A Third Tea Party: Possible, Realistic, and Easier Than You Think

During the pre-Palin days of the Tea Party Movement, the idea of a conservative third party was often discussed. Since the Tampa Purge of 2012, many have revisited this idea, most recently Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation.

A third party dedicated only to freedom and limited government has been attempted several times, and we do have the Libertarian Party and the Constitution Party, though like the Green Party, they have been restricted to local politics, and often lack ballot access.

This period of American history is marked by a large, oppressive, and violent federal government. We have many factions within the Republican Party that are fighting each other to gain more control over the others.

The Republican Primary of 2012, possibly the most bizarre primary election in the history of the United States, featured deliberately ignored districts, intimidation and blackmail of delegates, physical assault against delegates, "secret caucuses", fraudulently detoured transportation, obvious plants in presidential campaigns, strangely dismissed court cases, and much more horrible things we will probably never know. In addition, our elected delegates in future primaries and caucuses can now be replaced, at any time, by the Republican National Committee.

As a result, many are again questioning whether we are better off in a third party than fighting at all. Neocons want nothing to do with anyone who won't obey them to the grave, and this includes all free-market libertarians, religious conservatives, and all similar groups that find common ground in the Tea Party Movement.

Starting a Third Tea Party is a very bad idea, and will cause freedom to dissipate and die into a medieval America built on endless wars, dumbed-down schools, illegal immigration, and socialist national health care.

However, it does not have to be a bad idea. Many state and county divisions of the Republican Party are increasingly frustrated in their fight against the neocons. By having their own "secret meetings", it would be very easy for entire state parties to "secede" from the national Republican Party and form a Third Tea Party.

With entire states and counties gone, the Republican Party loses its presence. Neocons then have to spend the money not on weapons and wars, but on rebuilding the Republican Party - money, manpower, lobbying, propaganda, and more. For their presence has just vanished from a state with only two parties on the ballot: the Democratic Party and the Third Tea Party. If the Republican Party is not successfully re-created in that state, there will be no possible Republican vote from that state in any national election.

Unlike, say, a state Libertarian Party struggling to stay on the ballot, the Third Tea Party will already be on the ballot, and have most or all of the funding, politicians, lobbyists, votes, and resources the state Republican Party used to have.

A Third Tea Party would have no room for the neocons who attempted to destroy it. The only financially viable option for the neocons would be to bail and join the party of Big Government, that is, the Democratic Party. From then on, there would be a new two party system - the Tea Party, which would support freedom, and the Democratic Party, which does not.

It is dangerous for the Tea Party to attempt to start a new party. It would be divisive, devastating, and throw America to the wolves. It is possible, however, for liberty-minded states and their Republican Parties to "secede" from the national party. Either way, all those involved in politics must remember that America is not built on the Republican or Democratic Parties, but on the Constitution.

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Comment by george repasky on September 19, 2013 at 12:59pm

and then we woke up!

Comment by Dan Q on September 19, 2013 at 12:26pm

Another thing too about naming such a party, we have to keep in mind that we don't want to look "silly" to non-Tea-Partiers and be the brunt of a joke, so calling it "Tea Party" is not a good idea. For an example, people around the world who support computer privacy rights and Founders' 14-year copyright terms are actually calling themselves the "International Pirate Party Movement" with national "Pirate Parties" (including an "American Pirate Party" in MA)

Comment by John R. Lancellotti on September 19, 2013 at 8:52am

AMEN... John R.

Comment by Dan Q on September 18, 2013 at 1:34pm

Michael J. Larkin:

Only problem is that Catholicism and major Protestant denominations advocate mixed-market economies. I'm often ashamed to call myself a Catholic because, like what happened to feminism, the values often become corrupted by the Democratic Party's non-values. I can suggest a few, like "Founder's Party", "Jeffersonian Party", "Conservative Republican Party", "Conservative Party" (there is one but it's only NY), "Freedom Party", etc

Also, what worries me about a Hitler dictator out of a dollar crash, is that our problem is not the world ignoring Christianity, but that the world doesn't know what Christianity is (or if they do, it's a warped view like "the Inquisition" or "Catholic pedophile scandals" or "Christians hate women & gays" or "Christians want to get involved in my private lives").

Unlike the Enlightenment, where they rejected Christ or his divinity, nobody knows what Christianity is or is about, and unlike the Old Testament, there are no prophets left to get us to change our ways. Except the Antichrist...

Comment by Michael J. Larkin on September 18, 2013 at 12:17pm

I dream.....Sarah Palin debating Hillary Clinton with a neutral panel, not a left wing liberal like Katie Curic or David Brooks, perhaps Rush Limbaugh and Hannity..Sarah would slice and dice this marxist from Harvard like a fool that Clinton is...Benghazi or Fast and Furious, IRS dictators, arms to the Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi in Cairo, you name it...we have enough ammo to blow the Socialist-Democrat-Marxist Party out of the water!! The Congressional Budget Office tells us we cannot survive the Obama spending binge..the dollar will soon crash, and a dictator will emerge, just like Hitler and Germany in 1932..ora pro nobis! 

Comment by Michael J. Larkin on September 18, 2013 at 12:06pm

Since around 80% of Americans claim to be "conservative", and another 80% claim to be Christians, how about an American "Christian- Conservative" party, with a platform of fiscally conservative policies, (no more deficit spending), secure borders, lower taxes, smaller government, (both state and federal), strong defense and personal freedom??? (and an end to the welfare state!) Palin-Perry 2016! Two successful governors of our two largest states!     

Comment by Gloria Wedemeyer on September 17, 2013 at 1:48pm

I would vote for any true tea party person running.  I am all for a democrat, republican and tea party member.

Maybe we wouldn't win the next couple of elections but when the country finally collapses, maybe then people will wake up and want an alternative to what we have.

Comment by Conrad C Gabbard on September 16, 2013 at 6:12pm

Republicans were once known for their principles of fiscal responsibility; Democrats once stood for social liberty and personal responsibility.    Now both wings of the large government Republicrat Party stand for electing their candidates over any and all other principles.     The principles Republicrats have rejected have been embraced by the Libertarian Party.     For point by point illustrations of every Libertarian principle, read Libertarianism from A to Z, by Jeffrey A Miron.     Why start a splinter group when our third largest political Party, the "Party of Principles" is already established?

Comment by Dan Q on September 16, 2013 at 3:14pm

Just got this off the Heritage Foundation's Twitter page:

Comment by Dan Q on September 16, 2013 at 2:19pm

Rede Batcheller:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Know-Nothing (See side bar)


MSNBCNN will no doubt exploit the name "American Party" to again convince people that all conservatives are KKK racists.

Remember this?


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