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A Closer Look at the "Nashville Compact."

For those who read my November 23rd post, "All Road Lead to Nashville," on Eagles for America, you may have additional thoughts and ideas. For those who didn't, you can review it by visit to reference.

The post introduced 15 planks to a platform that would be unveiled in a proposed "first quarter 2015 convention" in Music City. No, one of the 15 planks isn't a proposal to move the national capital to Nashville. Governor Mike Huckabee proffered this idea some days following the post. It has merits. But, it's not covered in "All Roads Lead to Nashville."

Instead, we address numerous concerns. The objective is to return to the people, the America our forefathers died for. It begins with identifying the problem. Then we must come up with a game plan. I call it "The Nashville Compact."

That problem can be summed up as "a government, owned and operated by a special class of self appointed people who have distanced themselves from the country." In short, they are "Americas' ruling class." They make the rules, set the expectations and determine the standands for the nation, often exempting themselves from participation. To think that they will change voluntarily is a pipe dream! Immediate and decisive action is an imperative.

It starts with Plank number one- "Term Limits for Congressman and Senators:" Two, six-year Senate terms and six, two-year terms for Congressmen. To think that the Senate and Congress will fire themselves from the best job in  America is whistling Dixie! If plank number one becomes law, it will likely take a constitutional amendment. The process will begin in Nashvile.

Plank two calls for "Repeal of the 17th Amendment." For those who need to grab a copy of the constitutution to find the 17th amendment, let me save you some time. The 17th Amendment allows for direct election of United States Senators. The founders intended these U.S. Senators to be elected by the individual state senates. Why? Because the states retain more control. As it is now, any out-of-state PAC with a load of cash can buy an election. Repealing the 17th returns power to the states.

Plank number three calls for "Actual Ratification of the 16th Amendment." You mean it wasn't actually ratified? Nope! Only 26 states ratified it.(The U.S. had 48 states at that time)We needed 32! Don't know what's included in the 16th? Might be surprising. Bottom line, we now need 37 states to ratify this amendment. And what happens if we don't gain the necessary three-fourths? Then we won't have a federal income tax! Imagine that! It will be "consumption tax" or some other tax. But not a progressive income tax. This might put a "crimp" in the Washington D.C., big-spenders style!

Number four calls for "Ending All Federal(non-military) Employees Pensions." Instead, they would receive a 401k like the private sector. Elected officials would be included in this change. In the process, we would bring the federal workers compensation rate in line with their private sector counterparts. Currently they are making about 60% more.

Number five would "Cut Congressional Pay in Half, Making the Position Part Time." I don't think it would kill these elected officials to spend some time with their constituents!

Number six would "Eliminate the Education, Energy and Commerce Departments. E.P.A. Would be Reduced to 1975 Levels." It's current staff of 17,000 is larger than that the I.R.S.! It's focus would return to the 1975 goal of "providing information to the public," not serving as a partisan police force, working outside of the law."

Number seven is the "Replacement for Obamacare." Read the post. I think you'll like it!

Number eight will require that you read "E" is for English. But the main crux is to "make English the Official Language." The result would be tens of billions of dollars in savings for the individual states.

Number nine would amount to a "Federal Land Sale-off to Pay Down the Deficit." Only Americans would be eligible to buy. Has anyone realized how much the federal government owns. This is our traditional way of raising money. Why not now? Why does the government need to own this much real estate anyway?

Plank ten calls for the "Repeal of Dodd-Frank and all Accompanying Measures." We would wipe clean every piece of financial regulation has come down since 2008. Why? Because there were 900,000 jobs eliminated in the financial sector during this time, thanks to all of the unnecessary regulation imposed! Nuff said!

Number eleven calls for "Cutting the Corporate Income Tax Rate to 15%." Are we tired of all the off-shore outsourcing? Then let's do something about it! This will bring millions of job back to the U.S. For those who can't understand simple economics, consider this: "Why would any company stay in America(or come to America) to endure the world's highest corporate tax rate? It shouldn't require a P.H.D. in Economics to figure that one out!

Number twelve is the Nashville Compact's gift to Middle Class America. "No Capital Gains Tax for any Family Making Less than $500,000 per year." Mitt Romney proposed $200,000 and it was determined that it would save the average American family $167 per year in taxes. So this isn't a radical idea!

Lucky thirteen calls for "The Elimination of the Department of Homeland Security." Wouldn't this amount to eliminating a lot of jobs? Perhaps. But, we must take into consideration the danger of having a large, standing professional armed force. In truth, D.H.S. is eerily reminiscent of the S.S. in Nazi Germany. Of course, it would be unfair to suggest that these men and women have ever served in such a capacity. The S.S. was not originally seen as a collection of terrorist thugs. The point is, they became such over time. Who is to say the same fate couldn't unfold with our D.H.S.? For the sake of real national security, we must consider this option.

