen other holy alliances with his pals and Congress did nothing, what makes you think LIBOR matters so much. When Obama shatters the dollar the Euro will be right behind it, or just ahead.

Comment by Elaine West on December 24, 2012 at 11:30am

Paul S.,  I wish that all you say is ALL THERE IS.  However, there are no such things as coincidences in this admin.  Both Aurora AND Sandy Hook shooters have fathers who were to testify in the LIBOR fraud case.  I don't think you understand the MAJOR WORLD IMPACT their testimonies could have.  LIBOR, London International Board of Rates was manipulated by the banks it serves to show a fraudulent financial position in order to hold the banks at a rate which eventually ended in the US govt. paying bail out money to these institutions.  Which action, leads directly to the financial collapse of our country - aided and abetted by primarily NWO hopefuls Soros and company and secondarily by O'Bummer.  This information simply cannot come out because these power players are in too deep to stop and besides they're almost finished with us, we will completely collapse and be conquered before the second term is over.

Your insight is as pertinent to this case as is my checking account balance to the "fiscal cliff". 

Two targets with one stone....fear stopped the testifying by Holmes and Lanza fathers....and the case for "gun control"  (read confiscation).  If you recall the late movie with Mel Gibson, "Conspiracy Theory" he was unstable but more important HE KNEW THE TRUTH AND HE WAS RIGHT.   I'm beginning to feel more and more like ole Mel.

Paul please open your mind to another window and another truth.  Michelle Malkin, "Culture of Corruption" stated you must "watch the other hand".  Try a therapeutic  session of "What if".  Forget all you know and trust in our leaders and instead replace that expectation with the goals and objectives of those who would conquer you and wish you harm.  Why don't our legislators see this and act according to the Constitution?


Comment by Paul Szemanczky on December 22, 2012 at 11:04pm

STC & EW: Holmes, Lanza, Hillariousy Clinton, Petraeus all conveniently EXCUSED truly by the Soros machine incognito. Don't leave out the Oedipal nature of Lanza as well, a mother-son lust and subjugation perhaps, and figurative killing of his father. Did Adam Lanza ever mate with anyone, his mother? Has anyone interviewed their housekeeper, or any of the help his mother procurred in her idleness to do the common things that alimony buys? This killer had an hourglass mind, contained and controlled by an outside force greater than himself, but what was it? Did his mother certainly display openly a fetish for young children which I derived by her son's association of her lust and his hatred for his childhood spent in Sandy Hook. The edges of this mother's wantonness seem to pervade his subconscious hatred, hence his attempt to hide his vice by destroying his computer record preventing 1-window from opening fully. I need to know what Adam Lanza 'killed' besides computerized images in an untimely way. And his friends are either vanished or in custody and sworn to secrecy, since someone harbors some of the elements of necromancy inside the monster A.L. became for a few hours, not days. The flashpoint was, I believe, his mother, or someone more trusted. He had a tremendous fear in his last 2-3 minutes when the first appearance of police became apparent, and unjustifiably he leaped into the abyss created by both his parents concurrent though separate neglect or social ignominy in their eyes and (years of) actions. At the age of 20 the mix and jumbled medley of a double desertion by parents has calcified into combustible acid at least 4 years already, which assumes the 'appearance of a grain elevator' in its height of dreaded inanimateness to 'a lost soul's gain of sand'. I've worked with a lot of sick teenage boys for many years as a teacher, in some of the worst facilities that try to dry them out or revive an initiation back-to-the-world, and if the parents in general don't take an interest in their son, the worst parts of society and the street will cover their mannerism, and the void of self-existence without guidance becomes a great momentous danger to all.

Comment by Elaine West on December 22, 2012 at 7:32pm

Lorraine, follow the fathers.  The clues are there.  Just google Lanza, Holmes or LIBOR and you will see the truth just waiting to be told.

Comment by Lorraine Ciuba on December 22, 2012 at 7:19pm

The pieces just don't fit.  Without the computer info on Adam Lanza, there is no trail.  Is the real evil an unseen, untold, undiscovered covered up fact?!.    

Comment by Gail Cohen on December 22, 2012 at 7:06pm

Weird that so little is out there - there is more to the story

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