A 72 Hour Cease Fire: I Just Hope Israel Accomplished What She Needed To Accomplish

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Those of you who have played the game of Hearts will understand this sentiment. Once you've started down the path of, "shooting the moon," you'd better succeed. Make no mistake about it, Operation, "Protective Edge," represents, in a very real sense, Benjamin Netanyahu's, "shooting the moon," and he's already swallowed the queen of spades. He can not afford to leave a single heart on the table.

The good news in all of this is that unlike his predecessors, Bibi Netanyahu seems to understand this. He has said from day one that he would destroy all of the tunnels, and would destroy all of the rockets that his personnel could gain the possession of. Even in accepting one of those silly kumbayah style cease fires, brokered for no other reason than to establish that idiotic proportional response nonsense as a defacto norm to be imposed upon a population constantly faced with rocket attacks, kidnappings, suicide bombings, as a part of daily life, Israel's current leader broke from the usual course of action in his insistence that he finish the job this time around. Bravo!

In the past, with each one of these micro wars, where the state sponsored terror groups felt that they had amassed enough weapons and capability to sustain a few weeks of war against Israel, they've taken great pains to provoke retaliation. Afterwards, a similar path has always ensued. Israel responded by laying a thorough a** whooping upon the offending party or parties, and the rest of the world railed against Israel for being too powerful in her reply. The United States has backed Israel, right up to the point where Israel came close to completing her mission, which was a total dismantling of the aggressor's capability of one day soon continuing their aggression. We've seen it time and again, Israel is allowed to go so far, and then ordered to stop by the American President, all in polite diplomatic language of course.

This time however was different. President Obama did issue those orders, but this time, he was ignored. (Why shouldn't he be? After all, he's been more than willing to eschew America's leadership role in every other instance of his foreign policy agenda thus far. In fact, if there is an Obama Doctrine, projecting American Weakness would have to be it.) Israel's Prime Minister was stalwart in his dealings with Washington, telling our Secretary of State that he was dead wrong in his presumptive posture, second guessing a nation's efforts to stave off the genocidal mad men who seek to kill every last person of Jewish faith on the planet. And for those who haven't been clued in yet, the Islamists practicing that less peaceful variety of Jihad, the one specifically mentioned in their holy scriptures and teachings, have a saying. It is, "first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people." What that means in a nut shell is that the genocide starts with the Jews, and after we're gone, it'll end with you Christians. Something for the useful idiots to think abut as they prepare themselves for the five times daily childish head banging exercise known as Islamic Prayer.

As I stated before, my only hope is that Israel went far enough this time. Peace will only happen in this region when Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and what ever other group of murderous thugs might exist has been thoroughly destroyed, their will to continue fighting broken, their weapons destroyed, and their numbers eliminated. They have proven time and again that they do not wish to live peaceably, coexist, or accept in any manner that a single Jew be allowed to live anywhere in the world. I also hate the idea that innocent civilians have been harmed, but are the civilians truly innocent. After all, they chose Hamas as their leaders, and have allowed Hamas to use their homes, schools, hospitals, and basements as platforms for staging and launching attacks. If the world were truly upset with these regrettable instances of collateral damage, perhaps the world should do something to keep these thugs from constantly launching such attacks and using their civilian population as a human shield.

No other nation in the world is as careful to protect the civilian population of her enemies as Israel. Try to find any instance of anyone taking the same precautions. You'll not be able to find any. You'll also not find any instances of actual genocides which are occurring with regularity around the globe receiving a small portion of the condemnation that Israel receives for not participating in the false genocide that she's been accused of consistently. We're in day two of this cease fire now, and part of the reason why I believe that Israel has successfully gobbled up the requisite hearts and b**** is that the U.N. General Assembly is already discussing how they can help Hamas rearm for the next round of attacks.

I'll leave you with Pat Condell's two latest rants, well worth the 12 minutes more of your time.

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Comment by david chaney on August 7, 2014 at 2:29pm

Hopefully, Israel will finish off Hamas.  If they leave them to fight another day, Hamas will probably be launching missiles again.  Money out of Qatar helped pay for the tunnels.  If Hamas is being hired to launch the missiles to test the Iron Dome, they obviously can't be trusted.  The big losers are the Palestinians.  If Israel doesn't finish off Hamas, it raises other questions.  The liberal media in the U.S. is mostly Jewish controlled and is condemning the violence.  One has to ask the question why the mainstream media hurts Israel's cause.  Do they want to stop the violence and let Hamas live to fight another day?  That raises the question, is Hamas there to test Israel's missile defense system?  If Israel doesn't finish off Hamas or make them leave Gaza, then one has to question their actions.

Comment by Steve Merkel on August 6, 2014 at 7:29pm

Hamas, Fatah, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, are all part of the same axis of evil: Islam. There will be no peace, only more and more war as long as Islam exists.

Comment by John Bellaire on August 6, 2014 at 6:23pm

If Americans themselves can not trust Obama, why should anybody in Israel or the rest of the world trust him? Forget winning hearts and minds of terrorists. They have neither. They must be destroyed to the last one.

Comment by Vern Shotwell on August 6, 2014 at 6:18pm

Thanks for the post, John.

I agree, hope that they got all the tunnels and so on.

Watching the media spin the obvious truth has been a real  trip! The lengths that the MSM has been willing to go in support of the fellow in the white house has been both amazing and revealing. Having  found more support in Saudi Arabia  than in Washington also says much....

Comment by Paul R. Bedard on August 6, 2014 at 4:23pm

Give a warning to the Palestine people then NUKE the savages! Problem solved!

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on August 6, 2014 at 3:56pm


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