Plank fourteen introduces a "Fair, Practical and Far Reaching Blueprint for Immigration Reform."  This plan would include a path to citizenship for illegals in the country through no fault of their own. It would also target future immigrants who were (a) under thirty-years of age, (b) fluent in English (c) with an education or trade and (d) who had training or skills needed in the U.S. .This would amount to a partial remedy for the expected Social Security shortfall, because these new Americans would likely pay in to the system for 40 years. 

The last plank of the "Nashville Compact" would be to "Invigorate the Space Program." Why not build a space station on the moon? Mining helium three alone could justify such an objective. What's wrong with a joint mission to Mars and even Europa with the Russians? Why can't the public and private sector pool resources? 

This is the topic of "All Roads Lead to Nashville." It's about "unfettering America" by reducing the "size, scope and cost" of government. Yet to do this, we must break up the old status quot. They have created an American political nobility."   





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Comment by Kate on January 3, 2014 at 9:36am

Regarding term it possible to include that those who achieve their goal as Rep or Senator and go home, can NOT become a lobbyist or be appointed as some alphabet head, or the like?  Unless they decide to run for prez, they can't run for ANY other office as well, even local dog catcher!  California messed up with their term limit idea, and they got the moonbeam back.  Personally, I'd give them only 6 years....3 terms in the House, one in the Senate, then make them go the hell home and live in the REAL world!  But that's just me.  :D

Comment by Elaine West on December 29, 2013 at 8:14pm

Good Evening Jeff,

I've been battling with my own reasoning  over just this issue.  My first thought is " we must go in with all we've got and give no quarter".  This is exactly what the first revolution was all about - freedom or die trying.  Then the talking heads and most of the RINOs suggest that we must (MUST) follow prescribed political protocol and allow things to play out according to tradition and the "rule of law".  I DON'T TRUST ANYBODY ANYMORE!!  John McCain and Jeff Flake are my senators and most of Arizona's representatives are real myopic losers.  Jan Brewer is my governor. Don't need to say more on that issue.  The only elected official with guts and brains is our Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his head is on the chopping block for every breath he draws.

So, do we accomplish our goals of freedom by fighting tooth and nail and tearing this nation apart yet again with an Obummer incited Civil War?  I would give it at least even odds of going our way.

Or do we watch as things play out with the bunch of losers in DC give up to the libs in the name of "reaching across the aisle" and trying to not be the party of "NO" when "NO" is the only reasonable answer?  Taking into consideration the fiasco called an election in 2012 in which the libs used every unlawful, cheating, underhanded trick they could conjur  up to steal (yes, I said STEAL) the election;  I give us, at best, a one in ten chance of winning elections and beginning the process of undoing all Obummer's czars.



Do you suppose the facts he's a quadriplegic and an orthodox Jew might just be a distraction?

Anyway, It's great reading your blogs.  You're good for what ails me and the rest of America - a sincere man with good ideas!  God Bless you and Happy New Year!

Comment by Jeff B. Willis on December 29, 2013 at 12:34pm

Good morning, Elaine,

We first need to take the Senate. I think we could pickup as many as ten seats. But, to do this, we must realize that some of the Republicans who win will not be "our type" of conservative. Scott Brown, for example, is moving back to New Hampshire to "attend to a sick parent." Many Republicans consider him a RINO and would support the Tea party candidate who may also run. The difference is, Scott Brown would handily defeat Joanne Shaheen for that Senate seat. The Tea Party candidate would not. This is our dilemma. Are we willing to "kick a sure field goal because we need points? Or, should we go for the touchdown?" 

Comment by Richard A. Guthrie on December 29, 2013 at 10:51am

Good Stuff!!!

Comment by Elaine West on December 28, 2013 at 6:51pm

Jeff, my friend - cudos for your very insightful solution!  I've been off the blogs for a very long time - too beaten down  by the loons in the progressive movement.  I have only one hope and that is in the hearts and spirits of the American People.  My husband and I have done our due diligence in investigating the members of this administration and the Congress which, as you say, are both out of control and functioning outside the parameters set for them both by the Constitution.  Mark R. Levin has written a proposal which hopes to make changes very similarly as yours only using the power which remains untapped within each state.  His book is "THE LIBERTY AMENDMENTS".  I would suggest to you, Jeff, and to all other concerned citizens read this book as well as Jeff's blog.  Hope is there - just out of reach right now - but is attainable with the leadership of the wisest and brightest.  Happy New Year to all of you!  I'm still looking for someone who has the FIRE and PATRIOTISM to take the reins and begin this movement to freedom.....  Could it be one of you?  Call me old fashioned but I believe we need the strength God put into the male of our species to take this position...

