100 rockets fired into Israel in past 24 hours - over 1 million Israelis in bomb shelters

The following on the ground update is provided by our good friend Marc Kahlberg, CEO of M.K. International Security Consulting Ltd | MK I.S.C.:

In total almost 100 missiles and rockets have been fired into Israel in the last 24 hours.

(There are unconfirmed reports that the terrorists apparently have fired new Iranian made missiles for the first time – we will see what these rockets are made up of soon?)

Forty are the upgraded Grad rockets which have a long range and are very lethal if there are people in the surrounding area of say 40 to 50 meters. We always have to watch that there are no chemical or biological agents in the warheads as well. Damage to property is always great if directly hit.

We have 8 injuries (1 critical) over and above the shell shock and obvious mental and physical stress that people suffer in attacks like these.

Most of the missiles were fired during the course of Friday night and Saturday early morning. As you know Friday nights in Israel are where families get together for the Sabbath . All residents in the surrounding areas of Gaza were in bomb shelters anyway. All planned outdoor activities and certainly our Purim events in the area were canceled (again). We always get attacked on Purim or Passover as these Jewish holidays have very specific meaning of denial for the terrorists.

The bigger problem is the Cities of Ashdod and Beer Sheva where there are very large populations.

Essentially we have around One Million people inside bomb shelters right now and that is what is preventing more casualties on our side. We are prepared and resilient but it takes a toll eventually.

My Son was in the thick of things last night (he is a soldier doing his compulsory 3 year military service). He lives in Beer Sheva, not far from his base, and was caught out on the streets coming home from visiting a friend, where at least 8 grads exploded very close to where he was. He obviously heard the blast and saw the results. He was not injured as he was a block away from the area where they fell. He certainly was shaken up and is still very stressed. I just spoke to him again (all night I was on the phone to him).

The defensive Iron Dome is not always used as it is extremely expensive and there are calculations made by the IDF as to when to use it or not.

The IDF attacked and killed two terrorists yesterday as they were in the final stages of a planned terror attack targeting the civilian Purim festivities in the Eilat area, where there would have been large crowds of people. The only way to stop these terror attacks is to deal with them before they get into the cities of Israel. There is no other way to stop an imminent terror attack of this nature but to be pro active.

The IDF pinpointed them and killed them in a pro active defensive move. The one terrorist was just released in the Gilad Shalit exchange and was a convicted terrorist with much blood on his hands.

This obviously sparked all of the missile attacks and I am certain that if this carries on the IDF will probably have to take more defensive action as we cannot hold a population of One Million in bomb shelters. The effects are too great (mentally, physically, financially and morally).

The terrorists are using "human shield" tactics and forcing innocent civilians in Gaza to stand where the missile launching sites are. As a result there are civilian injuries as well in Gaza.

I am certain that this will pass as it always does and that the world media will blame Israel (again). (Tom has already send me a clip from the New York Times that I have just read and this backs up my thoughts on the credibility of the global media).

Where are the Jewish organizations in Australia, South Africa, Great Britain and especially in the USA when we need their voice and support?

I would have expected every synagogue and community to come out and deplore these missile attacks.

What don’t they understand about the fact that these missiles traumatizes a nation. People are never the same again after these constant attacks. What do they require in order to understand? Do they want to see 500 or 1000 casualties before they speak out and do something?

History will repeat itself if nothing pro active is done and the understanding of the situation from a ground level perspective is not acknowledged. Most decision makers and politicians know only what they are told not what they see.

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Comment by Guy Blanchard on March 12, 2012 at 12:43pm

Israel must defend itself with or without obama.Wake up people.obama has made a mess on the entire middle east and is crushing America as well. Transparency he promised and we can not even see his college records or a real birth certificate. Hello people.Stop letting obama get away with his false promises and outright lies. I hope we all change the president in 2012. Now Israel must stop the attacks.. God Bless Israel and God Bless America..

Comment by janet barks on March 11, 2012 at 11:45pm

Joel Garcia, 

Thank you for the info. you gave. I wasn't aware of the particulars. And the man that "has their back" could give bunker buster bombs and request their fly over Turkey and Iraq,

but sits in silence. One day he will stand before a God that comes to judge. He will look back and regret the day he chose not to stand with Israel, God's chosen people.

I am embarrassed by it and ashamed. God's speed to Israel. 

Comment by Jo Gonzalez on March 11, 2012 at 7:07pm

Benjamin has enough sense, and supreme Leadership ablities, to know what to do.  Isreal has a Leader, in their Country, we have a Joke.  Even the Russians, are now laughing at why the MSM, won't talk about the forged Birth Certificate!!!   I stand with Isreal, our Partner in Democracy, God bless them and make them strong.

Comment by Edward M. Plitt on March 11, 2012 at 4:10pm

Take back the West Bank.

Comment by Ann on March 11, 2012 at 1:51pm

Joel, here is the site;


Comment by Joel Garcia on March 11, 2012 at 1:39pm

The only thing holding Israel back at the moment is that they have asked the US for bunker buster bombs and Obama is refusing to let them have them.  Since Iran's labs are underground, regular bombs would just do maybe less than 75% of the required damage to the labs.  The bunker busters would completely destroy any lab hidden in the mountains, and I am sure that by now Israel knows exactly where they are located.  Another problem is getting the clearance from Turkey and Iraq to fly over their territory on the way to Iran.  So far I understand they have requested clearance but have not yet received it.  Obama should DEMAND that Israeli planes be allowed to fly over Turkey and Iraq.  Israeli planes cannot carry bombs and enough fuel to go around.

Comment by Ann on March 11, 2012 at 1:36pm

Joel,  Please check out this site.  It is helping vets, young and old, with PTSD,

 Maybe you know of someone that can benefit from this.  It is all on an anonymous basis. 

18 Vets commit suicide a day?

We MUST help them!

Comment by Joel Garcia on March 11, 2012 at 1:22pm

Jim Coles, I hope Obama gets booted out this year but don't be too sure.  Read Genesis 47: 13-27.  Obama is promising a lot of benefits to those who do not want to work. We have created a society that depends of government benefits so they don't have to work - food stamps, AFDC, public housing, medicaid.  Heck, I even heard last night on Judge Jeanine that illegal immigrants in prisons are demanding, and being given, abortions. I am a retired plant manager and have fired people who refuse to work overtime because their social workers have told them that if they earn any more money they will lose some of their benefits.  People used to come to the US seeking a good future by working hard and suceeding.  Now they come in search of the benefits Uncle Sam (Obama) gives them.  Government workers are earning twice what similar jobs pay in the private sector.  Do you think they are going to want to get rid of Obama?  I hope the people get wise and get convinced to vote him out, but I am not too sure.

Comment by Ann on March 11, 2012 at 12:19pm

Wiling to be the victim????  That's a weird comment.

Comment by Betz on March 11, 2012 at 12:14pm

Israel  has always been willing to be the victim.  If Israel wants to put up with the inbred pedophiles terrorist cowards then they will have to suffer the consequences.  If I were the leader of Israel there would not be one inbred pedophile terrorist coward left standing in the middle east.  Israel has the brains, guts and know how the mop the earth with the desert rats blood.

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