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From day one of the Obama regime, flitting about from crisis to crisis has been the new normal of American life. We started with worries about Swine Flu, which for reasons of political correct idiocy was subsequently renamed H1N1. That of course paled in comparison to the financial crisis, which was one of the main ingredients of Obama's election in the first place. The next crisis was the continuing recession, and massive job layoffs. Then we got another crisis in the form of our borrowing limit being approached, which led to the threat of a government shutdown and a budget crisis. rampant unemployment continued through to now, and there were fires aplenty set all over the Middle East, all against the constant back drop of Iran spinning their way furiously towards attaining a nuclear weapon. The Chicken Little Presidency has been ruled by one simple premise, "Never let a good crisis go to waste."

During the last 9 weeks, something has happened to America, sort of like the very insightful description of us by a Japanese Admiral who had planned and carried out the most successful attack against our military at any point during our history. While being congratulated for the attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto replied, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve," prophetic words indeed. It may take us a while as a people to awaken, but when we do, we are capable of greatness. Following up on yesterday's theme in which I explored the eventual path followed by all cult leaders, without exception, Barack Obama's signature achievement will also be his undoing.

Hopety Change aside, all the American People actually voted for in two Presidential elections in which The Zero won our top executive post were a few cleverly stated slogans, some empty platitudes, and the expulsion of white guilt. They had no idea that President Zero would ever actually succeed in passing along his incredibly destructive agenda, mainly because he never truly spelled it out for anyone. When Obamacare passed, they showed their anger with the 2010 midterms, but the anger passed because the law itself didn't really take effect until a full year after the 2012 Presidential election.

But then October of 2013 happened, and man these last 9 weeks have been popcorn worthy. First of all, to date we've spent over a Billion Dollars on an online shopping cart that doesn't rise to the level of junior high programming skill. Over 50 Million Americans will lose their health plans this year, and when the employer mandate kicks in next year, you'll see another 100 Million join that club. This year's lucky winners have seen that the new and vastly improved ACA compliant policies cost anywhere from merely double to triple for unbelievably inferior coverage, which of course contains new deductible limits that insures in most cases, not one single penny in benefit will actually be paid. The extra cost for the insurance will be funneled to a government bureaucracy in the form of excise taxes, license fees, oversight, regulation, and compliance costs. The insurance companies started this exercise out fitting the legal definition of financially distressed for merely offering up plans, and now that the young people in our country have demonstrated that they may understand math after all by not signing up for this lunacy, they are really going to be in trouble. Next year's winners of course, who will be forced into the exchanges once the employer mandate kicks in, will be facing premiums that start out at a mere 600% increase for inferior coverage. I suspect that they may be angered by this.

what we have now is a Liberal Party in panic, and a President who can see that he is in real danger of not being able to remain in front of the mob that he's been whipping up. this next year, the one who's penultimate event will be the midterm elections of 2014, will be a continuing effort by our President and his minions to distract us in any manner possible. We saw the first effort at that with the recent Organizing For America led protest of fast food restaurants, who's only crime is running profitable businesses, serving a clientele that appreciates the service and product, and succeeding despite the poor business climate sought by the Marxist in charge.

I don't know what the distractions will be, just that they will be plentiful, and constant. I suspect that class warfare will be at the center of most of them, as this has been a favorite theme of The Zero from his earliest days with the gift of speech. (His very own autobiography lists Frank Marshall Davis as one of his earliest mentors.) What I do know is this, it is not just our job as Conservatives to keep from being distracted, but to help our fellow citizens from also looking for the squirrel as well. I also know that I would put nothing past these people. After all, they had a meeting at the White House two weeks ago in which they discussed how they were going to deal with America's dissatisfaction over the problems with the Obamacare debacle, and the demand for a $15 per hour minimum wage was what these geniuses came up with. The truth is that for 72 hours, it worked, sort of.

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Comment by John Bellaire on December 12, 2013 at 11:35am

Thus far into the regime of Obama, we have seen people opposed to him as only having been harassed by different government agencies. Nobody is ever accountable. The Constitution is ignored. Congress is either idle or complicit in the schemes of the tyrant. Dumb down and disarm the populace seems the goal. Obama lies, people suffer and die, and nothing is done about it. The time may come in America, as it has in other places and times in the world, where people may be imprisoned, tortured or executed for even a small act of criticism of the government. Unproductive people no longer of value to government, the same ones who helped put the tyrant in power, may be used for landfill. While Americans sleep and quietly and easily give up their hard won liberties one after another, I think such a scenario could come to pass much sooner than later. 

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty on December 11, 2013 at 11:39am


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