Comment by Gene on December 28, 2013 at 3:52pm

Thanks for the reply Jeff

Comment by Jeff B. Willis on December 28, 2013 at 3:41pm



Thank you for your comments. I believe that when you go to the blog, then choose the tab that is labeled, "Jeff's blog," you will be taken directly to it. If not, please let me know. Go Daddy is my new host and I have had some problems with them recently.

You are exactly right regarding the numbers of illegal immigrants who are taking advantage of our entitlement rolls. In my book, I proposed that all who could not pass a 10th grade English proficiency exam would be required to return to their native countries and proceed through normal channels. Those who could pass the exam would be given a probationary path to citizenship.

"Probationary" would amount some sort of service that would be required of each applicant. This service would include, but not be limited to the Armed Forces, Peace Corp etc..

Those unable to pass the exam would face a grim reality: "It is difficult, if not impossible to live in any country if you cannot work, drive or receive entitlements." Most would self deport.

Targeting younger immigration applicants in itself is only a start toward stabilizing Social Security . This alone will not fix the problem! It's a step in the right direction. Nothing more!

We do need immigrants. But we need to attract best qualified candidates.We have a huge shortage of skilled craftsmen in this country. The book introduces a points system. Points are given for trades, college degrees, certain types of professions such as Medicine and Engineering. English proficiency earns points. Last but not least, applicants from N.A.T.O. countries would be given additional points. Should we not give America's allies a preference?

I realize that there are many patriotic Americans who hold to Congressman Tancredo's position of "unconditional deportation for everyone illegally in the country." I believe we must look at each individual on a "case-by-case" basis.

Our system is broken. Our career politicians have shirked the issue for decades. Today, we are paying for it! However, "throwing the baby out with the bathwater" isn't the answer! In doing so, we will accomplish one thing and one thing only: "We will elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States in 2016."


Comment by Gene on December 28, 2013 at 2:31pm

Plank Fourteen even though I would like to read the whole 14th Plank to make a fair decision, I will say one thing about what you have written here. It is obvious if this is all you have, respectfully you do not understand all the implications of the immigration issue, legal as well as Illegal. Our Immigration system is totally broken and negatively effects and contributes negatively to almost EVERY problem this nation has. To start with the insanity about propping up Social Security with Immigration which in reality ONLY looks got at a glance, ignores the whole picture. You are talking about an expanding balloon that will eventually burst. First what Illegals put into the systems is only penny's to what they take out and will only put a SMALL temporary dent into the system to hold it up. As far as new immigrants to help, who is going to prop all these new people up when they collect?  

Your so called "Fair, Practical and Far Reaching Blueprint for Immigration Reform."  Well you forgot about what is fair to the American people just like politicians they think about what is fair to the illegal but forget about what is fair to American's, who end up being the losers. The fact is almost all illegal are low income and the American people pay for there public benefits cause they pay little to no taxes and that won't change in MOST cases if they are made citizens, all it will do is obligate the American People to continue to be the losers by being obligated to subsidize them forever. The fact is there are going to be losers in the illegal immigration issue and it will be either Illegal Immigrants to include those you mention of at no fault of their own (well maybe for a few) but either way yes it is at the fault of the parents who brought them here.

Sections C & D might have a little validity but usually this is used wrongly by corporations to price Americans out of a competitively paying job. You would have a hard time convincing the millions if unemployed and underemployed American's that there are any real job skills we don't have workers for. This usually only factors in when employers don't want to pay the wages American workers get and what the market prevails. Called supply and demand of U.S. job market and that doesn't mean the world population or job market. The tech jobs so called shortage for example is mostly a farce for that reason. Most of these tech corporations crying to import more tech workers are either laying American workers off and rehiring foreign workers or hiring foreign workers and turning down applications from American workers. 

Lastly, there are dozens more issues within the Immigration Issue that needs to be fixed and them let alone I see no mention of really taking enforcement serious, internally and at the border, and I see no mention of controlling immigration into this country in a rational manner that limits the number we let in. Do you realize we added the last 100 million new people (mostly due to immigration) to our population in only about 39  years? We are due to close in on a billion people in this nation by the end of this current century. There is something to be said about stabilizing our nation's population; which can be done while still allowing immigration into the country. Allowing it at replacement level of about 250,000 per year which is more than what most any other nation lets in. Today we let in more several x's over than the top several nations combined. We add almost 2,000,000 annually attributable to immigration alone. How many people are enough in this country, there is a lot of good to be said about having enough room to move around freely without being swarmed with millions of people.

I like most of your ideas but would want to read them all in detail but your link doesn't work only goes to 1 page that I could find. But this immigration issue is huge and I am tired of watching people without facts trying to use emotions and ideas that at first glance look good but they fail to check all the facts, from all angles, and I am talking about politicians mainly who got us into this mess and are still trying to solve this problems with emotions and unwell thought out ideas.

Comment by Walter Bowen on December 28, 2013 at 1:57pm

I am a legitimate Citizen of the United states of America. I am an ordinary citizen. I have an associates degree from ITT Tech.

In view of the "disappointing" state of the position and condition of the United States of American I am now declaring an Interest in running for the "Office of the President" of the United States of America"

Several things must happen for this to happen and must happen in every Voting precinct in America Nation-Wide.

1) Signatures must be amassed and filed to be put on Ballot(check numbers with election Commissions)!
2)Papers must be filed and fees must be paid in every Precinct to be put on the ballot. I also need active volunteer campaigners in each Precinct.
(Nation-wide the fees would amount to $110M--if I remember hearing right from either Ross Perot and or the Constitution Party.)
3) I need help with forming a "so-called exploratory Committee" and whhhhaateeevvvvvver(valley-girl) goes along with that!
4)I need "serious, dedicated, and loyal" "Electors" for the "Electoral College" with "deep understanding" and commitment of securing electors on how each state works selecting "electors" for the 50 individual states.
I need serious, dedicated, loyal, People to fill Cabinet and Federal Appointments to Official job i.e...., but not limited to Ambassadors and such......

My platform:

1)Withdraw from the United Nations along with cutting of all payment of dues and aid to this "Communist" organization!
2)Remove signature of President Bush that signed us to United Nations Agenda 21 in Rio Di Janero !
3)Remove President Clinton's Executive order establishing the American version of UN Agenda 21 since the Senate did not approve any of the three treaties establishing UN Agenda 21.
4)It must be noted at this point every thing bad going on in America today and what his been building for over 100 Years going back to the 1880's is the result of the "Progressive Movement that has resulted in the UN Agenda 21 in the United States! This includes but is not limited to....... War on Christians with "one World Religion" that does not include 'Judeo-Christianity' and does include Islam, although Hinduism and Buddhism is preferred, promotion of LBGT, War on Women, illegal immigration, destroying the Constitution of the United States of America to form 'North American Union, Voter Fraud, and destroying all morals and values of what makes us Judeo-Christian American Patriots to promote UN AGENDA 21, and the list goes on and on and on..............
5)Kick the United Nations out of the United States of America altogether and revoke all diplomatic privileges until it understands the original goals for what it was established for.
6)Push every Community to be active in stopping UN agenda 21.
7)Push Congress to be Active in Stopping UN Agenda 21.
8)Push Congress to "Constitutionally" Dismantle the unconstitutional Federal Judicial System of Federal Courts and there activist Leanings.----Which has led to the "Disease"--UN Agenda 21!
9)I will only be interested in one Senate Approved CZAR for the removal of Obamacare(UN Agenda 21---Heart and soul) and Dodd-Frank(very much part of Un Agenda 21 although I am foggy on this????????(I would have in mind Michelle Bachman) until job completed.
10)And this one a WHOPPER OF AN IDEA-------- I know(and I have to hand it to the Progressives although I am not familiar with the history of the term limits Amendment for cementing there plan)

I strongly believe that the Progressive President Franklin D. Roosevelt's, New Deal and his four elected terms cemented the path to where we are now with UN Agenda 21. In order to undo this "travesty" depending on how well my administration is doing thru my second term I will ask the people of America for a one time suspension of the Amendment for limiting term terms of office for an additional term in office and then again for a fourth. As I has Stated This Path will not be Averted until "Big Government" is made to be what it was only meant to be---A "constitutionally" small government with a huge Navy and non-standing Army.

Note if President Obama is granted this option or any other Progressive Person is granted this option----THIS NATION IS DONE_FOR!!!!!

Platform additions:

11)End the Federal Reserve and get back to the "gold Standard,"

12) Fund NASA for Space Exploration.

13) Repeal 16th and 17th Amendments plus!

Thank you. I have put the ball in motion!
America the ball is in your court Now!!! I have not asked for any Donations only your total and complete and undying support to include forcing your Congressional delegations to wholly and completely support the "Constitution of the United States of America" and myself.

Again---the ball is squarely in your court now! America this is your last chance! I HAVE NO EGO TO BRUISE and I do not care if anyone likes me or not AND I WILL LEAVE OFFICE IN THE FIRST TERM IF EVERYTHING IS ACCOMPLISHED!

Comment by Doug Nicholson on December 28, 2013 at 1:13pm

@ rob mckinney: He didn't say anything about going to Pluto, only the moon, Mars & Europa (hehehe!).

Regarding Plank #3, why not just repeal the 16th? So what if there are allegations that it wasn't properly ratified? Just deep-6 it & pass the FairTax!

I'd vote for all of it with that one alteration!

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